The Great Journey

Agathe Demois & Vincent Godeau


It’s time to depart! Every year, birds from all around the world leave their homes and gather together in the jungle.

This is the first time Red Beak has joined the birds’ great journey, and he has a long way to travel. Follow Red Beak as he flies to the other side of the world and use the magic view-finder inside the book to discover what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Over forests and farmlands, cities and seascapes you’ll see some amazing sights: acrobatic ants, a cruise-ship crocodile, factories in the clouds – even a monkey play the cello! Like Red Beak, you’ll be bursting to tell everyone what you’ve see on your great journey.

Recommended for ages 7+.


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    330 x 230mm
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    Tate Publishing
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