Red Hot Chilli Grower

The Complete Guide to Planting, Picking and Preserving Chillies
Kay Maguire


The perfect guide to the world of grow-your-own chillies. From 'Hungarian Hot Wax' to 'Red Savina', and 'Scotch Bonnet' to 'Elephant's Trunk', chillies come in dozens of shapes, colours and degrees of spiciness – from sweet and succulent to blow-your-head-off hot.

Red Hot Chilli Grower provides everything you need to grow your own chillies from scratch, with step-by-step instructions for sowing seeds, caring for the plants, harvesting the fruit and troubleshooting common problems. Chilli-lovers will also find plenty of background information, such as a short history of the chilli and a guide to Scoville heat units (the official measurement of spicy heat), as well as tasty tips for enjoying the fruits of your work.

Can Do Pick The best part of the book for me is the rating scale for how hot different chilies are. We have had a few hot surprises in our cooking experiments using chilies from our garden.


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