Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

A Handbook of Etiquette with Recipes
Suzanne Pollak & Lee Manigault


Nestled deep in the South of the US is a tiny Academy that teaches classes in the most important subject in the world: the domestic arts. The Academy's unique curriculum includes everything from cocktail-party etiquette to business entertaining, dealing with household guests and cooking for the holidays.

Here, after a little gentle instruction from Deans Pollak and Lee Manigault, interspersed with plenty of humour, students find they are living healthier, having stronger ties to friends and family, and using their houses to branch out in ways they never dreamed possible.

Since not everyone can get to their sold-out classes in Charleston, the authors are now offering this book so happier living can be within everyone's grasp, not just the select few.


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    220 x 160mm
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    Stewart, Tabori & Chang
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