Little Free Libraries and Tiny Sheds

12 Miniature Structures You Can Build

Philip Schmidt


Expand the sharing movement to your community with – your complete source for building tiny sharing structures, including plans for 12 different structures, step-by-step photography and instructions, inspirational examples, and maintenance.

Produced in cooperation with Little Free Library, this book is the builder's complete source of inspiration and how-to knowledge. Illustrated throughout with colourful step-by-step photography and a gallery of tiny structures for further inspiration, it covers every step: planning and design, tools and building techniques, best materials and 12 complete plans for structures of varying size and aesthetics.

In addition, the author includes information on proper installation of small structures and common repairs and maintenance for down the road. There is even information on how to become a steward, getting the word out about your little structure once it's up and running, and tips for building a lively collection.


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