Guerilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance

Making a Better World Through Craftivism

Sayraphim Lothian


Craftivism is a non-threatening form of activism that gives people a voice when they feel voiceless and power where they feel powerless. It is an international movement for our time and noted Craftivism expert Sayraphim Lothian has put together the first-ever tutorial book on craftivism.

Join us in the Craftivism movement in which hand crafted works are being used to highlight political issues, creatively engage in activism and encourage change in the world. Craftivists employ their works to open a space for people to be introduced to issues and to broaden the discussion surrounding them.

While it might seem that this most colourful movement began recently, creative resistance has been with us for centuries around the globe, and craftivism and makers stating their mind through the medium of art is here to stay.


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