Miniature Terrariums

Tiny Glass Container Gardens Using Easy-to-Grow Plants and Inexpensive Glassware



Coming to you from Japan, where simplicity is all things is paramount, this book is full of ideas for creating the perfect little Japanese garden using repurposed glass containers – a lab flask, a wine glass, a mason jar, or an inexpensive glass box or hanging bulb.

You'll learn how to create:

  • Moss and fern terrariums-bushy, soft and green
  • Air plant terrariums-great for hanging in your bedroom or kitchen
  • Terrariums with succulents including some that change colour with the seasons
  • Captivating combinations of flowering plants, dry zone plants, mosses, epiphytes and other mixes

Included are tips for selecting your containers and arranging your soils, stones and plants so that your tiny garden stays healthy and beautiful in its glass home for many years to come.


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