Benevolent Bee

Capture the Bounty of the Hive through Science, History, Home Remedies and Craft

Stephanie Bruneau


Beekeeper, herbalist and artist Stephanie Bruneau explores six amazing products of the honeybee hive – honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom. She describes how and why the bees make these products, how they've been used by humans throughout the ages, and how beekeepers harvest the products.

The book presents simple do-it yourself recipes for using the products in health and wellness, body care, nutrition and craft. Learn how to make a salve for burns and a cough syrup from raw honey; how to make a tincture, an infused oil, and a mouthwash from propolis, the anti-bacterial bee glue that lines the inside of the hive; and much more.


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