Artful Color, Mindful Knits

The Definitive Guide to Working with Hand-Dyed Yarns
Laura Militzer Bryant


With expert instruction in the use of hand-dyed yarn, this pattern book gives knitters and crocheters the edge they need to stitch with confidence.

Working with artisan hand-dyed yarn opens a world of possibility for a crafter, but problems can arise if the patterning is accidental, inconsistent or unattractive. The author shows how to analyze the dye skein and reveal its colour repeat, allowing the crafter to employ stitch gauge and stitch count to intentionally pattern the finished work.

As a contrast, further strategies and stitch choices are shown that blend the colours to overcome unwanted pooling and create more gentle gradients. With 40 patterns for a wide variety of projects, this manual will have crafters constructing vibrant scarves, shawls, kimonos and more.


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    255 x 240mm
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    XRX Books
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