Of Knives and Men

Great Knifecrafters of the World and Their Works

Francois-Xavier Salle


Of Knives and Men is a superb display of the world's foremost contemporary knifecrafters.

Eash of the 46 artisans selected for this book has their own style and character, mixed with utility and the knifemaking tradition of their home country and culture. Some are quite startling in their inventiveness: a simple steel knife with a handle made from a fox's lower jaw (Mickaël Moing, France); Damascus steel blade and a fossilized mammoth ivory handle (Pekka Tuominen, Finland); stainless steel blade with an ironwood handle encrusted with mother of pearl and precious stones (Harumi Hirayama, Japan); and a "button lock" knife of Damascus steel, with a handle of Damascus, gold, titanium and mother of pearl (Michael Walker, USA).

There are 217 astounding knives and sheaths in all, plus a directory of decorative materials used for the handles and sheaths – from birds eye maple to mammoth molar, carbon fibre and fossilized coral – and techniques from ancient and lost-and-then-rediscovered to space age. All have a grade of cost and contact information for the makers.


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