Hildreth's Advice for Marriage, 1891

Outrageous Do's and Don'ts for Men, Women and Couples from Victorian England



Originally published in 1891, this hilarious (and informative) collection is a treasure trove of essential advice any man or woman, or couple, would be foolish to ignore.

From advice about how to find the perfect partner...

  • Don't marry a villain
  • Don't marry a duke, or anyone who travels on his title
  • If money is your object, the older and uglier he is, the better
  • Avoid slovenly dressed girls or heedless men

To advice about how to wed...

  • Don't propose on a wash-day, in the rain, at breakfast or in a tunnel
  • Marry at home or at church, in good form, without display

As well as general words of wisdom...

  • Don't expect too much from your marriage
  • Don't cross your husband.

Hildreth's Advice for Marriage is a delightful collection that is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.


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