Quiltmania: Special Children Magazine

  • Quiltmania Special Children 2015

    Quiltmania Special Children 2015 features 20 projects:

    • Hexi Gone by Nannette Holmberg
    • Eat, play, sleep, repeat by Nannette Holmberg
    • Lilly Cushion by Nannette Holmberg
    • Pennants Cushion by Nannette Holmberg
    • Owl Cushion by Nannette Holmberg
    • ABC Quilt by Bronwyn and Susan Hayes
    • I sat up all by myself by Bronwyn and Susan Hayes
    • I slept through the night by Bronwyn and Susan Hayes
    • Kimono Girl by Janeene Scott
    • My Owl Quilt by Janeene Scott
    • Mini Mice by Trish Harper
    • Sleepytime by Erin Hamilton and Jeanette White
    • Beetles by Claudine Strubbe
    • Old Mac Donald's Farm by Amy McClellan
    • Elephant Walk by Trish Harper
    • I spy by Trish Harper
    • The Zoo by Trish Harper
    • Safari Sunrise by Trish Harper
    • Uber Cute by Désirée Habicht

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