• 2001 Nouveaux Blocs de Patchwork

    Chuck Nohara was the first master to introduce and teach quilting in Japan. Her colleagues, editors and fans all agree that she simply is a genius! Quiltmania has the great privilege of once again publishing this bible of 2001 blocks which has been out of print in Japan for years.

    The book is a monument of talent, fantasy and creativity where you will find 'standard' patterns redesigned and reinterpreted by Chuck Nohara. The content is exceptional and will help you create gorgeous quilts that do not have to be complicated! From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • A Trip Around the Wool Continues

    Join Ségolaine Schweizer for a new adventure, one filled with poetry and strolls through nature, sources of inspiration that Ségolaine tenderly transforms into beautiful stories made of recycled materials.

    Inside her second book, you will find plaids, accessories and even a lovely winter coat, each and every one with detailed descriptions of each embroidery stitch used. Don’t miss out on this unique journey! Beauty, poetry and talent await you!

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection

    Those magnificent block printed fabrics from Indonesia inspired European ladies for their needle work projects and quilts. This book tells you everything you need to know about the history of chintz, and it features stunning photos of the most beautiful quilts from the Poos collection, one of the largest privately held quilt and textile collections in the world.

    What a treasure from Quiltmania with text in both English and French!

  • Country Quilts for Your Soul

    Jan has gathered all the quilts which have been significant in her life. She is recognised as the pioneer of the Folk Art style which she has been practising for 30 years.

    Through her appliqué works, she likes to tell stories, a little something about her life, her surroundings and people around her. She creates quilts to warm her soul. Twenty of her most beautiful projects are featured here, complete with instructions and full size templates. From Quiltmania with text in both French and English.

  • Creating Heirlooms

    Australian artist Carolyn Konig is deeply in love with antique quilts and reinterprets the past with huge talent. Here are 15 sophisticated projects on which to feast your eyes and to contemplate with much patience.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French and full-size templates and patterns.

  • Feathering the Nest 2

    After the international success of her first book, Brigitte Giblin offers us this second volume in which her quilts, inspired by past beauties, are revisited with a colour palette that is as fresh and vibrant as a bouquet of flowers.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French and the book offers 12 patterns with detailed instructions.

  • Focus on Applique

    Australian author Irene Blanck is absolutely passionate about appliqué.

    Whether it be reinterpretations of vintage motifs, entirely reimagined by means of a fresh fabric palette, or classic creations, this book contains 16 appliqué marvels at once elegant and radiant – Mosaics, Blooming Springtime, Tribute to Lucy Kemper, Eva Grace, Spring Promise, Floral Hopscotch, Tulipa, Confetti, Chocolate Mint Sunday, Miz Kelly just to name some of them. Plus there are full pullout patterns with instructions, tips and tricks.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • From the Linen Closet

    Dawn Heese offers a soothing return to the past through 17 charming folk art-style quilts and small projects. A gentle and warm ambiance and easy appliqué; one imagines oneself in a country home, a bunch of wildflowers on the table and a welcoming chair where it’s good to settle in and quilt.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • Godharis of Maharashtra Western India

    This book is the result of extensive field work and in-depth research conducted in Maharashtra, India. It is the first attempt to research the humble godhari, made by the rural women of this area. The book takes us on a wonderful journey through the region giving an insight into the art of godhari making, which has been passed down from one generation of women to the next.

    The images highlight the way that everyday clothes, like saris, have been recycled. Maharashtra's women evidently have an inherent skill in making godharis, which they have never exploited for commercial use.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • Good Day, Miss Austen

    Bénédicte Maurin presents her creations, inspired by the famous English novelist Jane Austen who was so good at portraying the condition of women in England in the late 18th – early 19th century. Dolls, accessories and quilts are just part of the whole story.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French and full-size templates and patterns.

  • Hana no Mola

    The book contains 72 pages of beautiful projects using floral and lacy Mola motifs, all clearly illustrated with beautiful photography and with step by step diagrams (such that it is not at all difficult to follow even if you don't have French).

    This title is in French only from Quiltmania, translated from the original Japanese.

  • Hat Creek Quilts

    Deirdre Bond-Abel's first book gives prominence to:

    • Wool appliqués in gleaming colours matched to pieced blocks in highly original creations
    • Motifs from the past, in a new style and in a palette of magnificent colours and materials
    • 17 quilt projects, wall hangings and accessories fully explained

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.

  • Heart of the Home

    After her first book, Bonnie’s Garden, Bonnie Sullivan is back with 17 charming projects inspired by nature and the comfort of home. The folk-art style of her creations is delightfully expressed through the materials that she uses to bring warmth to your surroundings!

    From Quiltmania with text in English and French and includes 2 pattern inserts.

  • History of Dutch Quilts

    A lavishly illustrated review for quilters, quilt lovers and everyone interested in textile history, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the distinctive history of Dutch quilts.

    The author considers at length the materials used, the patterns and the techniques in two sections:

    • Part One: A History of Dutch Quilts
    • Part Two: A selection of 71 of the total of 380 recorded Dutch quilts and textiles, making it possible to compare antique quilts from all over the world.

  • Home Patch

    All sweetness and delicacy, the numerous little projects featured in this book resemble their designer who publishes her creations under the name 'Hatched and Patched'.

    Anni has gathered little quilts and sewing and interior design accessories where patchwork and embroidery combine with much charm.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French with full-size templates included.

  • Janet Bolton's Textile Pictures

    Janet Bolton pictures the English countryside and small life scenes as if she was taking instantaneous photographs, with tenderness and sensibility, in her simple and characteristic style. Janet's original designs illustrate the whole book.

    From Quiltmania with text in both French and English.

  • Les Fantaisies Quiltees et Brodees de Cecile Franconie

    Cécile Franconie is noted for the exquisite nature and somewhat retro bohemian charm of her embroidery and crochet work.

    Here Cécile opens her studio doors to us and presents some 20 of her latest creations for you to make; in these projects she combines quilting and embroidery with elegance and whimsy.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French with actual-size patterns included.

  • Meanderings of a Quilt Collector

    Jane Lury is a passionate quilt collector. Although she came to collecting later in life her collection is extensive. This book is illustrated with more than 200 wonderful photos and traces a story with historical comments of her textile researches.

    Her meanderings took her to all the continents which enabled her to collect exceptional quilts which include the following techniques.

    • Persian embroideries
    • Boutis
    • Broiderie perse
    • Crazy patchwork
    • Wholecloth
    • Hexagons
    • And so much more

    The historical information is thorough and fascinating and will increase the knowledge of anyone interested in the history of quilts.

    From Quiltmania with text in both English and French.