• Button Hole Cutter

    Create perfect button holes every time without the risk of slicing through your stitching. It's all so easy:

    • Use a block of soft wood, a magazine or a wad of scrap fabric under your stitched button hole
    • Place the chisel edge between the button hole stitches and push through the fabric
    • Repeat for the length of the button hole

  • Insul-Fleece: Metalized Mylar Insulated Interfacing

    Metalized mylar is layered between polyester fleece to create a high-quality barrier that reflects heat or cold. This special combination of materials is very flexible and easy to sew through.

    Once you have sewn it into your project, you can machine wash, tumble dry and iron with no bunching (low to medium heat settings are recommended). The 27" X 45" sheet is enough for a large lunch bag or several potholders.

  • Pebble Sharps Needles

    The John James Pebble "finest quality hand sewing needles in a Pebble" is a must have for every sewing box and handbag. The hand sewing Pebble is easy to use and is a fabulous sewing accessory and storage unit in one.

    This peppermint green pebble contains 16 size 3 to size 9 sharps, general purpose hand sewing needles with sharp points.

  • Sewing Machine Oil

    • Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust.

    • Specially formulated for use on sewing machines.

    • Non-staining & non-gumming to provide the best performance.

    • 125ml

  • Stitch Holder 3-Piece

    The aluminum construction and secure closure design make it easy to hold stitches without any weight or snagging.

    Three sizes: 75, 120 & 170 mm