• Styling for Instagram

    Instagram is a rich source of inspiration and aspiration. Its easy to set up an account, but to really master it, and gain a significant following you need two things: a strong personal brand and an aspirational style that people will want to emulate. This book will help you achieve both.

    Written by renowned Instagram expert and photographer Leela Cyd, the book is packed with beautiful images as well as her sage advice for certain Instagram success. With sections on creating the perfect composition, finding the unique angle, and capturing scenes and places, this book covers all you need to know about getting the shots that work.

  • Wedding Photography Now!

    Gone are the days of lining up the wedding party for boring, stiff or cheesy group shots!

    Guides you through the essential skills and provides the newest tools and tips to create images and albums that capture the mood, emotions and highlights of the day.

    Useful for those simply shooting a friend's wedding or professionals wanting to refresh their approach.

  • World Press Photo 2006
    Acclaimed as the "best in visual reportage from all over the world" and as "a testament to the skills and courage of the photographers". The WPP Contest is known universally as the international photographic contest. 183 (108 colour) prize-winning images submitted by photojournalists, newspapers, magazines, picture agencies. Categories: contemporary issues, people in the news, portraits, sports, daily life, the arts . . .
  • World Press Photo 2009

    Dresses appliqued with portrait photos hang from pink crosses. . . a wave of sand breaking over a triple jumper as he lands. . . 178 prize-winning images capture the most powerful, moving & sometimes disturbing events of 2008.

    The photos won what is universally recognised as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, out of 96,000 entries from 5000+ pros from 124 countries.

  • World Press Photo 2010

    Universally recognized as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, it draws submissions from photojournalists, newspapers, and magazines throughout the world. Bringing together some 200 images, selected from more than 90,000 photographs taken by over 5,000 photographers.

    These prize-winning photos provide an impressive visual record of social, political, cultural, scientific, and, above all, human milestones from an eventful year.

  • World Press Photo Next #1
    Twelve of the next generation of leading photojournalist and documentary photographers showcase work on a theme of respect.

    The talent and passion of these exciting newcomers was bought into focus as part of the Joop Swart Masterclass, held annually by World Press Photo.

    It will open your eyes to new perspectives and inspire understanding of the world around you.


    • Eunice Adorno
    • Antonio Bolfo
    • Kitra Cahana
    • Alinka Echeverria
    • And More.