• Felt Wee Folk New Adventures

    Salley Mavor invites you to the wee world starring 120 dolls to spark smiles and creativity.

    Make bendable dolls that resemble you, your family or your favourite fairy-tale characters including outfits, hairstyles, and accessories with wool felt, chenille stems and decorative stitching. Display the figures in a dollhouse, atop a wedding cake or in a holiday scene to be cherished year after year.

    From the pages of Mavor’s award-winning children’s books, the enchanting wee folk dolls appeal to crafters of all ages and skill levels.

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  • Felt Wonderland

    Step into wonderland with Lisa Marie Olson and learn how to transform sumptuous wool fibres into beautiful felt items. Handmade felt is irresistibly soft and lovely to work with, and before you know it youll be caught up in the magic of this gorgeous material and making beautiful, tactile gifts for you and your loved ones.

    The clear, step-by-step photographs and instructions will teach you the art of wet felting, from basic flat-felting techniques through to using a resist and working around a 3D mould.

    There are 12 gorgeous projects, ranging from decorative teacups, a teapot and a tea light holder to more practical pieces such as a pretty handbag, a lampshade and cosy slippers all inspired by Lisa's love of fairy tales and fantasy stories, including Alice in Wonderland. You can embellish these lovely felted items in many different ways and create your own fabulous works of art. She also includes other techniques such as needle felting, hand stitching, embroidery and appliqué to further embellish the projects. The projects can be followed exactly, but also provide you with the inspiration to let your creativity loose and customize them to your own style.

    There are also full-size templates provided on a separate, foldout sheet.

    Look inside the book.

    Felt Supplies Check out our range of pure wool felt available in a range of lovely colours.

  • Felt: Irresistibly Beautiful Projects

    Felt starts with a detailed introduction on how to felt including a list of all the equipment and materials needed. From there each section builds on each technique to teach such techniques as flat felt (making flat felt is the first step in this craft), pre-felts (combining pre-felted pieces with flat felt), Nuno felt (a new type of felt made using a base of fine open-weave fabric to create a very lightweight felt) and new techniques (non-traditional methods of making felt).

    Each section has three to five different projects with step-by-step photos and complete instructions for each project.

  • Feltlicious

    Kari Chapin and Kerri Wessel have concocted a delightful "cookbook" of 25 amazing felted foods. The menu features such fare as Good Morning breakfast dishes; Diner Delights; Farmer's Market fruits and vegetables; Sweet Tooth desserts and Holiday Treats – like heart-shaped lollipops for Valentine's Day.

    Also included are detailed instructions for turning these tasty-looking projects into snack-size jewellery, magnets, ornaments, hairclips and paperweights.

    Look inside the book.

  • Flowers in Felt & Stitch

    Packed with colour and style, this gorgeous and inspiring book delves deep into the world of felt painting. The book includes an introduction to Moy's use of colour and texture, as well as a useful section detailing what inspires her and how she forms these initial ideas into a composition.

    The focus here is flowers – in still life, in the landscape and as botanical portraits – and the book includes an in-depth techniques section on creating a range of different flower and leaf shapes, so that the reader can go on to produce their own unique masterpieces.

    There are four easy-to-follow but inspiring step-by-step projects, along with extensive galleries of Moy's vibrant work.

    Look inside the book.

  • How to Make Little Needle Felted Teddy Bears

    Judy Balchin and Roz Dace show you how to you’re your own wonderful little needle-felted teddy bears.

    • 18 loveable bears to choose from, each with its own special character, and all easy and fun to make
    • Each bear measures around 10–12cm tall and can be made in a matter of hours from a bundle of wool fibres, a felting needle and some carefully chosen embellishments
    • Clear guidance on how to needle-felt is provided, as well as step-by-step instructions and fun photos for every project, so even those new to needle-felting will be able to make all the teddies in this book

    Look inside the book.

  • It's a Small World Felted Friends

    Create over 30 cute, felted friends with this easy-to-use needle felting book. These cute felted friends range from the wonderfully realistic to enchantingly cute including:

    • An Elephant all decked out for festival day
    • A Queen's Guard
    • A Dutch Girl in traditional dress
    • A Mama Kangaroo with her Joey
    • An enchanting Teddy Bear
    • Accessories featuring foods and flags from different lands
    • Felt scenery to set the stage for your felt creations
    • And a lot more!

    Detailed instructions for each project show you how to make the basic shapes and blend them together seamlessly. A special step-by-step section shows you how easy even the most complex piece can be, and how any small figure can be made into an accessory you can carry or wear.The projects range from about 5 to 10 cm high, and instructions are included for turning a few of your felt creations into fun dangly accessories.

  • Little Felted Dogs

    Little Felted Dogs offers instructions to recreate a variety of breeds, including a bulldog, poodle, shiba inu, corgi, dachshund and many more. Each project includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams, making this book an accessible introduction to the beginner-friendly craft of needle felting.

    Whether they adore their pugs, or wish they had a Pomeranian, dog lovers of all stripes will fail in love with these miniature versions of two dozen beloved breeds. Simple needle-felting instructions require only a small amount of wool and are easy enough for crafters to customize a homage to their own adorable mutts.

  • Mini Felt Christmas

    Sachiyo Ishii shows you how to make 30 fabulously cute and quirky felt ornaments to adorn your home during the festive season.

    Choose from a host of tree decorations, from traditional baubles to fun penguins and a snowman; as well as larger projects that include Santa Claus complete with sleigh and reindeer; a yule log with little mini bakers; a stunning gingerbread house that looks good enough to eat; a felt holly wreath; and the complete Christmas Story.

    All the techniques and stitches you need are explained carefully through clear, step-by-step photographs at the beginning of the book, and all the templates are provided at the back.

    Look inside the book.

    Felt Supplies Check out our range of pure wool felt available in a range of lovely colours.

  • My First Needle Felting Book

    Children will discover the fun of needle-felting with these 30 adorable step-by-step animal projects to create a wonderful menagerie of adorable needle-felted animals. It begins with 2D projects, such as brooches and a bookmark, then moves on to simple 3D projects such as a wide-eyed owl. Children can then progress their needle-felting skills by making dogs, a panda, a pony and many more fantastic creatures.

    There is a comprehensive techniques section so that children can perfect their needle-felting skills, and each project includes a photo of the finished animal and is broken down into clear illustrated steps.

  • Needle Felting from Basics to Bears

    This book shows you how to create tiny bears, rabbits, dogs, cats, fairies, dolls, cupcakes and more.

    Basic instructions and step-by-step photos show you what you will need and how to begin, plus advanced options for once you've mastered the basics. Learn to make joints so that the arms and legs can really move. Instructions on how to make unique details such as pointed ears, long tails and different noses and muzzles.

  • Needle Felting: Sculpting People with Wool

    Learn to create three-dimensional sculptures with wool in this comprehensive guide to sculpting people for both beginner and experienced needle felters.

    You are limited only by your imagination. You begin with fluffy wool in one hand and a felting needle in the other hand. Then you poke the wool with the barbed felting needle until it comes to life. It is nothing short of amazing!

    Complete instructions with full colour photos will take you step by step and teach you how to sculpt the face and body to create your own charming characters.

  • Pedigree Dogs in Needle Felt

    Join Gai Button as she shares the secrets of making beautiful miniature dogs from needle felt.

    Using different wools, silks and fibres along with just three needles, you can make all manner of realistic dog breeds, including labradors, pugs, poodles and border terriers. This simple and affordable craft uses little space and offers a world of fun results.

    • 6 step-by-step projects for making your own adorable miniature pet
    • Clear, simple and innovative techniques
    • Suitable for beginners and experts alike

    Look inside the book.

  • Sew Your Own Felt Advent Calendar

    This year, why not add a personal touch to your Christmas countdown by making your own felt calendar, filled with an array of festive felt figures to delight the whole family? Felt is soft, tactile and very easy to use, and sewers of all abilities will enjoy creating this fabulous festive decoration.

    Sachiyo Ishii starts by showing you how to make the basic calendar, and then provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and templates for 24 tiny felt toys to place in the pockets. These cute little Christmas-themed projects are quick to make using just a few pieces of felt, stuffing, thread and ribbons, and make perfect little gifts for children and adults alike.

    Easy to make and fun to use, the calendar can be stored away and brought out year after year to become a much-loved family favourite for many years to come.

    Look inside the book.

    Felt Supplies Check out our range of pure wool felt available in a range of lovely colours.

  • Super-Cute Felt

    Super-Cute Felt will open your eyes to a whole world of felting possibilities.

    Split into four chapters, there are 35 projects for Accessories, Gifts, Homeware and Celebrations, as well as a handy section explaining materials, techniques and equipment. Complete with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations, Super-Cute Felt has a project for all abilities.