• Splash 19: The Illusion of Light

    Splash 19 showcases 125+ shining successes, fresh out of the studios of today's top artists. These artists revel in the possibilities of light, reflection, refraction and shadows. Their paintings celebrate the magic that happens when light dances across the landscape, bounces around a still life or pierces a rainy city night.

    Alongside each painting, commentary from the artist offers firsthand insight into how they use light to create mood, tell a story or evoke a sense of time and place. Themed chapters include cityscapes, animals, interiors, still life, portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more.

  • Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers

    Tempted to start painting but not sure where to start? Learn how to paint beautiful watercolour flowers using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad.

    This book will build your skills through easy exercises, starting from the simplest of tulips and working up to a stunning rose. Clear advice and step-by-step photography will show you exactly what to do at each stage. No drawing necessary you can simply trace and transfer the basic drawings from the finished paintings, which are shown at full size.

    P>Look inside the book.

  • Take Three Colours: Watercolour Landscapes

    Geoff Kersey shows people who have never picked up a paintbrush how to paint convincing watercolour landscapes using just three colours, three brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad. There is no colour theory or long-winded mixing information to put off the first-time painter, but a practical absolute beginner's course that shows the three colours in action.

    Starting from the simplest of scenes, he builds skills through nine easy exercises, resulting in landscapes to be proud of. Start with a simple sky and progress through a basic scene with a reflected sunset, to landscapes that include simple buildings and even a figure. Clear advice and step-by-step photographs offer everything needed to get painting.

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  • Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains

    From only three affordable watercolour paints in red, blue and yellow you can mix a huge range of colours and paint beautiful landscapes you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. Starting from the simplest of mountain scenes, Matthew builds your skills as you progress through the nine easy projects, and by the end you’ll be amazed at what you have achieved.

    Clear instructions and step-by-step photographs show you how to add detail, shadow and distance to a scene, and there are numerous handy tips and helpful jargon busters’ to help you learn the basic watercolour techniques. Before you know it, you’ll have acquired all the skills you need to paint your own wonderful mountain scenes in watercolour.

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  • Take Three Colours: Watercolour Seascapes

    Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before, Geoff Kersey shows you how to paint convincing seascapes in watercolour using just three brushes, three colours, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad.

    There is no off-putting colour theory or long-winded mixing information, but a practical absolute beginner's course that shows the three colours in action. You need only three affordable brushes: no. 10, no. 4 and no. 2 rounds in a synthetic range, to achieve all of the paintings shown. Let Geoff Kersey build your skills through nine easy exercises, starting from the simplest of scenes, resulting in seascapes you'll be proud of.

    With clear advice, step-by-step photographs showing simple techniques, how to trace and transfer a drawing, and finished paintings shown full size in the book for guidance, you will have everything you need to get painting.

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  • Tate Watercolour Manual

    Firmly designed for those who have not picked up a paintbrush since schooldays, as well as more seasoned watercolour practitioners.

    Joyce Townsend and Tony Smibert have used their considerable expertise to develop a book with a breadth of content suitable for anyone who wants to become a painter in watercolour, be a more assured and better artist, or simply gain new understanding of the great British watercolourists.

  • Terry Harrison's Complete Brush with Watercolour

    In this comprehensive guide to painting watercolour landscapes, two of Terry Harrison's best-selling books, Painting Watercolour Landscapes the Easy Way and Brush with Watercolour, are seamlessly combined into a single volume.

    Drawing on his many years' experience as an artist, tutor and demonstrator, Terry shares his love of painting and shows the reader how to create beautiful, vibrant pictures filled with light and atmosphere using a range of simple brush techniques. Designed to both inspire and instruct artists of all abilities, this book provides a wealth of practical guidance and projects on how to paint watercolour landscapes the easy way.

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  • Terry Harrison's Complete Guide to Watercolour Landscapes
    A master of simple methods, tips & tricks demystifies painting trees, flowers, mountains, valleys, streams, sea & sky, in an inspiring guide to all aspects of watercolour landscape painting. You'll learn the basics, then captioned colour photos walk you through dozens of demos on the diverse techniques & elements that go into creating a scene (wildflower meadow, reflections on water).

  • Terry Harrison's Watercolour Secrets

    This comprehensive and accessible book brings together all Terry Harrison has learnt during his lifetime and provides over 170 tips, techniques and trade secrets to help the reader improve their watercolour painting.

    Terry begins with what materials to buy, using photographs, colour and techniques, and ends with numerous tips on painting a variety of subjects such as skies, distance, mountains, beaches and boats. Terry has an easy, accessible style that artists of all abilities will find easy to understand, making this book an invaluable resource that the reader will return to again and again.

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  • Vibrant Watercolours

    Vibrancy and impact are qualities that experienced watercolour artists aspire to, and this book provides a full course in how to push the boundaries of this popular medium. Packed with inspirational artworks that cover everything from landscapes and portraits to abstract watercolours, this is an exciting book that will not fail to enthuse artists of all abilities who are seeking new ways of expression through their art.

    The book begins with sections on materials and equipment, gathering ideas, sketching and colour, followed by in-depth explorations of line, shape and form, perspective and space that provide a fascinating insight into the author's method of working. The fabulous final section on creating impact will provide all you need to produce stunning artworks that seem to leap off the page. With five step-by-step projects to try out the techniques covered in the book, this is a truly inspiring guide that will encourage the reader into new ways of painting.

    Look inside the book.

  • Watercolor 365

    Watercolour 365 is broken down into daily tips and offers bite-size achievable and understandable pieces.

    • Simplifies the fearful and unknown world of watercolour
    • Tips not only for painting but setting up and working in a studio
    • Speaks in clear, concise advice about the medium and explains some basic art and watercolour terminology
    • Tips to inspire and motivate artists and how to invoke creativity on a daily basis

  • Watercolor Bible

    This is your complete guide to everything watercolour from basic art concepts and techniques to fun special effects and pointers for painting popular subjects.

    Quickly find the answers to common problems and questions so you can get started or get back to painting. The Watercolor Bible is a handy reference that beginners and experienced artists simply can't be without. Learn how to:

    • Work with the right materials
    • Master all essential techniques
    • Choose, mix and apply colour
    • Painlessly design attractive paintings
    • Paint people, landscapes, animals and more

  • Watercolor En Plein Air

    Learn the core concepts of painting on location. This helpful guide will get you primed and ready for a day of painting outdoors. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive list of what to pack to maximize your time, learn how to choose a subject and interpret it for a composition, discover how to deal with the challenges of shadows and shifting natural light, and hone your techniques.

    The collection of step-by-step projects will help you reach new artistic plateaus as you create unique, dynamic artwork outside the studio. Perfect for artists looking to break outside the norm, this book is the definitive resource for experiencing the peace and rewards of painting on location with the invigorating medium of watercolour.

  • Watercolor Flowers

    Watercolor Flowers teaches artists of all skill levels how to paint harmonious, vibrant and colourful renditions of flora from all around the world. You will:

    • Explore key watercolour techniques, including washes, gradations, painting wet-into-wet, glazing and understanding the colour wheel to create harmony in a piece of art
    • Create vibrant and colourful floral paintings while mastering how to use colour for maximum effect
    • Learn where to find artistic inspiration, how to become a “visual collector” and how to add fauna to your floral paintings

  • Watercolor in Motion

    This unique book / DVD workshop shows you how to "go with the flow," moving watercolour across the page to create gorgeous paintings.

    • Covers everything from selecting the best papers, paints and brushes, to achieving intense colour passages, the illusion of depth and lively shadows
    • 10 exercises and 15 step-by-step demonstrations illustrate important lessons on shapes, complementary colours, masking fluid, glazing and more
    • Techniques are illustrated with Birgit O'Connor's bold and beautiful flowers, but are applicable to any subject
    • DVD shows key techniques in action – blending colours, creating hard and soft edges and painting water drops – as well as troubleshooting common problems with washes

  • Watercolor Techniques

    Watercolor Techniques covers it all, from answers to beginners' most vexing problems to understanding the trifecta of perspective, value and colour. The author shows how to paint whites that sparkle and shadows that glow and how to conjure the atmosphere of a particular place and time.

    • Packed with expert advice for infusing scenes with light and colour
    • Includes special tips and techniques for painting architectural subjects
    • Illustrated with inspiring paintings of scenes from around the world
    • 8 start-to-finish demonstrations show key concepts in action