• How to Paint Skies

    Geoff Kersey imparts his knowledge and expertise to artists of all abilities. He teaches them how to paint skies that give a sense of cohesion, place and atmosphere to their landscape paintings. Painting skies is one of the best ways to learn how watercolour behaves and there is a large section that explains the techniques you need to produce a broad range of effects including a stormy sky, a summer sky, an evening glow, a sunset and low cloud.

    This comprehensive guide also includes information on the materials you need, drawing and sketching, using photographs, composition, colour and perspective, and throughout the book are examples of Geoff's finished artworks to provide inspiration and ideas for compositions of your own.

    The book finishes with six glorious, step-by-step projects to put into practice all you have learnt and give you the confidence to incorporate stunning skies into your own watercolour landscape paintings.

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  • How to Paint Water in Watercolour

    With content selected specially from two of Joe Dowden's previous works, this book is designed to help seasoned artists master water in watercolour and features:

    • A fresh new design that breathes new life into established tips and techniques.
    • In-depth exercises and practical projects
    • 350 colour illustrations and inspirational photographs

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  • How to Paint Watercolours

    Jeremy Ford is a master-artist who will show you how to paint beautiful watercolour pictures, starting from initial sketches, through simple techniques to completed pictures, ready for display.

    A reissue of the best-selling How to Paint Water Colour, this book includes three comprehensive step-by-step demonstrations and covers a range of subjects from flower portraits to landscapes. Jeremy examines and breaks down the various essential materials needed, from selecting paper, paints and brushes through to other painting equipment. A simple colour theory section eliminates any mysteries about watercolour paint.

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  • Janet Whittle's Watercolour Flowers

    Janet Whittle's paintings are characterised by their vibrant colours and imaginative compositions, showcased here in this glorious book in which she explains her evocative use of colour and the numerous creative techniques she uses for capturing the beauty of flowers in her paintings – wet-in-wet, wet-in-dry, negative painting, masking, lifting out, glazing and more.

    Clear step-by-step projects are included, as well as many examples of her work, providing ideas and inspiration for novice as well as more experienced artists.

  • Jean Haines' Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour

    Jean Haines takes you on an artistic journey that not only teaches you how to create gorgeous paintings, but also shares with you the joy to be gained from the simple act of painting flowers.

    She explains with passion and enthusiasm how to loosen up your painting style and include just enough detail in your paintings to portray the essence of flowers, bringing them to life on the paper and infusing them with vibrancy and energy. She shares unreservedly the materials and techniques she uses, provides a wealth of expert tips and advice, and guides you step-by-step through numerous studies and projects.

    Throughout the book there are many glorious examples of Jean's paintings of a dazzling variety of flowers, providing an abundance of inspiration for artists of all abilities.

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  • Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours

    Accomplished artist Jean Haines shares her passion for watercolours in this wonderfully practical book.

    Known for her exciting techniques and love of colour, Jean takes you on an inspirational painting journey on which you’ll encounter, amongst other things, magical watercolour flow, glorious washes, sunbursts, and a magnificent ‘hotting it up’ finale. With her simple exercises, clear advice and easy-to-follow projects, Jean pushes the boundaries and will alter the way you think about watercolours and painting for ever.

    A selection of popular subjects, including animals, landscapes, buildings, flowers and people, offers something for everyone here, whatever their artistic ability.

  • Jean Haines' Colour & Light in Watercolour

    In this new and extended edition, Jean Haines has produced a book even more inspirational than the first.

    With 40 per cent new material in the form of new hands-on demonstrations, examples of her work and extended text, Jean provides a valuable insight into the materials and techniques she uses to inject colour and light into her stunningly beautiful, award-winning watercolour paintings.

    Jean's enthusiasm and passion for art is evident throughout the book, which is packed full of ideas, useful tips, expert advice and over 20 step-by-step demonstrations. With subjects ranging from atmospheric winter landscapes to bright colourful cockerels, all painted in Jean's loose and expressive style, artists of all tastes and abilities will not fail to be inspired by her imaginative and exciting use of light and colour.

  • Jean Haines' World of Watercolour

    Step into Jean Haines' distinctive, exciting world of watercolour with this guide to her influences, style and work. Jean's loose, expressive paintings are filled with colour and personality, and embrace a range of subjects that includes flowers, animals, people and places. This beautiful book contains:

    • Easy-to-follow and inspiring introductory sections such as ‘an artist’s treasure chest’ and ‘the colour gym’
    • Practical guidance and in-depth exercises
    • Numerous examples of Jean’s work that will inspire and encourage novice as well as experienced artists
    • Step-by-step projects packed full of expert tips and advice

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  • Joe Dowden's Complete Guide to Painting Water in Watercolour

    Joe Francis Dowden is the master of painting extraordinarily realistic water, and here he shares his tips and techniques in a complete guide to painting this vital element in watercolour.

    There is expert guidance on painting what you see, composition, making water look wet, painting various types of reflection and more, then there are seven stunning step-by-step demonstrations including children on wet sand, a swan on rippled water, deep water and an amazing sparkling sea.

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  • Kew: The Watercolour Flower Painter's A to Z

    From azalea to zantedeschia, this unique watercolour artist's guide offers easy-to-follow, plant-specific information on how to paint over 50 of the most popular species of flower in a crisp and natural style. The author teaches you the essential skills of creating a realistic structure and form of a flower by close observation of the pattern of light and shade on petals and foliage.

    Included are step-by-step photographs, details and instructions on capturing the individual essence of the flower, together with comprehensive information on the appropriate techniques and colour mixes to use. Glorious full-colour photographs of the finished watercolour show the depth and variety of the plant portraits, from the exquisitely executed passion flower to the bold luminosity of the Oriental poppy. Finally, a handy colour key is included for every flower, helping you prepare your palette before delving into your floral portait.

    If you have never painted flowers before, or have always wanted to capture that specific species on canvas that you've never managed to grow in your own garden, this is the book for you.

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  • Learn Flower Painting Quickly

    Trevor Waugh reveals the secrets of painting flowers in watercolour in this fun, easy-to-follow book. Focusing on the techniques that matter the most, you'll be able to start producing better flower paintings in the space of an afternoon.

    The book includes expert guidance on all aspects of flower painting in watercolour, including the basic shapes and how to combine them, how to design the perfect composition and how to create subtle and evocative effects. The author shares tips on how to use colour to create realistic-looking flowers and foliage, his go-to basic palette and details on how to create beautiful, nuanced colour mixes. There is also a section on how to achieve real artistry in your work, using hard and soft edges, clever observation and different angles to perfect your work.

    Armed with this beautiful book, packed with breathtaking inspirational paintings and a selection of helpful step-by-step demonstration sequences, you'll become an expert flower painting in no time at all.

  • Learn to Paint in Watercolour Step by Step

    Learn how to paint relaxing landscapes, exciting seascapes and portraits with personality. Whatever you want to paint, William Newton can show you how.

    Starting from first principles, this thorough guide demonstrates the breadth and depth of William's watercolour painting expertise. In addition to beautiful detailed projects covering architecture, still life and other classic scenes, this book contains sections on colour and tone, the materials you will need, key watercolour painting techniques as well as vital information on perspective and drawing; all explained and illustrated for ease of use.

    This book was previously published as William Newton's Complete Guide to Watercolour Painting and is now made available in paperback.

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  • Learn to Paint in Watercolour with 50 Small Paintings

    This is an ideal book for those fresh to the world of watercolour, and keen to take on the daunting big, blank piece of watercolour paper.

    This unique book works as a complete course in watercolour painting, built up from key techniques. As the reader progresses through the sections of the book, the author demonstrates each technique with the creation of a mini painting, measuring 5-inch square. So by the time the reader has worked right through to the end, they will have an amazing collection of 50 mini paintings, on board, paper or canvas, that will be a testament to their skill and creativity.

    Furthermore, techniques are introduced throughout the painting projects, from using a simple colour wash to learning about ink techniques or letting go with loose, free watercolours. At the same time, concepts such as properties of light (vital for watercolourists) are explained to give a solid foundation on which to work.

  • Learn to Paint People Quickly

    Hazel Soan explains everything you need to know about figurative painting in an accessible way in both watercolours and oils. Features include:

      How to paint people in a variety of poses and settings
    • Dealing with the theories of colour and light in a way that beginners will understand and more experienced painters will find invaluable
    • Ways to insert people into your pre-existing painting to bring them to life
    • How to paint portraits and getting to grips with body proportion and perspective
    • Easy-to-follow exercises and demonstrations

  • Light Up Your Watercolors

    Give your paintings more life – with light! The best watercolour paintings have a certain radiance, a richness of light, colour and detail. You can bring these same effects to your own work with the help of award-winning painter Linda Stevens Moyer.

    With this book, you'll discover a layering formula for creating stunning watercolours that explode with light. Even if you've struggled previously with layering colours, you can achieve the results you want through these easy-to-follow instructions. Moyer takes you step-by-step through the entire process, beginning with the most basic aspects of watercolour, including:

    • Mixing and using colour
    • Creating form and representing space
    • Saving and regaining the white of your paper
    • Building realistic textures
    • Using photographs to inspire and develop your painting
    • Layering with transparent watercolour to portray light

  • Magic Watercolour Flowers

    Capturing the beauty of flowers in watercolour has been the aim of painters for centuries and in this book, Paul Riley, inspires and encourages readers to take their watercolour flower paintings a step further, to make the most of the medium's natural versatility.

    • Step-by-step paintings and useful tips and techniques throughout
    • Shows how to use collage to create exciting and unexpected compositions
    • Encourages readers to be more adventurous in their paintings by adding figures and still life objects to their compositions
    • Includes exciting special effects by using certain textural techniques, such as soft edges, and different light sources to make the most out of watercolour's natural translucency and create mood for your paintings

  • Matthew Palmer's Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Painting

    Matthew Palmer's Step-by-Step Guide to Watercolour Painting is the perfect companion for artists who have mastered the rudiments of the medium but are keen to improve their skills, develop their own style, and progress further on their journey to painting success.

    This comprehensive step-by-step guide to producing landscapes and seascapes explores in detail the key techniques used in watercolour painting, including the application of resists; colour mixing; applying natural-looking foliage to trees and woodlands; use of dry-brush technique in depicting intricate detail, and using scratch-out techniques to add sparkle and movement to water.

    A six-step exercise helps demonstrate the stages of creating a landscape scene of snowy hills and dales including laying the initial wash, lifting out highlights on the hills, and applying shadow. The book also features five full step-by-step projects to help you develop your watercolour painting skills, featuring a waterfall scene, a poppy field with country cottage and New York in autumn-time; each accompanied with a full-size outline.

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  • Modern Flower Painter

    A celebrated floral artist shares her innovative watercolour technique, covering every aspect of painting modern botanical-style portraits of flowers.

    Anna's clear teaching will give you confidence in painting beautiful watercolour flowers in a modern twist on the botanical style, From complete beginners to more experienced watercolourists, this book offers in-depth instruction on drawing and painting, plus dozens of inspirational floral artworks.

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  • Modern Watercolor

    In Modern Watercolor, artists will discover how to paint in watercolour by harnessing the medium's unique transparent qualities to create stunning works of art, stationery, gifts and more.

    From selecting your first watercolour paints to learning to blend colours into a unique palette, the author guides you as you begin your journey. By the end, your paintings will be cohesive and rich.

    These easy-to-follow lessons explore using watercolour on different surfaces, how to create basic shapes using fun techniques and how to create myriad gorgeous effects that can be achieved with different brushes and strokes. You will even learn how to add layers of dimension and texture and how to work with resist techniques to create pretty patterns and gorgeous backgrounds.