• 60 Minutes to Better Painting

    Craig Nelson will teach you the tips and tricks you need to know to achieve powerful painting results in oil and acrylic. With ten step-by-step demonstrations, each step timed to the minute, you’ll discover how to focus your efforts on the essence of the subject, rather than getting stuck on the tiny details.

    You will learn to:

    • Overcome procrastination and explore new subjects
    • Prioritize your painting efforts – see basic shapes first, then the fine details
    • Render rough compositions before committing your idea to a larger canvas
    • Explore composition, colour and light effects
    • Draw mass and form, not just the lines that make up your subject

  • Art Handbooks: Painting with Oils

    Over 80 step-by-step photographs take you through all the basics with helpful demonstrations which clearly illustrate how to paint skies, landscapes, flowers and animals. You will learn about the materials you need, how to start, using a limited palette, using photographs as inspiration, and creating perspective, tone, light and shade.

    Whatever your skill level, you will be able to develop your own style with this invaluable, easy-to-follow guide.

  • Art of Painting Flowers in Oil & Acrylic

    This comprehensive book opens with a guide to essential information on tools and materials plus basic drawing and painting techniques and colour theory to create compelling compositions, achieve depth and render realistic textures.

    Several talented and experienced artists guide readers through easy-to-follow lessons covering a variety of floral and plant life, including tulips, dahlias, hibiscus, roses, daisies, freesia, water lilies, bird of paradise and more.

    With sections devoted to both mediums, readers will learn everything they need to know to create beautiful floral works of art in oil and acrylic. Along the way, aspiring artists will discover helpful tips and tricks for mixing vibrant colours, working from photographs, working outdoors and creating volume and dimension.

  • Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes and Skyscapes in Oil & Acr

    This inspiring book combines into one comprehensive guide an array of outdoor scenes in a variety of painting styles.

    This beautiful, full-colour reference book delves into essential information about acrylic and oil painting tools and techniques, and it contains a wide variety of step-by-step painting lessons, featuring a range of landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes.

  • Beautiful Portrait Painting in Oils

    Beautiful Portrait Painting in Oils reveals the keys for mastering how to paint beautiful portraits in oil to create soulful works of art for both viewer and artist. Through easy-to-follow lessons and expert insights, you’ll receive professional advice for working from life, utilizing reference photos and for working from a combination of the two to create rich and realistic portraits of men, women and children, imbued with timeless character and a touching likeness of your subject.

    Features include:

    • 14 step-by-step demonstrations of how to paint 7 diverse subjects of varying skin tones from life and from photographic reference, illustrating the differences between each approach
    • Additional exercises to reveal expert techniques for painting defining facial details, like eyes, mouths, wrinkles, facial hair and eyeglasses
    • Professional tips for working from life, including information on ideal session times, posing, seeing and mixing colour and even how to work with children
    • How to approach and execute paid commissions, including step-by-step demonstrations for painting both corporate and family subjects
    • How to organize your paintings thematically for shows, competitions or exhibitions

    Through Saper's universal techniques, oil painters – and indeed any painter – of all skill levels will learn to render more realistic portraits of each and every subject they paint, with predictable and joyful results.

  • Colour Mixing Guide: Oils

    A clear, comprehensive guide to colour mixing for the artist using oil paints.

    It begins with simple colour theory and a colour wheel, with a template provided so that readers can paint their own; a vital step towards understanding colour. There is vividly illustrated guidance on complementary, warm and cool colours, colour tone, using a limited palette, dull and bright colours and factoring in local colour. There follows an array of essential colour mixes using widely available Winsor & Newton colours.

    A beautifully presented and practical guide to understanding and mixing colours.

    Look inside the book.

  • Complete Oil Painter

    Equally suitable for spontaneous work as well as for large ambitious studio paintings, oils are perhaps the most versatile of all paints. And yet for many painters, their use is shrouded in mystery, while others regard them as "difficult" medium.

    This book, now back in print by popular demand, sets out to show that, with proper instruction, nothing could be further fom the truth. The key to mastery of the medium is a full understanding of the constituents of oil painting – binders, dilutents, varnishes, mediums, driers – and their properties, all of which are clearly explained and illustrated with over 200 colour images, backed up by comprehensive information on supports, equipment and techniques.

    • Easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions to all the techniques of oil paint application
    • Explanation of the use of colour and form in oil painting
    • Everything you need to know about choosing tools and materials and making efficient use of a studio
    • Advice on how to get the best results in still life, portraiture, abstract work and many other genres
    • Beautiful reproductions of the work of professional oil painters illustrate the skills, techniques and themes discussed in the text

  • Foundations of Classical Oil Painting

    Professional painting instructor Lea Colie Wight demystifies the formulaic process of oil painting into a simple approach to help you paint confidently and accurately in full colour.

    Develop a core foundational skill set to develop your paintings and discover a signature way of working from life that can be applied to figure painting, portraits, landscapes and still life. Though the focus is on oils, the methods in this book can be applied to all painting mediums including as acrylic, pastel and watercolour.

    • Informative lessons and simple exercises help to build confidence and lay the foundations for successful oil painting
    • Learn a straightforward system for painting realistically with a focus on accurate colour
    • 4 full-length step-by-step demonstrations show how to paint a figure, a portrait, a still life and a landscape

  • Impressionist Painting for the Landscape

    Learn to see, think and paint like an Impressionist master! Monet. Renoir. Van Gogh. Redfield. Garber. These beloved Impressionist masters continue to inspire with their rich and vivid artistry. Their styles and methods are alive and thriving today in the work of contemporary master George Gallo, who will lead you through all you need to know from start to finish to create Impressionist-inspired landscape paintings in oil.

    • More than 50 powerful lessons, tips and secrets for composition, brushwork, value, lighting effects, colour and movement
    • 80 stunning landscape paintings, including country roads, waterfalls, parks, woodlands, harbour scenes and more
    • 7 step-by-step painting demonstrations that reinforce the importance of composition, movement, colour and light

    Impressionist Painting for the Landscape will help artists of every skill level achieve more expressive and personally satisfying results. Dive in to discover classic oil painting traditions, new perspectives on the medium and fresh paintings to inspire you to new heights.

  • Oil & Acrylic Workshop

    With Oil & Acrylic Workshop, artists of all skill levels will discover how to create beautifully textured, vibrant and colourful works of fine art using both traditional and unique painting tools in new and surprising ways.

    Aspiring and established artists alike will relish setting aside the paintbrush in exchange for the palette knife, sponges and even their fingers to create colourful, contemporary works of art. Packed with techniques for working with oil and acrylic as well as colour theory and approachable step-by-step projects consisting of landscapes, animals, flowers and more, budding artists will become masters of new and engaging painting techniques in almost no time.

  • Oils

    This book is designed for absolute beginners who want to try their hand at painting but don't quite know how to get started.

    It presents carefully devised, step-by-step explanations of each detail to be accomplished on the painting-in-progress, making use of innovative book covers that can be set up to create a miniature easel. Each project appears as a series of two-page sections, with an illustrated explanation of how to proceed on each every-numbered page, and the painting-in-progress to be copied on the following odd-numbered page.

    There are seven separate projects for students to complete. Subjects include still lifes, flowers and landscapes.

  • Sea & Sky in Oils

    Roy Lang shows you how to capture the power, majesty and atmosphere of the sea in oils. Learn how the sea and sky interact in nature, and how to portray their many moods.

    There is ample information on oil paints and on techniques such as tonal underpainting, as well as general painting advice on colour, tone and composition. Then there is specific information on sea painting, from aspects of beaches to painting rocks to swells, foam bursts, waves, spray, mass foam, linear form patterns, submerged detail and shorelines.

    Roy explains how to paint cloudy, summer, stormy and evening and night skies, before examining light, reflections, mood and atmosphere. All this invaluable expertise is brought together in two highly accomplished sea and sky paintings, demonstrated step-by-step.

    Look inside the book.