• Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker

    Not your average book on drawing the face, Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker shows easy ways to draw more realistic faces in your own signature style. The goal is not an immaculate finished portrait, but a continually growing collection of personal, expressive sketches that you can use and reuse in your mixed-media work. Inside you'll find:

    • An easy-to-learn face-mapping technique that allows you to draw faces from your imagination, without a model or photo in front of you
    • Mini-demonstrations breaking down each facial feature
    • Simple color combinations for mixing both realistic and out-of-the-ordinary skin tones
    • 15 step-by-step projects featuring original ways to use your portraits as starting points for mixed-media masterpieces
    • Tons of expert tips, from selecting the right pencil for the job to creating self-portraits, working with reference photos and using transfer techniques

  • Modern Printmaking

    Printmaking is flourishing in the digital age, appealing to both "traditional" artists as well as those interested in graphic design and digital technique.

    This all-in-one guide to printmaking techniques is a complete technical and inspirational book on the history and contemporary processes for relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media/transfers and post digital graphics, with extended profiles from 30 top contemporary printmaking artists. Featuring instruction, interviews, example images and philosophy, this beautiful book provides a truly modern look at printmaking today, in all its forms.

  • Museum Collection of Modern Art
    This portfolio of magnificent full-colour prints contains ready-to-frame reproductions of eight popular vintage posters. Each print is ready to insert into any standard-size 12 x 16 inch frame. The eight prints enclosed include: Vincent van Gogh; The Starry Night, Edouard Manet; The Lemon, Amedeo Modigliani; Mme Hebuterne in a Blue Chair, Paul Cezanne; Still Life with a Peach and Two Green Pears, plus more from artists Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet.
  • New Color Mixing Companion

    Josie Lewis offers easy lessons and exercises on how to mix colour and create exciting palettes.

    This comprehensive guide starts with a crash course in essential terminology and visual vocabulary, then shows you how to go beyond the wheel and basic theory with hands-on projects that illustrate and illuminate a variety of colour elements and techniques. The materials used – including watercolour and acrylic paints, and found or purchased collage papers – are accessible, inexpensive and readily available. Plus, this art guide includes easy-to-use templates featured in many of the projects; their modern geometric layouts yield stunning colour arrangements.

    With The New Color Mixing Companion, artists, crafters and designers of all skill levels will learn to take colour in a whole new direction!

  • New Creative Artist

    Nita Leland shows how to be creative in daily life to develop and strengthen your natural curiosity, flexibility, independence and playfulness – all with the end-goal of creating more inspired, unique personal artwork.

    Enjoy a variety of fun activities designed to exercise your creative muscle, including how to make an autobiographical collage, creating an idea jar for when you need a random jumpstart, and how to make "dull" subjects more interesting. Learn to push your creative boundaries by trying new methods in dozens of types of media including paper crafts, Japanese brush painting, creative quilting, inventive photography, grown-up finger painting, monotype and more.

  • Once Upon a Colorful Canvas

    Once Upon a Colorful Canvas offers something completely new, a stunning and delightful visual journey of discovery!

    Readers are treated to a simple yet sophisticated look and learn approach to learning to paint by the brilliant and dazzling artist Kindah Khalidy. As she shares insights into the artistic process, Khalidy's playful compositions and clever visual clues illuminate various approaches to the art form, spark ideas for creativity and encourage aspiring artists to take risks, allowing space for unexpected and sometimes wonderful accidents to occur.

    A hardcover case holds the 112-page paperback book and two canvases to paint on.

  • One Painting a Day

    One Painting a Day offers an inspiring six-week course exploring the timeless traditions of observational painting through daily experience and routine. This motivational guide is broken up into three parts to focus on the three major traditions of observational painting: still life, landscape and portraiture.

    Each of the 42 daily exercises launches a small, immediate and responsive painting based on a theme drawn from your daily experience. You will find suggestions on technique, approach and materials for each day, while the "weekly lessons" explore a format or a rhythm for creating content, inspiring you to make the ordinary extraordinary as you create from every day experience.

    This beautiful collection of contemporary paintings serves as a workbook of ideas for aspiring artists, art students, professional designers and art lovers alike.

  • Organic Artist

    The Organic Artist encourages us all to return to those days when art was made with all-natural materials and seeks to inspire creativity by connecting you to your organic roots. In addition to offering a wide variety of suggestions for using nature as supplies for art, this book also introduces the concepts of awareness and perception that are foundational to the creative process.

    Some of the projects and skills covered include: making paper and wild ink, working with soapstone, clay, wood, and rawhide, printmaking and stencilling, natural pigments and dyes, camouflage and body painting, and nature journaling. Easy to understand step-by-step instructions ensure success.

  • Paint Alchemy

    Experience wonder and excitement as you mindfully take your painting technique to the next level whether you're a novice or an experienced painter. You will learn how to prepare your art space, work with intention and move between action and observation, responding to the work along the way.

    Paint Alchemy will help you cultivate a full perspective on the process: from developing ideas in a sketchbook to crystalizing your vision. As you work through the exercises, you'll gain a better understanding of colour theory, mark making, representational form, abstraction and composition.

  • Paint Like Renoir

    Oil paint has tremendous versatility, from the dilute and transparent glaze or wash, through to the thick impasto mark. Renoir employed the whole range of paint qualities and this is one of the most valuable reasons for studying his work.

    Paint Like Renoir unlocks the secrets of this inspirational master, revealing his techniques and giving today’s artists the confidence and skills they need to take their work to the next level.

    • Learn how to paint in oils both in the studio and en plein air, with sophisticated techniques that any artist can use
    • Understand Renoir’s creative processes and learn how to apply his methods to your own art
    • See Renoir’s art in a new light as you gain a practical understanding of the master’s craft

  • Painted Art Journal

    Take a mixed-media journey to the very heart of your creativity! The Painted Art Journal opens doors to your most personal and authentic art yet. Twenty-four inventive, step-by-step prompts help you to:

    • Set the scene for making art – from establishing rituals that unlock creativity to curating a personal storyboard
    • Draw inspiration from photos, typography, sketches, childhood memories, quotes and more
    • Shape your story with timelines, gathered-word poetry and simple approaches to portraits
    • Express yourself through an exciting range of mixed-media techniques, using everything from pen and ink, markers and watercolour to image transfers, printmaking with linocuts, acrylic and collage

  • Painted Blossoms

    Painted Blossoms will encourage you to welcome creativity with ease as you discover ways to tend the garden within. In addition to watching yourself grow through seven different stepped-out flower projects, you'll learn basic design elements, how to get unstuck from the mud, how to carve your own stamps, cut your own stencils and more. You will learn:

    • Techniques for creating a wide variety of flower shapes
    • The know-how to incorporate key design elements into your floral paintings
    • How to absorb inspiration beyond the garden to include your favourite symbols, intentions and stories
    • Tips and advice from over a dozen established artists – each with a unique floral style

  • Painted Botanical Collage

    With Painted Botanical Collage, artists of all skill levels will learn to create lifelike botanical artwork – featuring flowers, succulents and herbs – using painted background papers and elegant collage techniques.

    This guide takes you step-by-step through creating mixed-media painted papers, then using them – along with tissue paper, art papers and found paper, such as magazines – to create perfect collage materials. Cut these decorative papers into plant and flower parts to assemble your designs, adding details using various media.

    Includes instruction on creating flowers, cacti, succulents, leaves and other popular botanicals – over 30 beautiful designs in all.

  • Painted Cities

    Lorna Brown has travelled around the world to produce this collection of illustrations of street art in urban landscapes.

    Visiting London, Bristol, Helsinki, Berlin, Cairo, Bethlehem, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Christchurch and Melbourne, Painted Cities demonstrates how the architecture shapes the unique street art in each city and tells the story of the painters and people who live there.

  • Painted Paper Art Workshop

    You can create beautiful art with amazing depth and texture, using easy collage techniques and paper you paint yourself. Popular workshop instructor Elizabeth St. Hilaire makes it fun and simple no matter what your skill level!

    Start with materials you probably already have – fluid acrylics, stencils, a few household items and paper – and hand-paint your personalized paper palette using basic techniques anyone can do.

    Then move through each step of composing your own work of art. You'll find beautiful, meaningful examples of the how and why on every page. You'll learn how to: develop your composition, how to work with simple shapes, important lessons on value and much more.

    • More than 30 techniques for painting your own decorative papers
    • Step-by-step instructions for creating your own painted paper collage – from underpainting and directional ripping and tearing to auditioning your papers and combining collage with mixed media
    • A spectacular gallery of paper paintings to inspire and dazzle – still life, figures, animals and landscapes

  • Painting Abstracts

    Clear, challenging and inspiring, this book contains instructions for 65 abstract paintings that you can get to work on straightaway, with no previous experience.

    All the basic information relating to picture elements, composition, theme and design is provided at the start of the book, together with an exploration of the meaning of abstract painting, and its importance as a means of self-expression and creativity.

    Rather than providing step-by-step instructions, each of the exercises consists of information on method, materials, technique, composition, imagery and structure which will direct you to the finished piece while at the same time allowing your creativity to flow.

  • Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color & Light

    Inside you'll find guidelines for rendering accurate skin tones in a variety of media, including watercolour, oil and pastel. You'll begin with a review of the five essential painting elements (drawing, value, colour, composition and edges), then learn how light and colour influence the appearance of skin tones. You'll discover how to:

    • Paint the four major skin colour groups (Caucasian, African, Asian and Hispanic)
    • Refine these colours into dozens of possible variations within each group
    • Select your palette and mix hues for clean, beautiful colours
    • Determine the colour and temperature of light that falls on your subject
    • Paint direct and indirect sunlight, artificial light and highlights of light
    • Master the four elements that determine colour in shadow
    • Use photographic references when you can't paint directly from life

    You'll also find seven step-by-step demonstrations and an appendix of sample colour charts for each major skin type under a range of lighting variations.

  • Painting Expressive Landscapes

    Strongly influenced by the changing landscape, Carole Robson’s artwork is packed with colour, atmosphere, texture and light. An experienced teacher and artist, Carole explores how to build from basic techniques to producing wonderful expressive and semi-abstract landscapes.

    Combining watercolour with other water-soluble media and collage material, the three detailed step-by-step projects demonstrate perfectly Carole’s expertise and innovative methods. They take you from materials and tools needed through to using masking fluid, salt, spattering techniques, modelling paste, cellophane and much more.

    A stimulating mix of colour and watercolour techniques for all skill levels, this guide helps the artist develop a free and flowing style to their art.

    Look inside the book.