• How to Make Art

    Unleash your inner creativity with this amazing book, which helps you colour in, cut out, print up and sew together a huge selection of today's pop culture icons.

    Mel Elliott imparts the secrets of her expertise, giving you in-depth tutorials on how to create funky collages, make cool wonky lettering, paint the skin tones of the stars and much, much more. This book will have you drawing, painting, cutting and colouring using your newly learned skills and indulging your own personal tastes to create works of art to be proud of.

  • If You Can Doodle, You Can Paint

    Doodling is really just mark making ... marks that happen when you are otherwise occupied. These intuitive marks that flow from you naturally while you are doodling are an expression of your true style, like your handwriting. This book looks at our doodles as resources; treasures from which we can create full-sized paintings. Even if you don't consider yourself a doodler, the exercises and techniques in this book will give you a fun way to tap into your personal style, the voice that comes from deep inside.

    Through the exercises in this book, you will dig into your creative life to find a style that is authentically yours. The invitation starts with a pencil as you work through automatic and specific doodle assignments. Eventually, you will learn how to size up and combine these doodles into larger compositions. Then, you will begin mixing it up with watercolour paints and, finally, with acrylic paints.

  • Imaginary Characters

    Featuring folklore, collages, vintage photos, woodblocks and other existing background material, the surfaces are your starting point to bring your imagination to life. 

    Inside this whimsical guide, you will learn methods for:

    • Glazing with Acrylics
    • Creating a Character File
    • Adding Detail with Watercolour Pencil
    • Playing with Proportion
    • Combing Pencils and Mediums over Photocopies

    Most importantly, you will learn how to establish your own unique approach to capturing the fictional. From the colour palette of your choice to the collages you design, every aspect of this book can be moulded into your taste and preference. You are the storyteller; what sort of visual language do you want to portray?

  • Imagine a Forest

    Learn to create whimsical folk art with the 45 step-by-step tutorials in Imaging a Forest.

    First, learn the history of folk art to understand the influences and inspire your drawings. Then, find tips from expert illustrator Dinara Mirtalipova to help guide you through the gorgeous folk scenes.

    When you're finished your drawing, discover the meaning behind each drawing you have created, and use this to guide you to create your very own works of folk art!

  • Incite 2: Color Passions

    Colour is everywhere. It's used to symbolically represent ideas and it's used to express emotions. Colour can tell stories and evoke memories. In Incite 2 Color Passions, 109 artists share their zest for colour through painting, collage, encaustic, art journaling, jewellery art and more.

    The 133 pieces of mixed-media art showcased in the second edition of Incite, will inspire you to add new shades and hues to your palette and new techniques to your toolbox. They will ignite your colour passions.

  • Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling

    Experiences. Lessons. Memories. Inspirations. All artists are storytellers. They possess the unique ability to weave an entire tale within a single piece of art.

    In Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling, 114 artists from around the globe share their stories through painting, collage, encaustic, art journaling, jewellery art and more. The 132 pieces of mixed-media art showcased feature stores of love and loss, triumph and defeat, reflection and revelation. In turn, they will inspire you to create unique art that tells your own story.

  • Incite: Dreams Realized
    The 93 artists behind these 120 incredible works share their stories of artistic visions fulfilled, lofty goals achieved and daunting obstacles overcome.

    From persevering through personal struggles to mastering difficult mixed-media techniques, from collage and encaustic to assemblage and jewellery, the stories and art in Incite: Dreams Realized will inspire you to think big, never give up and dare to realize your own dreams.
  • Intuitive Painting Workshop

    Intuitive painting is about trusting your gut and listening to your intuition when creating. Alena works in a free-spirited way, one that is without too much structure yet still gives you plenty of techniques and ideas for creating your own work. You'll receive two demonstrations for each month followed by a gallery of work from other artists to get you motivated to start painting.

    Inside Intuitive Painting Workshop you will:

    • Explore monthly exercises, each offering a new area of growth
    • Receive suggestions for painting with a beginner's mind
    • Get additional ideas from a monthly gallery of contributing student artists
    • Assimilate your creative focus every few months with seasonal Check-In journaling prompts and ideas for reflection

  • Journal Revolution

    Journal Revolution fearlessly drops right into the deepest parts of our mental noise and clutter, and shows readers the fun and liberation of journaling from their inner cities.

    Beginners and advanced visual journalers will learn how to cut through the daily clutter in their minds to access vivid emotions, genuinely express their wide range of moods and boldly record their deepest secrets. The authors' honest humour and enthusiastic encouragement lead readers to create vibrant, edgy, urban journaled art, with easy projects.

  • Kew Book of Botanical Illustrations

    Christabel King has been doing illustrations for Kew for 40 years and is their foremost botanical artist. Here she explains both scientific botanical illustration and the looser botanical art.

    She covers materials, collecting and preserving plant specimens, drawing and painting techniques, magnification, using dividers, drawing from life, composition, light and shade and transferring drawings. She goes on to discuss painting leaves, flowers, cacti and succulents, wildflowers, trees and plates for Curtis's Botanical magazine.

    A chapter on travel drawings gives a flavour of the author's passion and worldwide experience. There is a helpful section on suitable subjects for beginners and a glossary of terms.

    The text is highly illustrated throughout with beautiful paintings.

    Look inside the book.

  • Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis

    Landscape Painting Essentials is packed with practical information. Johannes Vloothuis makes the process a whole lot easier with the essential techniques, key concepts and expert advice he shares in this book.

    • Learn straightforward strategies to make your paintings more interesting and dramatic, such as simplifying the foreground, composing with abstract shapes and harmonizing colours
    • Discover specific techniques for painting landscape elements including mountains, water, foliage, snow and more
    • 9 step-by-step demonstrations walk you through all the techniques necessary to create successful landscape paintings

  • Learn Colour in Painting Quickly

    Whether you are using watercolour, oils or acrylic, Learn Colour in Painting Quickly demonstrates how to make the most of colour in your painting.

    The book is filled with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step exercises, and written in an accessible way for all artists to learn about colour. Illustrated with the author's magnificent, colourful paintings, and with exercises and expert guidance throughout, this book is the perfect way to master colour in your painting.

  • Make Art Everyday

    This 52-week calendar and sticker set guides aspiring artists as they learn about, plan for, engage in and nurture their creative practice. Your art journey opens with guidance on basic hand lettering and writing techniques, mark-making in pencil, pen and marker, working with colour and handling watercolour and acrylic paints.

    The weekly format makes it easy to start your creative year at any time. Each week offers 2 to 3 mini-exercises, and basic art techniques, like drawing a simple flower or painting a landscape in watercolour. Plus, this motivational planner includes 500 stickers to encourage you to Take Quiet Time, Make an Art Date, and Explore Something New.

  • Make Your Mark

    Make your Mark celebrates and discusses the work of 45 urban artists, extraordinarily diverse but united by one basic principle: their work is completely fresh, original and the epitome of creativity – the perfect antidote to the jaded imagery that fills our streets and our media.

    The names – 44 Flavours from Germany, Bault from France, Morcky from Italy, Ricardo Cavolo from Spain, Zio Ziegler from the USA, Fuco Ueda from Japan, Raymond Lemstra from the Netherlands, Joao Ruas from Brazil and many others – will be unfamiliar to most; the talent they display, indisputable, courageous, always distinctive, is a joy.

  • Map Art Lab

    Map Art Lab is a refreshing source of ideas to help you explore all aspects of maps and is the perfect book for artists of all ages and experience levels.

    This fun and creative book features 52 map-related activities set into weekly exercises, beginning with legends and lines, moving through types and styles, and then creating personalized maps that allow you to journey to new worlds. The labs can be used as singular projects or to build up to a year of hands-on creative experiences.

  • Master the Art of Speed Painting

    Master the Art of Speed Painting aims to be the go-to book for artists training to enter the industry, and for established artists looking to brush up on their knowledge of speed painting.

    Featuring helpful time-saving tips and techniques from established industry artists, such as how to create and use custom brushes, and how to implement an impressionistic style, there's plenty to offer to help the artist master their craft. In addition, there are time-specific guides for painting in 10-, 30-, 60- or 120-minute periods, all to enable the artist to tailor their abilities to suit any situation that might arise in the high-pressure, time-sensitive creative industry.

    In today's fast-moving world, speed is often of the essence, and this book will become an essential guide for students and established artists alike.

  • Mehndi for the Inspired Artist

    Mehndi for the Inspired Artist presents artists with a step-by-step approach to creating a variety of skillful designs, including traditional and globally influenced patterns, as well as modern mehndi designs.

    Starting with a brief introduction, readers will learn how to create a range of henna designs following the easy, step-by-step demonstrations of professional henna artists. Artists will then learn to incorporate their designs into a variety of DIY art projects, as well as transfer them to a range of surfaces and decorative items for a unique, personal touch.

  • Melbourne Street Art Guide

    Melbourne Street Art Guide is the essential who, what, why and where of Melbourne's vibrant street art scene featuring over 40 of its best street artists.

    Focused on the people and places that make Melbourne an undisputed international street art capital, this book provides a comprehensive picture of contemporary Melbourne street art practice today – an invaluable resource for any street art connoisseur. And when you're done, you'll hit the street with a newfound appreciation.

  • Mixed Media Painting Workshop

    With Mixed Media Painting Workshop, you'll learn a variety of techniques and use a unique selection of materials to express yourself and your style. From backgrounds to sketching, from painting to collage, from the elements of design to subject matter, you'll find it all right here.

    Features include:

    • A plethora of background information – get to know your paints, mediums, surfaces and other materials through fun and meaningful exercises
    • 21 step-by-step demonstrations to teach you both individual techniques and strategies for combining techniques
    • Beautiful, inspirational art and personal insights from the author and contributing artists including Catherine Liu Chang, Polly Hammett, Brian Ateyo and more
    • Tips and ideas for working with a theme, working with personal artefacts and found objects, memory painting, defining your style and mapping your artistic journey

  • Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker

    Not your average book on drawing the face, Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker shows easy ways to draw more realistic faces in your own signature style. The goal is not an immaculate finished portrait, but a continually growing collection of personal, expressive sketches that you can use and reuse in your mixed-media work. Inside you'll find:

    • An easy-to-learn face-mapping technique that allows you to draw faces from your imagination, without a model or photo in front of you
    • Mini-demonstrations breaking down each facial feature
    • Simple color combinations for mixing both realistic and out-of-the-ordinary skin tones
    • 15 step-by-step projects featuring original ways to use your portraits as starting points for mixed-media masterpieces
    • Tons of expert tips, from selecting the right pencil for the job to creating self-portraits, working with reference photos and using transfer techniques