• Creative Strength Training

    Artists and athletes alike benefit from strength training. Building creative stamina takes encouragement, mentoring and regular practice. In Creative Strength Training, you'll discover powerful strategies that combine writing and hands-on art-making to overcome creative stumbling blocks, develop a unique voice and make creating art a regular habit.

    • Overcome resistance while dismantling "the Committee" (that group of inner critics)
    • Explore 10 exercises for making art that stands apart as uniquely yours
    • Receive support and inspiration from contributing artists who share how each chapter has improved their practice and helped them evolve

    Begin a fresh approach to your creative practice. Begin building stamina today with Creative Strength Training!

  • Cultivating Your Creative Life

    This is a multi-faceted book where creativity and wonder intermingle to show how to live a creative and balanced life while moving toward your goals. You'll find:

    • Ideas for keeping your creative well full
    • An illustrated guide to healing herbs and plants
    • Basic yoga poses and breathing exercises
    • Tips for moving your artistic career forward

    Alena Hennessy's illustration style combines nature, whimsy, delicacy and a modern sensibility; vibrant pen and ink illustrations accompany relevant quotes ofinspiration, tips and creative journal exercises.

    Cultivating Your Creative Life is not only an interactive creativity guide, it is a work of art, in itself to save and to savor, or to give as a gift to the special creative person in your life.

  • Decorated Lettering

    The act of writing can be creative, meditative and very enjoyable. Whether you want to personalise your wedding stationary, create unique greetings cards or add a special touch to display your poetry, decorated lettering transforms even the mundane into something personal and beautiful.

    This book is a comprehensive course in all aspects of decorated lettering and is suitable for beginners, experienced calligraphers and all those interested in the magical world of lettering. In fact, it is for everyone who loves letters.

    Look inside the book.

  • Drawing & Painting

    A comprehensive reference for aspiring and practising artists, covering an extensive range of painting and drawing styles. Bursting with practical techniques, engaging artist profiles and inspirational galleries, Drawing and Painting combines an authoritative approach with a contemporary aesthetic guaranteed to appeal to all artists.

    The book places emphasis on the techniques themselves, encompassing drawing, sketching and a range of painting styles. Specially commissioned photography and artwork accompanies step-by-step guides to the creative use of pen and ink, oils and acrylics, while profiles of contemporary artists provide insight into various working methods, materials and techniques.

    Acknowledging the growing interest in digital tools as a medium, information is provided throughout the book on how effects can be created using Smart Pens, tablets and apps.

  • Drawing & Painting with Water Soluble Media

    Fiona Peart's work is innovative and inspiring, using many different types of water-soluble media on their own and in combination.

    In this book Fiona guides you through four essential ways of working with water-soluble media; each of which can be applied to whatever you have in your cupboard at home – whether you have inks, watercolour or acrylic paints, water-soluble pencils or sticks – and they even encompass multimedia collage.

    Includes illustrated step-by-step example paintings and techniques for ease of use.

    Look inside the book.

  • Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces

    Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to draw and paint beautiful, fashion illustration-style faces.

    Jane Davenport guides you step-by-step through the foundations of drawing a face, developing successful features, creating skin tones, playing with bright colours, shading, highlighting and much more as you learn to create amazing mixed media portraits. Master a variety of techniques that employ pencil, marker, pen, watercolour, acrylic paint, ink, pastel and ephemera as you happily dance your way through the exercises in this brilliant guide.

  • Drawing and Painting Cats

    Whether you want to paint playful housecats or majestic big cats, this book will provide you with all you need.

    More than just an instructional guide, this book takes you into the world of Vic Bearcroft, winner of the Endangered Species category of the BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year competition, and self-confessed cat addict.

    Focussing on the practical techniques you need to capture that elusive feline spirit, the book covers a wide range of media from smoky ink used to suggest the misty jungle around a black leopard, to soft pastels for adorable kittens. Whether you're itching to make your first drawing, or an expert looking for new ideas and inspiration, this book showcases the wonderful world of painting and drawing cats.

  • Encaustic Art

    Michael Bossom explains how to get started, from the tools needed to the basic techniques of smoothing, dabbing, marking and working with the point of the iron, and beyond, to creating simple abstracts, impressive landscapes, fantasy paintings and more.

    Clear instructions, helpful tips and step-by-step photographs build the reader's skills, working from simple techniques through to impressive effects with wax. Finally, learn indirect wax transfer methods to produce beautiful, delicate works of art.

    Perfect for beginners to encaustic art, with plenty to inspire experienced artists to hone their skills and branch out.

  • Encaustic Painting Techniques

    Everything you need to know to get started with encaustic painting is contained inside this book. Painting with wax might seem intimidating or dangerous, but have no fear. The myths of encaustic are dispelled as you discover how easy and safe this dynamic art form can be.

    Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced artist, you will experience new inspiration as you experiment with tar, shellac, acrylic, watercolours, paper and more. Inside you'll find:

    • More than 40 step-by-step technique demonstrations
    • 20 projects to inspire gorgeous encaustic art
    • Dozens of tips and words of wisdom for getting the most out of your encaustic practice

  • Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques

    This inspirational, visual guide offers a wealth of information on the techniques and materials you'll need before embarking on your printing pursuits.

    Starting with your equipment and safety essentials, all the different methods of printmaking are covered, from monoprinting, wood engraving and etching to intaglio printing, screen-printing and more. Then, learn how to apply these methods yourself by following the helpful, illustrated step-by-step demonstrations inside to create your own printed pieces. There is even advice on how to take your printmaking even further, with suggestions on organising studio space at home or in a commercial environment.

    Finally, a stunning gallery of images created by professional printmakers, featured throughout the book provides inspiration for your own beautiful artwork.

  • Exploring Color Workshop

    Finding colour combinations that not only work but excite the eye is one of the greatest challenges artists face. This updated and expanded 30th anniversary edition of a classic teaches artists of all mediums and skill levels how to use and control colour in their artwork and shows how exhilarating and enjoyable the ride can be.

    Learn how to master colour mixing, assemble the perfect palette for your artistic goals, select just the right colour scheme and communicate colour in a way that elevates your designs way beyond the ordinary. Start a handy journal to keep track of your discoveries, with customized mixtures, colour wheels, reference charts and other tools designed to uncover your colour personality and help you work with colour more efficiently.

    Features include memorable paintings from more than 30 contributing artists to inspire you, along with 75+ hands-on exercises, 8 step-by-step demonstrations and countless nuggets of colour knowledge – all in your own private workshop!

  • Fantastic Forgeries: Paint Like Van Gogh

    Vincent Van Gogh's story and (largely) self-taught skills are an inspiration to budding artists everywhere. Fantastic Forgeries is a simple course in the artist's legendary skills, so readers can learn his innovative techniques and then adapt and apply those techniques to their own renditions and drawings.

    Learn to paint like Van Gogh with this simple step-by-step course in the legendary skills of the great master. Re-create eight famous paintings including Sunflowers, Almond Blossoms, and more. Each chapter will focus on a stunning Van Gogh masterpiece and explore the history behind the painting. Learn the techniques, re-create the masterpieces, and then apply Van Gogh's genius to your own paintings!

  • Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee

    Fine Art Tips goes "behind the paintings" to show how 24 of today's top artists transform dabs of paint into incredible still lifes, landscapes, portraits and wildlife art. Along the way, they generously share practical, real-world tips on everything from evoking the illusion of sparkling water to professional networking.

    Plein air afficianado Ken Auster offers an unforgettable lesson on focal point. John Seerey Lester, a rock star in the world of wildlife painting, talks about the power of storytelling in paint. Joe Anna Arnett reveals her secret to painting white peonies, and Daniel Sprick discusses the foundations behind his classical portraits. The advice in these pages can be life-changing for artists, both aspiring and established.

    • Illuminating tips, techniques and professional advice from 24 of today's most highly acclaimed artists
    • 26 step-by-step demonstrations in oil, acrylic and pastel
    • A thrilling range of signature styles and subjects

  • Finger Painting Weekend Workshop

    Leave your brushes behind! Iris Scott's revolutionary finger-painting courses are designed for everyone, especially beginners.

    Working with just five rich oil colours, Iris will show you how to create a brush-free, error-free impressionist painting that flourishes with life, letting the paint do the work. Create impressionist masterpieces in the style of Monet using only five tubes of oil paint, a pair of latex gloves and some paper towels. Complete with five masterpieces and clear step-by-step instructions for recreating each one, this book makes you feel like you are in one of Iris's best-selling classes.

    Perfect for fans of adult coloring books and other forms of art relaxation, finger painting is a classic form of meditative play therapy. The concise instructions encourage artists to complete a painting in a single day, making finger painting an ideal project and hobby for novice artists.

  • Flower Power

    In 1967, the phrase 'flower power' transformed the commonplace flower into a Buddhist-inspired symbol of peace. In honour of the fiftieth anniversary of San Francisco's 'Summer of Love', this art and design book showcases the expressive powers of flowers in Asian arts and cultures.

    The book presents forty artworks, all drawn from the Asian Art Museum's renowned collection, that focus on six celebrated flowers – lotus, plum blossom, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, tulip and rose – and the messages they convey. Whether painted on a scroll, carved into a lacquer box or animated in a video installation, these flowers bring both beauty and meaning to the artworks they adorn.

  • Folk Art Fusion

    Folk Art Fusion explores the colourful combination of art styles present in modern folk art paintings.

    Learn how traditional folk art continues to influence today's painters, and discover how to create contemporary folk-art paintings with approachable, step-by-step projects featuring traditional subjects painted with creative techniques and popular style, including flowers, animals, architecture, sugar skulls, portraits and more.

    Colourful, contemporary and inspirational, this book enables artists of all skill levels to discover the joy of creating modern, globally-inspired art in this time-treasured genre.

  • Folk Art Fusion: Americana

    Folk Art Fusion: Americana features projects that instruct artists of all skill levels how to draw and paint subjects featuring American-themed folk art infused with a modern twist.

    Beginning with an overview of what folk art is, followed by introductory topics like colour, tools and materials, and drawing and painting techniques, it includes 16 simple, step-by-step projects done in approachable and popular mediums, such as acrylic and gouache. Rounding out the book is a gallery of folk-art pieces sure to inspire.

  • History of Pictures

    The making of pictures has a history going back perhaps 100,000 years to an African shell used as a paint palette. Two-thirds of it is irrevocably lost, since the earliest images known to us are from about 40,000 years ago. But what a 40,000 years, explored here by David Hockney and Martin Gayford in a brilliantly original book.

    They privilege no medium, or period, or style, but instead, in 16 chapters, discuss how and why pictures have been made, and insistently link 'art' to human skills and human needs. Each chapter addresses an important question: What happens when we try to express reality in two dimensions? Why is the 'Mona Lisa' beautiful and why are shadows so rarely found in Chinese, Japanese and Persian painting? Why are optical projections always going to be more beautiful than HD television can ever be? How have the makers of images depicted movement? What makes marks on a flat surface interesting?

    Energized by two lifetimes of looking at pictures, combined with a great artist's 70-year experience of experimentation as he makes them, this profoundly moving and enlightening volume will be the art book of the decade.

  • How to Create Encaustic Art

    The author walks you through the ancient art of hot-wax painting. Learn the basics, step by step – materials and supplies, encaustic mediums and colouring agents and surfaces like canvas or textured substrates. Following her guidance, discover how to apply hot liquid wax and fuse it using tools like a hot air gun or propane torch to achieve the various effects.

    Included are detailed photos that present the entire spectrum of encaustic: smooth and textured surfaces, scraping and relief imprinting techniques, accretion, working with palette knives and collages, and even special techniques like accents with metal leaf or organic materials. Find inspiration from a gallery section of art by eleven top encaustic artists.

    Whether you are just beginning or are looking for easy-to-follow instructions to enhance your work, this guide shows the myriad possibilities for artistic design with encaustic art.