• Beginner's Guide to Airbrushing

    Expert airbrusher and photorealism artist, Meinrad Froschin, lends his expertise, providing insider tips and advice on materials and equipment while simultaneously giving an insight into his artistic work, particularly his use of transparent colours.

    • Professional airbrushing techniques made accessible for absolute beginners
    • Illustrated, step-by-step guides for every technique
    • Expert tips and advice from renowned artist

    Look inside the book.

  • Beginning Color Mixing

    Learn the core concepts and techniques for mixing any colour your palette needs! Perfect for aspiring, beginning, and intermediate artists, the concept- and technique-driven approach makes this challenging subject approachable for artists of any skill level.

    Loaded with techniques on how to use and create colour for vivid artwork, Beginning Color Mixing explains every key aspect of colour mixing. You’ll see basic colour theory, hue and saturation, value, temperature, and colour relationships and learn to wield colour to create mood and atmosphere.

    Each key concept is clearly explained, allowing you to master the core techniques and put them into practice immediately whether you’re working in oil, acrylic or watercolour. Featuring plenty of step-by-step exercises and expert instruction, this is a resource no painter’s library should be without.

  • Beginning Composition

    Beginning Composition features quick exercises for getting started in art, primers on the principles of composition and the Rule of Thirds, what to look for when composing artwork, examples of successful (and unsuccessful) compositions from a selection of artists, and customizable painting projects.

    After an introduction to the essentials of composition and some examples of composition in action, you are then invited to create your own artwork on a range of subjects, including landscapes, florals, animals and more. The painting projects encourage personalization and creativity. Other topics covered include conveying mood and emotion through composition, the Golden Ratio, focal points and more.

    With Beginning Composition, artists of all skill levels can learn to create engaging compositions in a range of art media.

  • Big Book of Tiny Art

    Showcasing both drawing and painting, this inspirational guidebook offers an up-close look at the art of the miniature. Features include:

    • An introduction to miniature art and its history
    • Photographs of stunning miniature art composed to highlight and demonstrate the actual size of the artwork
    • Insight and professional tips from the artists about how they work and how to achieve big impact on tiny canvases
    • A small selection of how-to projects demonstrates how beginning artists interested in miniature art can get started

  • Bold Expressive Painting

    Cultivate the skills necessary for expressionism and find a new approach to perspective painting. From acrylics to oil, pastels to water-soluble pencils, you will not feel stuck in your exploration of art. Artist Annie O'Brien Gonzales helps you find personal color palette that will come alive in your painting.

    The book is set up as a walk through the art realm—you start out with the basics, with the elements and principles, but the refresher of techniques is later used in the numerous projects that Annie creates for you to try out and experiment with. This is useful because you can play with colour without fear of making a mistake, test out bold textures to see their different effects, and loosen up your line-work.


    • 10 step-by-step projects: floral, landscape, and still life paintings
    • Over twenty in-depth techniques covering gelli plate printing, colour schemes and mixing charts, and creating collage materials
    • Mixed-media ideas that give rise to inspiration boards, painting notes, and underpainting

    The book also talks about an important concept to creating pure art—passion. Your hands hold the skill, your eyes the vision, and your heart the passion. Bring all three together with Bold Expressive Painting. Floral and landscape paintings can easily look similar in different artwork. But here, the design is rooted in your perspective. Take ownership of your painting and learn mixed-media skills to develop an intricate composition. The dynamic designs and endless ideas are yours for the taking!

  • Brave Intuitive Painting

    This inspiring and encouraging book for both novice and experienced painters teaches how to create colourful, exciting, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques, combining basic, practical painting principles with innovative personal self-expression.

    Flora Bowley's fun and forgiving approach to painting is based on the notion that "You don't begin with a preconceived painting in mind; you allow the painting to unfold." Illustrating how to work in layers, Flora gives you the freedom to cover up, re-start, wipe away, and change courses many times along the way.

    Unexpected and unique compositions, colour combinations and subject matter appear as you allow your paintings to emerge in an organic, unplanned way while working from a place of curiosity and letting go of fear.

  • Brave Intuitive Painting: An Art Journal for Living Creatively

    Brave Intuitive Painting is the perfect partner for artists, crafters, illustrators, doodlers, sketchers and painters to keep their drawings, paintings, thoughts and inspirations.

    Gorgeous artwork on each spread complements the helpful techniques, tips, ideas, and inspiration from painter, Flora Bowley. This book is not only a useful tool, but the perfect keepsake for creative people of all ages.

  • Celebrate Your Creative Self

    Celebrate Your Creative Self helps you act upon your artistic inspirations and joyfully appreciate the creative process. You'll develop the skills you need to express yourself and explore your favourite mediums. The 22 step-by-step demonstrations will help you experiment with your creative process using new surfaces, mediums and unique tools. You'll learn to:

    • Capture and manipulate light in your work
    • Try out new and unusual painting surfaces
    • Break the "rules" of colour composition that inhibit your creativity
    • Create your own dynamic designs for paintings with more impact
    • Add layers of meaning to your work with the symbolism inherent in both man-made objects and natural elements
    • Imbue your work with a touch of fantasy and recapture the magic you remember from childhood
    • Move beyond traditional 2-dimensional painting into 3-dimensional reconstruction
    • Tap the deepest recesses of your creative wellspring by taking risks, getting personal and making meaningful statements with your work

    Once you've built up a repertoire of skills, you'll be able to turn any idea into finished art by applying the techniques that best accommodate your inspiration.

  • Chinese Brush Painting

    Chinese painting is mainly presented in lines, shades and white space to express the feelings towards nature and social phenomena. The traditional subjects such as mandarin ducks, butterflies and the Four Gentlemen (plum blossoms, orchids, bamboos and chrysanthemum) contain rich cultural meaning.

    This book illustrates several Chinese brush painting techniques with the use of different tools, brushwork and colour mixing. With the step-by-step projects, you can first follow the introductory lessons to learn the necessary skills of brushwork, usage of paper, and characteristics of water, ink and colours; then follow the advanced lessons to learn the compositions and more complicated colour applications.

  • Color Design Workbook Revised Edition

    Since colour is such an important part of graphic design, designers need the most up-to-date, as well as the most fundamental, information on the subject to have the tools needed to use colour effectively. From the meanings behind colours to working with colour in presentations, this book provides readers with the vital information needed to apply colour creatively and effectively to their design work.

    Readers also receive guidance on talking with clients about colour and selling colour ideas. The science behind colour theory is also explained in easily understood language, and case studies are included to show the effects some colour choices had on both their clients and consumers.

  • Color Lab for Mixed Media

    In Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists, colour is explored through multiple lenses – nature, history, psychology, expression – as you work through 52 exciting and approachable projects that explore the infinite potential of the chromatic experience.

    Artist and colour-theory expert Deborah Forman provides you with techniques and instruction. These materials and labs focus primarily on paint and collage, along with experimental projects for book making, sculpture and installation. Work your way through the colour spectrum, using the steady beat of colour as the guiding framework.

    Don't be intimidated by colour – understand how it works, what shade, tint, and pure colour will work for your project, and how to select, mix or pair colours. When you're done, you'll have 52 personal, meaningful, outstanding and colourful projects and the inspiration to create many more!

  • Create Perfect Paintings

    Discover an innovative self-critique method that will empower you to answer the artist's most common questions, Now What? and Is it Finished? as you learn to identify and overcome painting issues faced by artists regardless of medium or style.

    With hundreds of insights, tips, illustrated techniques and ideas, Create Perfect Paintings shows you how to push your work to the next level by strengthening your perception, technical skills and visual thinking. Exercises and examples illustrate how to critique your own creations and then evaluate them step-by-step for further improvement. You will compare illustrations, and learn to identify and modify artistic choices – from negative space and colour ratio to controlling eye movement, depth and contrast – to see their impact and help you use them to the best effect in your work.

    What you'll find inside:

    • Section 1: Essentials Reviews and defines artistic terms and concepts
    • Section 2: Play Phase Shows you how to tap into your right brain.Learn to challenge the process and break habits to free your spirit and inspire variety in your art; also covers materials, tools and surfaces
    • Section 3: Critique Phase Introduces a groundbreaking method of contemporary critique called The Viewing Game a comprehensive, systematic and fun way to analyze, edit and enhance your paintings
    • Sections 4 and 5 Bonus sections explore how to resolve creative blocks, convey artistic messages, boost your personal style, display your work and turn painting into a career

  • Creative Folk Art & Beyond

    Inspired by the concept of hygge, Creative Folk Art and Beyond includes creative prompts, easy exercises and step-by-step projects that embrace the whimsical and colourful folk-art style of Scandinavia.

    No matter your skill level, you can learn how to draw and paint beautiful, colourful art using a variety of accessible, affordable supplies. Starting off with basic tools, materials, techniques and colour basics, the book then jumps into tips and exercises that will have you drawing and painting your favourite folk-art designs in no time.

  • Creative Strength Training

    Artists and athletes alike benefit from strength training. Building creative stamina takes encouragement, mentoring and regular practice. In Creative Strength Training, you'll discover powerful strategies that combine writing and hands-on art-making to overcome creative stumbling blocks, develop a unique voice and make creating art a regular habit.

    • Overcome resistance while dismantling "the Committee" (that group of inner critics)
    • Explore 10 exercises for making art that stands apart as uniquely yours
    • Receive support and inspiration from contributing artists who share how each chapter has improved their practice and helped them evolve

    Begin a fresh approach to your creative practice. Begin building stamina today with Creative Strength Training!

  • Cultivating Your Creative Life

    This is a multi-faceted book where creativity and wonder intermingle to show how to live a creative and balanced life while moving toward your goals. You'll find:

    • Ideas for keeping your creative well full
    • An illustrated guide to healing herbs and plants
    • Basic yoga poses and breathing exercises
    • Tips for moving your artistic career forward

    Alena Hennessy's illustration style combines nature, whimsy, delicacy and a modern sensibility; vibrant pen and ink illustrations accompany relevant quotes ofinspiration, tips and creative journal exercises.

    Cultivating Your Creative Life is not only an interactive creativity guide, it is a work of art, in itself to save and to savor, or to give as a gift to the special creative person in your life.

  • Decorated Lettering

    The act of writing can be creative, meditative and very enjoyable. Whether you want to personalise your wedding stationary, create unique greetings cards or add a special touch to display your poetry, decorated lettering transforms even the mundane into something personal and beautiful.

    This book is a comprehensive course in all aspects of decorated lettering and is suitable for beginners, experienced calligraphers and all those interested in the magical world of lettering. In fact, it is for everyone who loves letters.

    Look inside the book.

  • Drawing & Painting

    A comprehensive reference for aspiring and practising artists, covering an extensive range of painting and drawing styles. Bursting with practical techniques, engaging artist profiles and inspirational galleries, Drawing and Painting combines an authoritative approach with a contemporary aesthetic guaranteed to appeal to all artists.

    The book places emphasis on the techniques themselves, encompassing drawing, sketching and a range of painting styles. Specially commissioned photography and artwork accompanies step-by-step guides to the creative use of pen and ink, oils and acrylics, while profiles of contemporary artists provide insight into various working methods, materials and techniques.

    Acknowledging the growing interest in digital tools as a medium, information is provided throughout the book on how effects can be created using Smart Pens, tablets and apps.

  • Drawing & Painting with Water Soluble Media

    Fiona Peart's work is innovative and inspiring, using many different types of water-soluble media on their own and in combination.

    In this book Fiona guides you through four essential ways of working with water-soluble media; each of which can be applied to whatever you have in your cupboard at home – whether you have inks, watercolour or acrylic paints, water-soluble pencils or sticks – and they even encompass multimedia collage.

    Includes illustrated step-by-step example paintings and techniques for ease of use.

    Look inside the book.

  • Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces

    Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to draw and paint beautiful, fashion illustration-style faces.

    Jane Davenport guides you step-by-step through the foundations of drawing a face, developing successful features, creating skin tones, playing with bright colours, shading, highlighting and much more as you learn to create amazing mixed media portraits. Master a variety of techniques that employ pencil, marker, pen, watercolour, acrylic paint, ink, pastel and ephemera as you happily dance your way through the exercises in this brilliant guide.