• Complete Guide to Drawing Action Manga

    Whether your character is jumping for joy, kicking and grappling with an opponent, or fighting to the death with sword in hand, this book provides all the essential techniques to draw more lifelike action figures in the classic Japanese manga style.

    The comprehensive introduction first shows the reader the physical anatomy of male vs. female figures and gives important tips on proportions, perspective and small but often-overlooked details such as the relative differences between male and female hands, fingers and feet.

    Five subsequent chapters cover over 40 action poses in the following categories:

    1. General movements (e.g. running and jumping)
    2. Basic fight movements (e.g. punching and kicking)
    3. Facing off with an opponent (e.g. judo holds and high fives)
    4. Use of weapons (e.g. swords and knives)
    5. Reacting to an opponent (e.g. dodging a punch or taking a punch)

    Each pose and movement is illustrated with a rough sketch outline followed by a highlighted manga drawing containing detailed annotations by the author. After studying the sketches, you practice the drawing techniques in a tracing section at the end of each chapter. Each chapter also provides professional tips on the use of color and shading for greater realism.

    Special sections contain information and tips on particular topics of interest, such as how to draw clothes, hair and facial expressions or how to create special effects. At the end of the book, an actual 6-page comic strip gives readers the opportunity to practice what they have learned by filling in the missing elements.

  • Dragons & Wizards - CD-ROM & Book

    Powerful practitioners of wizardry and dragons – those vigilant guardians of fair maidens and treasures – are featured in this exciting CD-ROM and book collection. 190 original black-and-white illustrations of smoke- and fire-breathing dragons, scaly creatures of the sea, and wizards with long beards and flowing robes.

    Image File Information: Includes 190 images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, as well as Internet-ready JPEG and GIF).

  • Drawing: Dragons

    Drawing: Dragons invites you to draw imaginative fire-breathing creatures from start to finish. Featuring step-by-step lessons on drawing legendary dragons from around the world, as well as a wide variety of shading techniques in ink and graphite pencil, the book covers everything you need to know to draw these fantastic beasts. Each dragon subject is introduced with a brief history of the creature and summary of its characteristics.

    Designed for beginners, this guide introduces artists to basic tools and materials and includes simple step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects. It allows artists to develop their drawing skills, demonstrating how to start with basic shapes and use pencil and ink techniques to create varied textures and characteristics, such as scales, feathers, wings, claws and more.

  • Fairies in Colored Pencil

    Fairies in Colored Pencil is the perfect resource for both beginning and advanced artists, inspiring detailed fairy artwork for the fantasy enthusiast in us all. The book features:

    • A variety of drawing and coloured pencil techniques to help bring fantasy creations to life
    • A sketchbook of various kinds of fairies, as well as an assortment of physical characteristics, including wing types
    • Step-by- step projects help guide artists, first with creating individual fairies in graphite and coloured pencil and then progressing to full artwork that includes fantasy settings and backgrounds
    • Colour mixing and blending is introduced and explained, as well as shading and perspective
    • Templates can be photocopied or scanned to use over and over again

  • Fantastic Creatures and How to Draw Them

    Master the art of sketching and illustrating a collection of marvellous beasts through how-to-art exercises, accompanied by advice and the techniques used by professionals.

    From elementals that stalk you at night or the beasts that lurk beneath the water to the sand creatures that wander the lonely deserts of North Africa, there is a whole world of terrifyingly beautiful monsters to learn of and inspire you. Find stunning finished illustrations along with exciting ideas, hints and practical lessons on how to recreate the monster yourself, including suggestions for adding movement and texture.

    From there, morph this precious-looking book into your very own sketchbook-journal and record and design your own fierce creations on the interactive pages inside. Stick and paste inspiring photographs and drawings onto the pages, work little sketches onto the plain sheets, and paint the amazing minute details that appear on your own beast's form – this will be your personal and ultimate notebook journaling your dark adventures.

    With dozens of imaginative illustrations to inspire, discover this captivating bestiary now and create your own inky keepsake of these legendary creatures to treasure and share.

    Look inside the book.

  • Fantastic Dragons and How to Draw Them

    Delve deep into the magical world of Tom Kidd, and learn to draw and the fascinating, beautiful and dangerous species that wander through it: dragons.

    One of the world's leading fantasy artists, he will help you master the art of sketching and illustrating these fire-breathing beasts through his how-to-art exercises, accompanied by his fascinating advice and the techniques used by professionals like himself to draw these mystical creatures. In addition, a stunning visual library is included, breaking down the basic outlines and features of the dragon anatomy from scales and wings to talons and teeth.

    From there, morph this precious-looking book into your very own sketchbook-journal and record and design your own fierce creations on the interactive pages inside. Stick and paste inspiring photographs and drawings onto the pages, work little sketches onto the plain sheets, and paint the amazing minute details that appear on your fierce serpent's form - this will be your personal and ultimate notebook journaling your dragon adventure. If you're nervous about drawing freehand dragons right away, helpful bound-in templates are included for you to scan or trace while you build your confidence.

    Look inside the book.

  • Graphic Novelist's Guide to Drawing Perspective

    Dan Cooney will show you how to draw credible perspective from any point of view for your own stories, from creating convincing backgrounds to capturing the 'right' angle of the characters that inhabit your world.

    It’s all here: the behaviour of light and its importance for drawing from imagination, the concepts of composition, visually engaging characters and environments, perspective (of course) and using references to create fantastic work from unique camera angles.

    Discover everything you need to know about drawing perspective and bring your ideas to the drawing board with confidence, in this book that will inspire graphic novel artists and storytellers from beginners upwards.

  • How to Draw Grimm's Dark Tales, Fables & Folklore

    Guides artists through the process of drawing, painting and digitally illustrating the dark and mysterious characters of legend and lore – good and bad.

    Beginning with information on the necessary tools and materials, artists will learn basic drawing concepts and techniques for achieving proper proportion and perspective, shading, creating volume and rendering such textures as skin, hair, fur and fabric. A variety of step-by-step projects provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions for drawing well-recognized characters

    Throughout the book, informative sidebars and introductions reveal the history of each character, as well as the origin of their grim tales, symbolism and variations in their stories.

  • How to Draw: Dinosaurs in Simple Steps

    The step-by-step way to learn how to draw a fantastic collection of dinosaurs. There is no text – just simple shapes built up in clear stages little by little.

    The two-colour line illustrations make the drawing process simple, highlighting every stage and final images show what colours the dinosaurs may have been. You do not have to know how to draw to use this book. Rather the projects will build up your skills and give you the confidence you need to create your own drawings.

    It is a great source of ideas and an inspiration for anyone wanting to draw these fascinating creatures.

  • How to Draw: Manga Boys in Simple Steps

    Drawing boys is a very popular subject within the manga genre and this book is perfect for anyone seeking to learn the basics of creating these delightful characters.

    • 28 different characters, poses and expressions that offer a dynamic selection of Manga-style male figures
    • Suitable for adults and children of all ages and abilities

    Look inside the book.

  • How to Draw: Monsters in Simple Steps
    This introduction to drawing monsters completely demystifies the drawing process, showing how images can be built up easily, from initial geometric shapes right through to the finished creatures.

    Jim McCarthy includes a selection of monsters: choose from Fang Monster, Horned Monster, Red Monster, Eye Bug Monster and many more. Jim uses a helpful two-colour method that clearly shows every line and curve of the step-by-step pictures.

    Even absolute beginners will be able to create monster pictures following this simple step-by-step technique and there is plenty to inspire more experienced artists too.
  • Manga Artist's Handbook: Drawing Basic Characters

    If you've been looking for an easy-to-use guide to drawing manga, this is the perfect place to start! Every page presents a classic manga pose, from walking and running to jumping for joy, in three different steps:

    1. A simple outline of the body
    2. The defining elements of the character (like clothes, hair and facial expression) highlighted for easy tracing so you can practice placing them onto the basic body outline
    3. The finished drawing (for inspiration)

    The six lessons are supplemented by expert tips and easy exercises for capturing the right facial expressions, drawing the clothes and getting the perspective and body proportions right. Beginning manga artists are in good hands!

  • Manga Now! How to Draw Action Figures

    Written by high-profile manga artist Keith Sparrow, this comprehensive guide to drawing action manga will help readers to stop dreaming and start drawing! With easy-to-follow instructions and inspiring images, it contains key manga basics followed by 20 action-packed step-by-step pin-ups.

    This book starts with an introduction to manga basics, showing you how to create the ideal workspace, how to overcome fear of a blank page, and how to draw all the elements you’ll need, from hands and eyes to perspective and light and shade. The book then guides you step by step through 20 exciting, action-packed pin-ups – allowing you to explore a range of poses, characters and perspectives.

    Follow the step-by-steps and the basic techniques to build up your confidence and, before you know it, you’ll be creating your own action drawings and characters!

    Look inside the book.

  • Manga Now! How to Draw Monsters & Mecha

    Keith Sparrow presents hundreds of idea for creative kaiju and exciting mecha; and shows you how to draw each one through simple step-by-step instructions.

    Learn how to morph everyday animals into terrifying beasts and mutant horrors, and how to bring the supernatural to horrifying life... before bringing forth the gleaming metal of mecha heroes to do battle with the beasts.

    Containing everything you need to get started, this action-packed guide will quickly have you drawing robots to save humanity or crushing it beneath your monster's mighty feet!

    Look inside the book.

  • Master Guide to Drawing Anime

    This is the guide that all anime and manga artists – of any level – need!

    Chris Hart delves deep into the specifics of drawing anime characters and scenes and explores every aspect of anime forms. He reveals his secrets for composing a complete picture, and discusses rarely covered topics. Tutorials include instruction on drawing hands and feet in different gestures or positions, arranging characters within the action and creating nuanced expressions.