• Happy Hand Lettering

    This book will guide you from the basics of selecting your tools and forming simple letters on a note to a friend, to slightly more advanced lessons such as digitizing your work, painting signs and designing murals. Features include:

    • Beginner friendly with easy hand-lettering techniques for any artist/crafter
    • Fun and helpful exercises to practice along the way and encourage you to develop your own style
    • Additional resources such as free printable downloads and video access will take you from learning to the next level

  • Joy of Lettering

    With more than 50 tips, techniques and lessons for creating beautiful illuminated letters and sophisticated lettering projects, The Joy of Lettering takes hand lettering to a whole new level.

    The authors guide readers through a dynamic exploration of the craft, focusing on typography and illuminated letters and numbers using pencil, ink and marker in a variety of styles and themes. From there, artists will learn how to create letters using a variety of alternative materials and media, such as watercolour, gouache and wood. Easily customized DIY projects invite artists to finesse their skills as they learn to letter on different types of surfaces while creating lettered murals, stationery and signage.

    Packed with creative techniques and easy-to-follow lessons, this all-inclusive resource is ideal for anyone who wants to learn or grow their expertise in the art of hand lettering.

  • Learn to Draw Calligraphy Nature

    With just a few strokes of a calligraphy pen, London-based designer and illustrator Andrew Fox can help you to create a fun series of minimalistic nature drawings. From acorns, beetles, daffodils, and hedgehogs to snowflakes and clouds the drawings in this book are simple to create and easily recognizable. Each design effortlessly becomes a unique drawing that you can use on greeting cards, posters, gifts, and more.

    Perfect for entry-level artists, this package includes:

    • A hardcover book filled with techniques to draw 30 creations from nature
    • A high-quality calligraphy marker
    • 25 sheets of paper to get started

    The technique is easy, and with a few marks of a pen, you can create an amazing nature drawing.

  • Modern Lettering

    In Modern Lettering, you will learn how to create beautiful decorative handwriting in a variety of styles. It's a fun and immersive guide, inviting you to explore beautiful letterforms, experiment with your own hand-lettering style and use calligraphy for creative projects.

    Rebecca Cahill Roots guides you through the basic techniques, sharing useful tips along the way. She brings her own unique style to a range of beautiful modern calligraphy alphabets, each accompanied by worksheets printed on high-quality calligraphy paper for practising. There are tips for mixing fonts, using different coloured inks and beginner's brush calligraphy.

    Once you've mastered the basic techniques, you can apply your handwriting skills to some of the stylish step-by-step projects featured, including wedding stationery, framed quotes and personalised envelopes.

  • The New Calligraphy

    This is the ideal book for fans of hand lettering and calligraphy.

    Beginners can start right from the basics and follow step-by-step tutorials on letter formation, spacing, design and embellishments before moving on to recreate 50 alphabets in a range of styles, from elegant scripts to modern geometric forms and charming, quirky letters. Use your skills to add a personal touch to everything from invitations to scrapbooks, doodles to wedding stationery and journals to posters.

    Accompanied by full-colour illustrations, this book will be hours of fun and provide oodles of inspiration for hand-lettering beginners and experts alike.

  • World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy

    This ground-breaking international tour of calligraphy showcases the work of a roster of international artists featuring more than 60 scripts drawn by experts from America and Armenia to Syria and Tibet.

    Reflecting the diversity of contemporary calligraphy, it includes lessons and exercises for learning to write 28 alphabets, including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Roman and more. This unique volume offers an exploration of each script’s history, while beautiful step-by-step instructions and examples will inspire and guide calligraphy enthusiasts and experts alike.

  • Written by Hand

    In a world where typing on keyboards and screens is the norm, focusing on the art of handwriting will allow you to grow a deeper appreciation for the written word and fall in love again with writing with your own two hands.

    Written by Hand walks you through the habits and skills needed to turn everyday scrawls into miniature pieces of art that are wonderful to look at and fun to take part in.

    With walk-throughs of various lettering styles, examinations of personal writing habits, interesting facts on handwriting and calligraphy and plenty of practice pages for readers to use in their own hand-lettering practice, this book is an immersive guide to all things written.