D V D Video

  • DVD Basic Stairbuilding

    At long last, a master carpenter shows you how to assemble stairs that are solid and attractive. Whether you need to build three steps up to a deck or a full flight to your second floor, this one-on-one tutorial with Scott Schuttner takes the guesswork out of going up and down. You are right there as Schuttner shows how to build two common staircases: a straight-run stair with plywood treads and risers (to be covered with carpeting) and an L-shaped stair with housed oak treads and risers.

    You'll discover how a pro troubleshoots and corrects problems, as well as how to:

    • Calculate and mark the rise and run for any length stair
    • Position carriages to accommodate drywall and skirtboards
    • Fasten sturdy treads and risers so they never squeak
    • Anchor shopmade newel posts, balusters and handrail

    Duration: 60 minutes

  • DVD Bowl Turning

    Del Stubbs shows you how to turn beautiful bowls and plates. You can start with dry lumber or with green wood you cut yourself. The camera zooms in close to see the careful contact of edge on wood and then moves back so you can study various tool positions, grips and stances.

    You will learn about:

    • Cutting tool types and modification of standard tools
    • Grinding and honing chisels
    • Gripping various turning tools
    • Mounting bowl blanks and roughing out the shape
    • Modifying a standard lathe
    • Controlling warp in the thin wall of a bowl
    • Cutting into endgrain
    • Designing bowl forms

    Duration: 120 minutes

  • DVD Classic Profiles

    From Georgian furniture legs to Victorian balusters - traditionally decorated with beads, hollows, fillets and other shapes - the correct setting out and turning sequences are exhibited here.

    Duration: 105 minutes

  • DVD Dovetail a Drawer

    If it's properly fitting drawers you're after, this is the DVD workshop for you. Professional cabinetmaker Frank Klausz cuts quick, precise dovetails without jigs or templates, then glues up and fits the finished drawer. You will learn about:

    • Dovetail drawer anatomy
    • Transferring dimensions from the scale drawing to a full-scale 'story-pole'
    • Choosing lumber
    • Marking out, ripping and crosscutting drawer parts
    • Marking out the dovetails and pins
    • Hand sawing the pins and tails and chopping out the waste
    • Gluing up
    • Applying finishing touches with a smooth plane

    Duration: 55 minutes

  • DVD Hybrid Roubo Workbench

    Learn what it takes to build the iconic bench everyone wants to own. As you build this bench, you'll also build your joinery skills since it involves making stopped tenons and wedged-through tenons. Plus you'll also learn how to build a dovetailed tenon that incorporates a hardwood wedge; this is especially important if you plan to disassemble your bench in the future.

    Enjoy learning how the author prepares recycled planks to make the joinery work with the checks, cracks and worm holes that give these timbers their unique character.

    You can go on to construct your own bench dogs, vise handles and a sliding deadman that's great for supporting long stock that will serve you well for years to come.

    Duration: 50 minutes

  • DVD Installing Doors & Windows

    Whether you just want to add some light to a room or need to hang doors and windows on a job site, you'll find Tom Law's methods and trade secrets invaluable. And Law doesn't ignore problems. In one part of the DVD, he intentionally creates a door-hanger's nightmare, then shows you how to save the installation.

    By watching Law you'll learn how to:

    • Square up and secure an opening window in minutes
    • Set and seal an insulated glass unit in a custom-built frame
    • Shim and plumb a prehung exterior door so it won't sag
    • Size an interior door blank to fit within a site-built frame
    • Make a simple template to align and rout hinge mortises

    DVD Duration: 60 minutes

  • DVD Installing Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops

    If you're replacing your tired kitchen cabinets or are planning to install a new kitchen, this video workshop is a must. With the camera beside him the whole way, master carpenter Tom Law transforms a bare farmhouse addition into a modern country kitchen, complete with floor-to-ceiling pantries and a large island counter.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Hang upper cabinets
    • Fit cabinets to uneven walls and floors
    • Position a lazy Susan corner cabinet
    • Clamp and screw cabinets tightly together
    • Create an attractive L-shaped island
    • Set and seam a Corian countertop

    You'll also visit a 'top shop' to see how a pro makes a simple plastic-laminate countertop, complete with sink cutout and backsplash.

    Duration: 48 minutes

  • DVD Novelties & Projects

    This amazing session incorporates a variety of timber and techniques including a dish with a glass insert, a lighter base and a clock. Progress to a serviette ring, an egg, a pen case, a lace bobbin, a gavel and lastly an entire coffee grinder. Also an introduction to a hollow chuck.

    Duration: 98 minutes

  • DVD Stuffover Upholstery

    David James looks at the restoration of a stuffover seat with the step-by-step stripping and reupholstering of a Victorian nursing chair.

    The stuffover upholstery is unsprung and blind, and top stitching techiques are demonstrated and explained in detail. Also demonstrated is the creation of a roll edge on the back and finishing using handmade tufts and a decorative fringe.

    Duration: 78 minutes

  • DVD Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan

    The world's premier turning expert teaches woodworkers of all skill levels how to make basic bowls in an array of styles progressing to more challenging projects. Covers:

    • All aspects of bowl-turning in detail – from the basic to the advanced
    • Sharpening tools
    • Using bowl gouges & scrapers
    • Sanding & finishing bowls
    • Using deep-hollowing rings

  • Trim Made Simple

    This remarkable DVD / Book set, by a professional trim carpenter, shows you how to case a door and window, and install the baseboard, chair rail and crown molding.

    The DVD allows you to watch a pro lead you through the prject while you can use the book as a worksite-friendly guide at your elbow. Together, a powerful tool to give you confidence and help you get the job done right.

    DVD Duration: 39 minutes