Arts & Crafts Ages 11+

  • Dinosaur Craft Book

    Whether they are budding palaeontologists or dream of being a Tyrannosaurus, children will love these fun crafts. Containing fantastic dinosaur-themed projects to make, The Dinosaur Craft Book will get children crafting and creating in no time.

    • 15 fantastic dino-themed projects to craft with kids 3+
    • Projects come with handy templates and make use of otherwise-wasted household items
    • Grown-ups need little or no crafting experience to help!
    • From award-winning parenting bloggers Little Button Diaries

  • Finger Knitting Fun

    Finger Knitting Fun is perfect for children learning how to knit with fingers is the best way to start crafting without cumbersome needles!

    All you need is some yarn and your hands to create modern and sophisticated knitted strands that you can use in any project around the house or everyday fashion from jewellery and wearable accessories to wall art, gifts and room decorations. Features include:

    • A wonderful resource with the basics of finger knitting
    • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions
    • 28 projects, which use yarn and other exciting materials to make with the beautiful fabric that you create

  • Gertie's New Fashion Sketchbook

    Being able to sketch is an essential part of fashion design and sewing; a good sketch shows the designer/sewist how a garment's proportion, style lines, and colours will work on the body. Most designers sketch their designs on top of "croquis," or pre-printed body outlines. However, until now, the standard croquis for women have shown elongated, stick-thin, unnaturally proportioned and off-balance bodies.

    Gertie's New Fashion Sketchbook reinvents the traditional croquis for the 21st century, with hundreds of croquis depicting realistically sized and proportioned body shapes in balanced, life-like poses. Also included are an overview of the design and sketching process and a visual history of garment component styles to empower designers/sewists to create sketches for fashion that will be flattering for women of all shapes and sizes.

  • Get Lettering

    Explore your creative side with the cool tasks in this book! Rian Hughes will show you how to:

    • Make words look like their meanings
    • Use serifs to give your words 'funny feet'
    • Create a maze made from letters
    • Draw fancy initials and monograms
    • Design logos
    • And much Get Lettering!

    Recommended for ages 11+.

  • Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe

    Best-selling author Angela Walters and her daughter, Cloe, join forces to teach preteens and teens the basics of quiltmaking.

    The dynamic mother–daughter duo guides kids step-by-step through making their very first quilt. Readers will tackle 14 projects to keep or give as gifts, including stylish bedroom decor, such as pillow covers, rugs and T-shirt quilts.

    Angela’s eye for design and her approachable teaching style is the perfect complement to Cloe’s kid-approved fabric choices and projects. With skill-builders and plenty of how-to photos, kids can finally bring their imaginative creations to life!

    • 14 modern skill-building projects, such as pot holders, place mats, a quilted water bottle holder and a lot of quilts
    • The basics of patchwork and appliqué, gathering supplies, rotary cutting (both left- and right-handed) and more
    • How-to photos and page references make it easy to find help

  • I Can Make Dolls' Clothes

    I Can Make Dolls’ Clothes is an easy-to-follow pattern book certain to keep creative youngsters entertained for hours as they create a full wardrobe for their standard (12 inch) dolls.

    The approach is simple, quick and fun, and the results are extremely stylish. Budding fashionistas can follow the patterns and clear instructions to make all kinds of garments and accessories for their dolls, using basic materials such as scraps of fabric, sequins and a needle and thread.

    Throughout, young seamstresses and designers are encouraged to be creative and adapt the patterns to make their own designs. Actual-size patterns include a tunic top, a knee-length coat, an A-line skirt, a faux-fur jacket, a skater skirt, a day dress, a party dress, an evening purse and a fringed bag.

    Illustrations of each step and of dolls modelling the finished clothes provide guidance and inspiration, plus there is a section on the basics of sewing, including how to thread a needle, do a running stitch, and sew on buttons.

  • Ms. Figgy's Garment School for Girls

    Learn how to make super-cute clothes from scratch that all your friends will want! Patterns are included so that you can change necklines, sleeve styles, and skirt shapes, while learning how different fabrics drape and feel.

    • Step-by-step photos guide you through making a new wardrobe
    • Learn how to use any patterns and sew with lots of different fabrics
    • Create a totally new look just by choosing different sleeves, necklines, and lengths on clothes you make yourself

  • Paper Monsters

    Paper Monsters is a hands-on collage studio for young children.

    While the book has step-by-step instructions showing how to make the collages but the collage-making activity is open and free. Each spread features an inspirational collage illustration of a monster and paper pocket with a window cut to the same monster shape.

    Children can tear and paste the decorated papers included in an envelope at the back of the book, along with any scraps of recycled newspapers and magazines, to make a collage on the piece of card. Slot the piece of collage card into the pocket so it shows through the monster-shaped window, and, voila, a wonderful collage monster.

    Oscar Sabini's artwork is charming and characterful, inspiring young children to be creative and experiment with form and colour.

  • Play, Make, Create

    Play, Make, Create is an engaging book of over 40 artistic activities and projects that invites children to explore and create at their own pace.

    The book begins with an in-depth guide for parents, teachers and facilitators that shares all the details – how to set up materials in an inviting way, how to present the activity and talk to kids about art and how to stock your cabinets with the right materials for ongoing creativity, plus best-practice tips for clean up, trouble shooting, and more.

    There are four types of creative invitations:

    • Invitations to Explore are process-based, open-ended activities that are set up for ongoing play and discovery
    • Invitations to Create inspire children to make something – by exploring, playing, and discovering what the materials offer, children will create exciting projects such as salt paintings, a mini book, a shadow box, puppets, nature crafts, clay sculptures and more, each with completely individual results
    • Invitations to Play are sensory-based activities such as making doughs, slime, moving toys and more
    • Invitations to Collaborate are fun group projects, perfect for playdates, families, classrooms and parties

    Children are encouraged to wonder, to experiment and to use critical thinking – and most of all, enjoy the process. By following their own inclinations and making their own choices, children gain self confidence and hone their problem solving skills.

  • Pretty Hands & Sweet Feet

    Featuring colourful, step-by-step nail art designs for both fingers and toes, Pretty Hands & Sweet Feet is the quintessential DIY resource for fashion-forward style mavens of all ages.

    Aspiring nail artists will learn about the many tools and materials used to create nail art, as well as how to use basic techniques to create desired patterns and styles. Feature easy-to-follow, step-by-step nail art tutorials that are youthful, trendy and approachable for beginning nail artists to achieve. Bonus design templates are included for new ideas and extra practice.

  • Rubber Band Engineer

    Discover unexpected ways to turn common materials into crafty contraptions that range from surprisingly simple to curiously complex. In vivid colour photos, you'll be guided to create slingshot rockets, unique catapults and even hydraulic-powered machines. Whether you build one or all 19 of these designs, you'll feel like an ingenious engineer when you're through.

    Best of all, you don't need to be an experienced tinkerer to make any of the projects. All you need are household tools and materials, such as paper clips, pencils, paint stirrers and ice pop sticks. Oh, and rubber bands. Lots of rubber bands. So grab your glue gun, pull out your pliers, track down your tape and get started on the challenging, fun and rewarding journey toward becoming a rubber band engineer.

    Recommended for ages 11+.

  • Sew Creative

    Get kids excited about sewing with projects they will actually want to make; sew a critter coin pouch, chalkboard backpack, mermaid tail blanket, glow-in-the-dark light bulb, donut pillow, traveller neck pillow, dolman T-shirt with lace and embroidery and more!

    Each of the 13 projects includes an element of fantasy and can easily be customised with sewing techniques, art supplies and alternate pattern details. Plus, you can personalise the projects with names, words, signs, mottos or just an artistic touch!

  • Start to Stitch

    The ideal introduction to textile craft for young stitchers, this book will provide the techniques and confidence to make loads of fantastic decorative and practical pieces, ranging from cushions to bags to mobile phone cosies. There are full instructions on the materials and methods for four classic textile crafts – embroidery, appliqué, quilting and patchwork.

    Features include:

    • 24 projects and dozens of variations
    • Clear step-by-step instructions that make each technique easy
    • A fun, practical and enjoyable introduction

  • Stitch Camp: 18 Crafty Projects for Kids & Tweens

    In today's thriving maker culture, kids are hungry for hands-on guidance in creating stylish wearables and practical objects, or hacking and customizing existing ones. This book gets them started with complete instructions for mastering six favourite firer crafts.

    Step-by-step photos teach kids ages 9–14 the basics of how to sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroider and weave, plus how to make three projects for each craft. From woven patches and a knitted backpack to embroidered merit badges and a crocheted bracelet, the fresh, kid-approved projects encourage creative variations and build confidence along with valuable life skills.

  • Tangled Up!

    After reviewing a few basic tools and materials, along with basic techniques and embellishments helpful for getting started, tweens will embark on a creative journey through a variety of prompts, patterns and projects guided by talented artist and teacher Penny Raile.

    Featured subject matter includes tangling on and working unique patterns into flowers, fish, butterflies, peacocks and other animals. Aspiring artists will learn to create expressive, personalized art pieces relevant to their daily life, including illuminated letters, tangly tattoo art and even tangled origami.

    Recommended for ages 10+.

  • Vintage Paper Toys

    This book contains more than 60 vintage designs suitable for all abilities including cars, animals, trains and airplanes.

    Both children and adults have fun making these little paper toys; creating a smiling robot, comic hero or a small animal. But make no mistake, it is not just a hobby involving the cutting of A4 sheets and the gluing of a few tabs – it is an art form rooted in origami and practiced by graphic artists from all backgrounds.

    It takes imagination and talent to create these little figures in paper! All that is required is a pair of scissors, some glue and, most importantly, a little patience.