Doodling, Drawing & Colouring Ages 7–10

  • 3D Colouring Cities

    3D Colouring Cities takes grown-up colouring to the next dimension.

    • Follow the easy instructions to learn where to place warm and cool colours, and watch your artwork pop off the page
    • A relaxing and inspiring activity book suitable for kids and grown-ups alike
    • The highly detailed designs include reimagined iconic landmarks, urban metropolises and sprawling cityscapes
    • Includes lightly guided doodle pages

  • Draw It! Dinosaurs

    Who won the dinosaur race? Which dinosaur has bad breath? And what happens on a dinosaur picnic? Draw these and more wacky dinosaur doodles with this amazing drawing book!

    The fantastic Sally Kindberg presents weird and wonderful doodles for every occasion. Perfect for every journey, rainy afternoon or holiday, the book is packed full of fun and wacky things to draw and colour, guaranteed to get every kid from age 6–106 drawing away! Includes over 200 stickers.

    Not suitable for children under 36 months.

  • Etchart: Secret Sea

    Embark on a journey through nature with this stylish folk-art inspired activity book.

    With your stylus, etch away at nine beautiful underwater scene to discover fish, seahorses, dolphins, octopuses and other marvellous marine beasts hidden beneath stunning artwork made up of panels of special scratchable ink. Remove all the ink, or create swirls, dots, and other patterns to personalise your very own piece of art.

    Let yourself be absorbed by this new mindful, creative hobby as you reveal the hidden beauty in each scene – and the artist in you!

  • Funny Face

    Funny Face! is an activity book based on visual jokes. Children draw, fold and colour to make surprising and funny things happen to all kinds of faces on the page.

    The inspired use of die cuts, folds and split pages helps children reveal a variety of visual gags. For example: doodling through a pair of die-cut shaggy eyebrows on one picture draws a droopy moustache on a picture on the page below; opening up a gatefold turns a little boys tiny ears into giant ones. More funny faces appear on pages split horizontally into three. Turning the sections back and forth creates mixed-up faces with different hats, noses and beards. Pages fold vertically to create characters with large noses or thought-bubble hair.

    The child is challenged to keep looking until they find all the jokes and tricks. The layout is generous enough to allow children to add their own doodling and colouring too.

    Recommended for ages 6+.

  • I Could Wear That Hat!

    I Could Wear that Hat! is packed with fun activities to help you imagine what you might like to be when you grow up.

    Each job needs a very special hat, so make sure you try them all on! Which hat will fit best? Or maybe you’ll invent a hat of your own? There are activities for aspiring astronauts, veterinarians, architects, fashion designers, chefs, lifesavers, doctors, park rangers, writers and even archaeologists.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • My Bubble Writer Christmas Book

    Bubble writers everywhere will find a wealth of Christmas bubble writing activities in this fun, festive book.

    There are new alphabets to copy, Christmas place settings, gift tags and tree decorations to make, ideas for family games and much more. It also includes jolly Christmas characters to help you make and decorate your creations. It's sure to keep every bubble writer busy for the entire holiday season!