Arts & Crafts Ages 7–10

  • 100 Bugs to Fold and Fly

    A creative activity book which allows children to make a variety of bug-themed paper airplanes from the fantastically designed pages.

    Follow the instruction sand fold the pages to create an array of bugs, from dragonflies and butterflies to grasshoppers and beetles.

    Recommended for ages 6+.

  • Buildings, Bridges and Landmarks

    Travel through time and across the world visiting iconic buildings, bridges and monuments, from the ancient Greek Parthenon to the modern London Shard.

    The collector's guide details each landmark's place in architectural history and the detachable model compendium contains press-out pieces to make 25 ultra-stylish 3D models. The unique 2-in-1 format combines a reference book with a model-making manual.

    Recommended for ages 10+.

  • Caring for Cats and Kittens
    Packed with charming colour photos and illustrations, this excellent book teaches kids - in child-friendly language - how to take care of kittens and cats responsibly, and as independently as possible. They learn how to choose the right pet, train it and keep it healthy.

    Visual guides will answer all their questions and help them to understand and respect feline habits and behaviour.

  • Chalk on the Wild Side

    This book encourages parents and their kids to play outdoors with an assortment of chalk recipes and interactive games and activities.

    The first half of the book details a bevy of chalk recipes, from glow-in-the-dark chalk, fizzing chalk, and scented chalk to chalk foam, chalk goo paint, and ice chalk. Readers will then discover a variety of activities and ways to use their favourite chalk recipes.

    From classic games to 3D chalk projects such as chalk volcanoes, chalk powder bombs, chalk rockets, chalk hair dye, and more, parents and children alike will be delighted by the multitude of exciting ideas.

  • Christmas Paper Play

    This beautiful papercraft title is packed with fun festive things to make and do, from Christmas decorations, to mini-crackers.

    Every page can be used as the basis of an activity, craft or game, and all you need is a pair of scissors, some colouring pencils and the odd dab of glue. Illustrated with artist and paper engineer Lydia Crook's delightful artwork, it is a perfect present to keep kids entertained over the holiday period.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Create!

    Ready, set, create! Whether you're an aspiring artist or a just-starting-out doodler,this is the perfect book to inspire your creative side.

    From colouring pages to quick-and-easy crafts and everything in between, this book provides step-by-step guides to more than 50 fun and easy projects. Learn how to make your own DIY projects, create one-of-a-kind jewellery and draw like a pro. Perfect for individual use or for sleepovers, birthday parties and more, Create! is sure to bring out your inner artist.

    Content includes:

    • DIY décor, photo frames, duct-tape purses and more
    • Pages of quotes and designs to colour
    • Easy-to-follow doodling and drawing guides
    • Jewellery making for friendship bracelets, earrings and more

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

    Are you looking for the perfect guide to teach your child to knit?

    Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting starts with the absolute basics about knitting, beginning with a discussion about needles and yarn, how to cast stitches onto the needle, then gradually introduces skills and techniques until kids are knitting confidently. With over 200 photos and clear, concise instructions in language easily understood by primary school kids, you're going to be creating crafty knit projects with your child in no time!

    Each project lists the knitting skills that will be exercised in making it and projects are rated for difficulty, so kids can learn and grow as they develop dexterity and coordination. Your children will learn to knit by making simple projects and building skills by practicing the essentials, and this book provides a sound foundation for a lifetime of knitting enjoyment.

  • Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

    Are you looking for the perfect guide to teach your child to sew? Look no further!

    Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Sewing starts with the absolute basics about stitching, beginning with simple hand sewing, then gradually introduces skills and techniques until kids are sewing safely and confidently at a sewing machine.

    With over 200 photos and clear, concise instructions in language easily understood by grade-school children, you're going to be creating crafty sewing projects with your child in no time! Each project lists the sewing skills that will be exercised in making it and projects are rated for difficulty, so kids can learn and grow as they develop dexterity and coordination.

    Recommended for ages 8+.

  • Cut & Colour Playbook: Cities

    Grab your scissors and some pencils or crayons and get ready to make some beautiful cityscapes with Cut & Colour Playbook: Cities!

    Featuring four different cities, children combine drawing, colouring and scissor skills to create their scenes. First, colour in line illustration and add your own details. Then, on the reverse of the page, follow the cut lines to snip away parts of the page. By the end of the process, you will have built up your very own city scene by layering up the pages. At the end of the book, an additional section gives children the chance to create their own layered diorama, whether a city scene or beyond.

    An original twist on the colouring book format, Cut and Colour Playbook: Cities encourages children to develop arts and crafts skills, and to think through a multi-layered project in a fun and creative way.

    Recommended for ages 8+.

  • Draw, Color and Sticker into the Wild Sketchbook

    Draw, Color, and Sticker into the Wild Sketchbook offers page after page of beautiful inspiration designed to get you drawing. A perfect offering for grown-ups desiring a simple yet beautiful creative outlet.

    • Stickers and partially illustrated pages provide a rich canvas to get you to think about and practice drawing various themes and elements
    • Each illustrated spread is followed by a more open spread with the same theme and a prompt, ready for you to take the lead and fill in with your own designs and stickers
    • Black and white drawings with touches of colour get you started, and invite further experimentation
    • The uncoated paper stock is perfect for drawing, painting and colouring with any variety of materials
    • Stickers are also printed on soft uncoated paper so they can take colour or additional drawing on top

  • Drawing Animals

    Learn how to draw all kinds of animals, from polar bears and orang-utans to kangaroos and pandas, with this inspiring book.

    Simple, step-by-step instructions explain techniques such as shading with chalk pastels and painting with watercolours. Includes QR links to download free images and watch video clips with drawing tips and inspiration.

    Recommended for ages 8+.

  • Drawing Cartoons

    This inspiring book is brimming with ideas for drawing cartoons. Easy step-by-step instructions show you how to create all kinds of cartoons, from funny animals and superheroes, to flick-book animations.

    Recommended for ages 8+.

  • Fantastic Forts

    Building a fort, treehouse or hideaway is part of childhood's imaginary world, where anything might be possible. Forts are universal play places: you can make them almost anywhere, out of almost anything.

    Fantastic Forts uses descriptive text and ample photographs to inspire children (and adults) to build amazing forts outdoors.

    The book includes basic construction tips on how to build a fort, how to waterproof and furnish it, and specific advice on several different sorts of fort, including: Sleep Out Forts, Party Forts, Beach Forts, Nature Detective Forts, Fairy Forts, Miniature Forts, Treehouses and Teepees.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Found and Made

    Make a masterpiece from your rubbish! With 11 exciting projects to inspire you, Found and Made: The Art of Upcycling will help to turn your trash into treasure.

    A toilet roll holder and some papier-mache can become a puppet king. A shoe box can transform into a treasure box. Ice-cream sticks, magazines, plastic bags, tin cans – are all waiting to be part of your art kit. Collect. Create. And upcycle!

  • Fun with Stitchables

    Fun with Stitchables introduces young crafters to the fun of simple embroidery.

    Quick and easy cross-stitch sewing cards are included with die-cut holes for easy stitching. The 36-page project book includes instructions for designing and creating your own unique patterns on each card, helping children create a completely personalized and unique embroidered design.

    A project gallery at the end of the book shows examples of what to do with the hand-stitched cards once they are complete, from ornaments to greeting cards to clothing patches!

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Fuzzy Animals

    Colour in the prehistoric world with this touch-and-feel colouring book!

    From the forest to the savannah, the coral reef to the desert, explore seven diverse habitats as you colour parrots in the jungle, hammerhead sharks in the ocean, and red pandas in the mountains. Featuring art of the world's best-loved and most spectacular animals to colour, from the colour-changing chameleon to the stripy Bengal tiger, there is also an accompanying fact file for each creature, plus information on each habitat and a world map at the back of the book.

    Staying inside the lines is easy with the thick fuzzy outlines and kids will love the stylish art they are able to create.

    Recommended for ages 5+.

  • Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion

    Do you have a bunch of ideas for super-cute clothes but can't find them when you're out shopping? This book will teach you how to make anything you can dream up! Dresses? Yes. Jeggings? Check.

    Put your own stamp on everything you create by first sketching your designs in the book. You'll learn how to make fashion design mood boards, using things that you love and that inspire you. You'll be designing and sewing purses, headbands, skirts and tops in no time!

    • Whip up awesome designs and then sew them
    • Find your own personal style by sketching designs and playing with colours right in the book
    • Learn how to make hip clothes from a New York City-based author

  • Hirameki Clouds

    Hirameki – brainwave or flash of inspiration in Japanese – is where doodling and imagination come together. Simply put, it's the art of turning a random blot into something amazing, just by adding a few dots and lines.

    If it's true that you can find happiness in little things, this book should keep your eyes, hand and brain entertained for hours.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • Learn to Draw Dinosaurs

    Perfect for young artists-in-training, Learn to Draw Dinosaurs offers a comprehensive drawing experience that includes step-by-step lessons, as well as full-colour illustrations, fun facts, trivia, quizzes and much more. Children will enjoy the 64 pages of drawing instruction for a variety of dinosaurs, including a triceratops, a pteranodon and a tyrannosaurus.

    The book opens with a brief description of how to get started, using basic drawing tools and some sample drawing exercises to warm up. Each drawing lesson begins with a basic shape, such as a square, circle or triangle, and progresses to a finished piece of artwork, making it easy for children to follow along.

    Along the way, engaging text describes interesting details and fun facts about each dinosaur. With a mix of art instruction and fun trivia, the book is the perfect way for children to discover more about their favourite dinosaurs, in addition to developing their artistic talents.

    Recommended for ages 7+.

  • My First Knitting Book

    Learn how to knit different stitches and patterns and you'll soon be making all sorts of fun items. Divided into four chapters, the book includes a level of 1, 2, or 3 for every project, and comes with easy-to-read instructions and adorable, step-by-step artworks that will guide you along the way.

    In Accessories you'll find cute little bow hair clips and decorative buttons, a panda hat, fingerless gloves, a keyring charm, and lots more. Warm & Cozy has pretty mouse mittens, an earflap hat, and a cowl. Then you can have a go at Bedroom Essentials, and try making a heart cushion or a caterpillar doorstop for your room. Lastly, Playtime has cute ideas for toys and other pretty things you'll love to make, such as an alien, a rag doll, and a doctor's stethoscope.

    Finally, the basic techniques section covers every knitting technique you'll need to know, as well as yarns, needles and stitches.