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  • 2,024 Qi Facts to Stop You in Your Tracks

    The mind-boggling, sock-popping, rib-tickling phenomenon that is QI have outdone themselves with this especially huge collection of facts, including:

    • Humans glow in the dark
    • Clinomania is the overwhelming desire to stay in bed
    • In 17th Century Japan people warmed their feet by putting chilli peppers in their socks
    • Mrs Beeton published a recipe for a toast sandwich
    • Wheat has over five times as much DNA as humans
    • Less than 5% of the world's population lives in a genuine democracy
    • The word 'school' comes from a Greek word meaning 'free time'
    • Ten out of the 12 water companies in the UK still make use of divining rods
    • Coral can drown

  • 20 to Stitch: Mini Quilt Blocks

    Ideal for patchworkers, quilters and sewists looking for ideas and inspiration, this book contains designs for 20 mini blocks, all measuring just 12.5cm (5 inches) square, and all constructed from basic shapes including squares, triangles and rectangles. Mini quilt blocks are ideal for making small patchwork projects such as bags, pincushions, coasters and placemats, for incorporating into larger blocks, or for forming motifs within a larger quilt design.

    Each of the 20 projects are shown four ways, to inspire the reader with different fabrics and colourways. Each project is accompanied by the number and size of each shape in the block and instructions on the order in which to put the shapes together. Includes techniques on how to cut the shapes using a rotary cutter and ruler, design ideas and instructions for a simple coaster.

    Look inside the book.

  • Diary in Stitches

    Artist Minki Kim turns her own daily sketchbook challenge into 65 stitchable drawings to mix and match. Embroider and appliqué the whimsical, easy-going way with 6 useful projects to make and share, like a simple zipper pouch for the teacher, a cozy pillow for a handsome chair or a wall-hanging for your family room. Minki’s uplifting designs, plus an extra gallery of small project ideas from coasters to wall art will appeal to anyone who wants to add personality to their home and personal accessories.

    • Illustrate daily life in fabric and thread with sketches from the author's sketchbook
    • Stitch 65 creative motifs and 6 projects – a sewing machine cover, mini quilt, bookmarks, and more
    • Embroider and appliqué little gifts for the ones you love in Minki Kim's irresistible signature style

  • Flatiron Coat & Jacket

    Coat The long, loose-fitting coat has dropped shoulders, full sleeves, side vents and draped lapels plus a 3-snap closure.

    Jacket The mid-length jacket with draped lapels has dropped shoulders, tapered sleeves, side vents and asymmetric hems.

    Overlapping and conventional seam techniques are included.

    Suggested Fabrics No-fray fabrics in wool or blends. Mid-weight knits, sweater knits, boucle, novelty weaves, mid-weight wovens in wool, linen, cotton, rayon, blends. and note that the wrong side of the fabric shows.

    Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

  • Hand Sewing Magic

    Hand Sewing Magic is a reference to all things stitching, featuring how-tos for dozens of stitches, from the basics for sewing, mending and tailoring to stunning embroidered embellishment. In this unique guide book you will:

    • Get an in-depth overview of essential tools and materials, including thread, needles, fabric and other key supplies
    • Explore a comprehensive visual dictionary of 35 stitches plus dozens of variations, from basic mending to stylish decorative embellishment to unique art stitching
    • Discover key techniques, from starting and ending threads to the right way to use an embroidery hoop, from stitching curved shapes to colour shading and more
    • Learn the essential tips and tricks of 10 influential and innovative stitchers

    With 10 simple and stunning projects, you'll make the most of your hand stitching skills to give all your projects a beautiful handmade look.

  • Love to Sew: Quilting on the Move

    Alistair Macdonald provides 18 fabulous projects, including a lovely baby’s play mat, a stylish gentleman's scarf, a useful hobby bag, a tea cosy, a gorgeous tote bag and a make-up purse.

    All the patchwork is done by hand sewing, using the English Paper Piecing method in fresh, bright cottons and with clear, step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs. There is some machine sewing for putting projects together, but you can hand sew if you prefer.

    Templates for all the projects are included at actual size at the back of the book, and there are basic, step-by-step instructions on this classic technique at the beginning of the book. All the projects make fabulous gifts for friends and family.

    Look inside the book.

  • Maggie Grey's WOWbook

    For nearly 20 years, Maggie Grey’s Workshop on the Web (WoW) has been an innovative online magazine for all textile enthusiasts. The great news is that WoW is now a book. You will find:

    • Artists such as Hilary Beattie, Caroline Bell, Laura Edgar and Angie Hughes have written workshops with step-by-step instructions on how they create their brilliant work
    • Amo House has a whole section with great ideas for using soluble products
    • New work from Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

    Those who buy the book will gain free access to the WOWbook Members’ Club with more workshops by great artists, videos showing new techniques, Maggie Grey’s online course, a selling gallery and access to the ‘members only’ Facebook pages. More content will be added to the Members’ Club throughout the coming months.