Woodworking & D I Y Sale

  • Success with Tablesaws

    Everything you need to know to get the best from this versatile & indispensable tool. Learn how to:

    • Choose the right machine & accessories for your needs
    • Set it up/maintain it for lasting accuracy & reliability
    • Select the best blade for each job
    • Master table sawing techniques (ripping, cross-cutting)
    • Work safely
    • Make & use jigs & fences for safety & accuracy
    • Control dust
    • And more!

  • The Missing Shop Manual: Circular Saws & Jigsaws

    This manual explains both how to set up circular and jig saws and how to safely and effectively use them.

    With information such as how to choose a saw, the easiest way to sharpen blades, and tips for reducing wood splintering, also includes safety warnings and instructions for cutting wood with circular and jigsaws.

  • The Missing Shop Manual: Jointer

    Find out how to best utilize this essential workshop tool, and how to get the most for your money by getting the most from your equipment. Filled with clear diagrams and instructions, this pocket-sized durable manual is ideal for quick reference in the workshop.

    Contains safety facts, explanations about basic project set-up and tips for maximizing tool performance.

  • Unbuilding: Salvaging the Architectural Treasures of Unwanted Ho
    The ultimate guide to taking apart a building & rescuing its reusable parts & pieces – many of which are of a quality that's now unattainable.

    Two experts on salvaging unwanted houses explain this 'green' art & take us on an illustrated tour of the process covering everything from assessing a building for salvage potential to deconstructiong the whole house safely.
  • Unplugged Workshop

    Woodworker Tom Fidgen presents hand-tool woodworking projects for the home and workshop. The projects have a distinctive retro look, recycling designs from our not-so-distant past.

    He has reconceived the classic library card catalogue (converted to use for kitchen storage); a clever medicine chest does double duty as a four-bottle wine tote; and his gentleman's valet is an elegant clothing stand with a profile that harks back in time.

    In the opening chapters, Fidgen discusses the benefits of working in an unplugged woodshop, considers the sources of design inspiration, offers advice on the critical importance of sharpening and even explains how to make hand tools using only hand tools.

  • Unscrewed

    Screwdriver and pliers in hand, no castoff electronics or old appliances are safe. But once you've pulled apart your prey, do you really just want to screw them back together … assuming you could?

    This resource is perfect for those looking to salvage or repurpose old junk. It will show you how-to safely disassemble more than 50 devices including:

    • Laser Printer
    • Videocassette Recorder
    • Electronic Drill
    • Fax Machine
    • Radio-Controlled Car
    • Paper Shredder
    • Computer Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • And Many More!

    ach deconstruction includes step-by-step photographic instructions, tools list and "treasure cache" of the components to be found.

  • Woodworker's Guide to Making Traditional Mirrors

    Re-create the antique look of period mirrors with all the conveniences of modern tools and ready-to-use patterns. Features:

    • 18 mirror patterns copied directly from the originals dating from 1730 to 1885
    • Designs range from a Chippendale mirror in birds-eye maple to Queen Anne and Victorian mirrors
    • Five major styles of mirrors and frames explored
    • Begins with simple frame construction moving on to more complex designs
    • Step-by-step instructions to ensure woodworking success

  • Working with Drywall
    From cutting drywall panels to taping seams to applying high-end wall finishes, you'lll find what you need in these pages.

    But just in case you want a little more instruction, there is a bonus DVD that features professional installer Dave Benner divulging his hard-won tips and tricks for taping and finishing.

    It includes information you need for choosing the right tools and materials, as well as project planning tips. Full-colour step-by-step photographs show you how-to cut, fit and hang drywall.