Woodworking & D I Y Sale

  • 1001 Ideas for Trimwork
    350+ colour photos show how any room will benefit with trimwork / other finishing details. 750+ drawings of moulding designs and profiles that you can use in your home (wainscoting, crown moulding, chair rails).

    Part 1: trimwork basics, options, tools, techniques.

    Part 2: how to apply trimworks / treatments in all rooms.

  • Art and Craft of Wood

    The Art and Craft of Wood is an introduction to the basics of wood craft that will inspire you to make something of your own through simple, approachable instructions and inspiring step-by-step photos. You will learn valuable skills, including:

    • Where to find wood that you can reclaim for your own use
    • How to mill, stack, dry and flatten your log into useable lumber
    • Creating a variety of useful household furnishings in 7 step-by-step projects ranging in difficulty from novice to more complicated
    • What to do with leftover material, such as making fire starters and animal bedding

  • Bathroom Ideas That Work
    The bathroom you've always dreamed of starts here! Over 350 ideas covering a range of bathroom styles and sizes plus top-notch design advice combine to make this an ultimate sourcebook.

    Inside you will learn how to make smart choices about what you really want in a bathroom plus options for how to combine everything you love to create a room that works for you. Including planning your bathroom, layouts that work, fixtures, tubs and showers, floors, walls, and ceilings, lighting, heating and cooling, storage solutions and finishing touches.
  • Black & Decker: The Complete Outdoor Builder

    This handsome volume offers a library of outdoor projects for do-it-yourselfers in one compact place.

    Boasting a hefty 560 pages of detailed how-to information, this is one project book you do not want to miss out on. This guide shows you how to accomplish just about any exterior DIY project; from installing a garden pond, to building a treehouse, and it does it with clear, step-by-step photos.

  • Carousel Animal Carving

    Make beautiful carved carousel animal, guided by a master of the craft. Ellis covers it all, from planning, pattern-making and carving to painting and finishing. Each chapter has close-up colour photos of specific animal parts, saddle and ornament details.

    Choose from 40 patterns or design your own.

    "Walks the reader through the process of creating either a full-sized or miniature carousel horse from planning the project to selecting the proper wood and supplies, to finishing the animal with authentic paint schemes and trim details . . . illustrated with numerous color photographs showing exact painting details." Woodshop News

  • Carpentry Complete

    The nuts and bolts of carpentry, all in one handy volume. Carpenter and author Andy Engel provides homeowners with a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference for covering all home carpentry projects from the most basic to the most advanced.

    Full of authoritative and reliable information, Carpentry Complete is designed to help any homeowner or DIYer tackle projects with confidence. Well organized so that information can be found quickly (including advice on how to deal with the inevitable things that can go wrong), this highly visual book makes it easy for readers to find the step-by-step advice they're looking for.

  • Complete Guide to Flooring
    This third edition of a classic favourite includes time-honored installation methods and features new flooring styles and important new information on renewable flooring materials, such as bamboo, reclaimed floorboards and natural stone. It also includes the latest techniques for polished and etched concrete flooring.

    The bonus DVD includes 50 minutes of real-time demonstration of crucial layout and installation techniques, as well as the entire print edition in digital form.
  • Complete Guide to Windows and Entryways
    All the info that's needed ensure that the entry points to your home serve all your needs.

    Step directions for installing & maintaining all types of doors & windows found in today's homes. Updated projects with colour photos featuring modern materials like fibreglass doors & insulated glass window units. Egress windows, garage doors, bay windows, replacement windows, patio doors, etc.

    Design info that's practical & inspiring.
  • Cute and Simple Woodworking

    These 35 projects include both practical and decorative items and will add a touch of charming style to every room of the house. Each project has a skill level, so you can start with an easier project, such as a flower keyring or wooden bunting, and then try using more advanced skills – why not make a tool box for all your woodworking kit, or a shelf for the bedroom?

    Every project is illustrated with beautiful step-by-step artworks and clear, step-by-step instructions. Projects reuse the same basic techniques, so you'll soon grow in confidence and realise how many beautiful objects can be made with only simple tools. All the templates you'll need are also included.

  • Decorating - Collins Need to Know
    All the advice and inspiration you need to create a stylish home.

    • Beginner's guide to tools and equipment
    • How to plan your colour scheme
    • Advice on wallpapering, painting, varnishing ... through to the finishing touches
    • Must-know boxes; checklists for estimating amounts, matching media to surface, etc.
  • DIY to the Rescue
    Whether you're interested in a major remodel or only a little renovating, you only need to equip yourself with the tools and supplies listed and follow the clear step-by-step colour photos and directions to successfully to patch a tile floor, remove a closet, glaze walls, install crown moulding, strip wallpaper, add a wall organising system, repair a concrete pond, eliminate drafts, and more.
  • Furniture Making Plans, Projects & Design

    A selection of Furniture & Cabinet Making magazine articles take you through the stages of planning, designing and making a piece of furniture, then on to 12 diverse projects.

    From design details to construction, finishing to assembly, for projects and three case studies everything is clearly explained assisted by how-to colour photos and a photo of the finished piece (cabinets, tables, desks) and carefully measured plans and exploded diagrams.

  • In the 18th Century Style
    Collected from the pages of Fine Woodworking, includes instructions for 10 projects, a Sheraton bed, a highboy, and a drop-leaf breakfast table. In addition, there are 13 examples of superb craftsmanship in a variety of styles from Queen Anne to Pembroke. In-depth discussion of the materials of period furniture, including hardware and lumber. This is an essential reference for anyone who appreciates period furniture.

  • Installing & Finishing Drywall
    For the best results on any dry wall project your planning, refer to this guide that includes hundreds of photographs and drawings in colour.

    With up to date detailed information on building codes, installation, finishing tools and techniques. And learn how to estimate materials, find and correct defects, texture and decoration, and how to use a dry wall for a range of other applications, such as reducing sound.
  • Penland Book of Woodworking
    Penland School of Crafts attracts some of the most important artists working today as instructors, including many top furniture makers. Here, 10 gifted woodworkers share their creative approaches and groundbreaking designs in step-by-step master classes. Superb colour photos display their stunningly original work and that of other craftsmen and illustrate each project step-by-step.
  • Refacing Cabinets

    Everything you need to know to transform your old kitchen into your dream kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one. How to:

    • Choose wood & door styles for any taste & budget
    • Make minor modifications for a more efficient kitchen
    • Avoid costly errors in orders
    • Veneer face frames to look like solid wood
    • Advanced beginners/remodelling pros wanting to enter this burgeoning market

  • Scotty's Top Aussie Sheds

    Scott Cam loves his shed-so much so that he has two of them. And it got him to thinking. There are thousands of people around with a love of sheds and plenty of their sheds are better than mine. So why not run a competition to find the best?

    After his nationwide search, Scotty's Top Aussie Sheds presents 20 of the most fascinating examples of our humble, and not so humble, backyard icon. You'll be inspired by the owners' fascinating stories, and by the stunning images of their pride and joy-and you might even join Scotty on his mission: to make sheds great, make them essential and make them loved again.

  • Shaper Handbook

    This handbook explains hundreds of shaper techniques and illustrates each with drawings and photos. Advice is offered about what to look for when buying a shaper, and maintenance, troubleshooting, and tune-up are also covered.

    Step-by-step information includes mastering a host of basic operations (installing a cutter, changing cutters, shaping end grain) and advanced operations, (freehand shaping, shaping with jigs & fixtures). + More!

  • Simply Board Feet

    Featuring quick reference tables for determining board foot measurements. The figures go beyond a simple discussion of the calculation, providing actual measurements for dimensions ranging from one to more than 25 inches wide, one to 20 feet long, and one to four inches thick.

    Whether figuring quantities for a project or facing a large amount of inventory to count, this tool for craftspeople frees them from calculators, computers, and the lumber stick.

  • Success with Finishing

    A comprehensive guide to all aspects of finishing, from a quick, easy wipe-on accent to a full-grain French Polish:

    • Tools and equipment
    • Preparation
    • Staining
    • Polishing
    • Varnish
    • Floor seals
    • Spray finishes
    • Health and safetyColour photos guide you through the diverse finishes available, their characteristics and suitability for the job at hand, and the most appropriate application methods.