Photography Sale

  • Photofile: Lewis Carroll

    59 duotone photos reveal Arthur Dodgson, the keen & talented photographer, better known to as Lewis Carroll, for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.

    His fascination with the camera, led Carroll to shoot intensely atmospheric portraits of family & friends, & to make haunting & controversial images meant to record the innocence of Victorian childhood.

  • Photofile: Saul Leiter

    Leiter spent 1940sā€“50s in New York, in an intensely creative environment, a fusion of European & U.S. ideas. He met Rothko & the Abstract Expressionists, discovered street photography & Cartier-Bresson's work.

    His colour mastery shows in unique cityscapes where reflections, transparency, complex framing & mirroring effects are printed in a highly personal style. 64 images (38 colour).

  • Photography FAQs: Portraits

    Formulated as an encyclopedia of questions & answers across 50 topics, this book covers every aspect of portraiture including: the essential equipment, metering, monochrome & colour, natural & studio lighting, composition & posing, location, image processing & touch-up.

    It makes graphic use of visual material, including comparative images to support the text & compelling photos to inspire.

  • Plastic Cameras

    This book offers a practical guide to shooting with a plastic camera, including hot tips and tricks on:

    • Loading, advancing and unloading film
    • Using the viewfinder
    • Dealing with the light leaks that can fog or streak the film (while not necessarily discouraging these happy accidents!)
    • Camera modifications and reinforcements

    Although the rule of shooting with plastic cameras is that there are no rules, the book suggests ways to get the most from these unpredictable devices:

    • Capturing movement
    • Producing multiple exposures
    • Shooting in low light conditions
    • Dealing with flare
    • Shooting close-ups
    • Using flash
    • Using filters

    There's also sound, practical advice on:

    • Experimenting with film types ā€“ film options include black-and-white, infrared, color negative, transparency and instant
    • Film processing – lab processing includes 'cross-processing', where color transparency film is processed by the color negative process (with awesome results!); hand processing in which photographer becomes developer; and push and pull processing, where images are tweaked in the darkroom
    • Printing your images

  • Quality in Photography
    A comprehensive, easy-to-read guide designed to help you put the stamp of quality on all your images. Covers all film formats and digital imaging. Explains how each step of the process contributes to the quality of the final image. Over 150 b&w/colour photos.
  • Reuters Our World Now

    From 100s of naked volunteers posing up and along a 7+ floor carpark to kissing fish for China's Valentine's Day, from an Iraqi man carrying a dead boy to firefighting helicopter flying over Ancient Olympia.

    the world's biggest international news agency recreates the year 2007 in our fast, fractured world, using 361 powerful colour images by 309 Reuters photographers from 65 countries.

  • Reuters Our World Now 2

    Our world now is not what our world was as 373 iconic images (364 colour) taken by Reuters award-winning photographers through 2008 show:

    • Laid off bankers packing their work life into boxes
    • Lehman's economic collapse the backs of their staff lined up against windows, as if for a firing squad
    • A would-be immigrant from Africa clambering exhausted onto a Spanish beach

  • Reuters Our World Now 3

    The third edition captures the key events from 2009 in more than 350 powerful photographs. Organized into four sections that represent the four quarters of the year, the images cover the full range of global reporting: politics, commerce, conflict, the environment, natural disasters, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle.

    The photos offer a fresh take on the year's most memorable events as well as plenty of less-familiar stories. The book provides a visual record of our times. 360 colour and 10 black-and-white photographs.

  • Reuters Our World Now 5
    The fifth volume in this high-impact series captures 2011 in over 350 powerful photos. The images cover the full range of news reporting – politics, commerce, conflict, accidents and disasters, the environment, faith and festivities, entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle.

    Succinct captions summarize the story behind each image. 'Witness' features in each chapter present powerful, in-depth photo-essays from around the world. An introduction explains in the photographers' own words the events and approaches that lead to spectacular photojournalism that packs an emotional punch: spectacular, moving, hard-hitting, at times even funny.

    This highly successful series has built to become an indispensable visual record of our times.
  • Shooting Yourself

    Turn your camera on the world's most fascinating and attractive model – yourself! Take part in the new wave of expressive self-portraiture, enjoy unlimited creative control over your subject and reveal your hidden side with confidence.

    • Hundreds of inspiring self-portraits from creative photo stars
    • Go on location, add props, get dressed up or even bare it all dozens of styles are explored
    • Get inspired and gain the confidence to visually tell your own unique story
    • With simple post-production techniques to add style and amazing surreal effects

  • Social Photography

    Social Photography will show you how to create photos that will be clicked on, liked, shared, and maybe even go viral.

    A must for anyone who takes their online profile seriously, it will show you how to give your photos a fresh look, it will give you hundreds of posing and shooting ideas, and it will let you share your life's most exciting moments wider than ever before.

    The book tells you everything you need to join the social photography revolution. All of the techniques are fully illustrated with examples showing how to get the best results.

  • State of the World
    Drawing on the unrivalled resources of Reuters, the biggest international news agency, this book explores nine major themes that concern us all. Incisive articles by leading Reuters journalists and 537 outstanding colour images selected from an archive of millions of photos, attempt to clarify and offer solutions to the fast-paced and dramatic developments that have transformed our world during 2000-2005.
  • Steichen in Color

    This book offers a fresh take on Steichen by focusing exclusively on his colour images from the collection of George Eastman House. You'll find examples of his commercial work, like his 1938 Ladies' Home Journal cover; fashion shoots for magazines, such as Vogue and Vanity Fair; and pictures of his beloved gardens and family.

    Complete with more than 50 images, this title offers a new look at the artist and his photographs.

  • Wedding Photography Now!

    Gone are the days of lining up the wedding party for boring, stiff or cheesy group shots!

    Guides you through the essential skills and provides the newest tools and tips to create images and albums that capture the mood, emotions and highlights of the day.

    Useful for those simply shooting a friend's wedding or professionals wanting to refresh their approach.

  • World Press Photo 2006
    Acclaimed as the "best in visual reportage from all over the world" and as "a testament to the skills and courage of the photographers". The WPP Contest is known universally as the international photographic contest. 183 (108 colour) prize-winning images submitted by photojournalists, newspapers, magazines, picture agencies. Categories: contemporary issues, people in the news, portraits, sports, daily life, the arts . . .
  • World Press Photo 2009

    Dresses appliqued with portrait photos hang from pink crosses. . . a wave of sand breaking over a triple jumper as he lands. . . 178 prize-winning images capture the most powerful, moving & sometimes disturbing events of 2008.

    The photos won what is universally recognised as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, out of 96,000 entries from 5000+ pros from 124 countries.

  • World Press Photo 2010

    Universally recognized as the definitive competition for photographic reporting, it draws submissions from photojournalists, newspapers, and magazines throughout the world. Bringing together some 200 images, selected from more than 90,000 photographs taken by over 5,000 photographers.

    These prize-winning photos provide an impressive visual record of social, political, cultural, scientific, and, above all, human milestones from an eventful year.

  • World Press Photo Next #1
    Twelve of the next generation of leading photojournalist and documentary photographers showcase work on a theme of respect.

    The talent and passion of these exciting newcomers was bought into focus as part of the Joop Swart Masterclass, held annually by World Press Photo.

    It will open your eyes to new perspectives and inspire understanding of the world around you.


    • Eunice Adorno
    • Antonio Bolfo
    • Kitra Cahana
    • Alinka Echeverria
    • And More.