Needle & Craft Sale

  • How to Package Your Handmade Products

    From making boxes to die-cutting your logo, How to Package Your Handmade Products is aimed at crafters, providing a comprehensive guide to creative packaging ideas for handmade products helping designer-makers turn a passion into a lucrative business.

    Whether selling on sites such as Etsy or through craft fairs, trade shows or local stores, this book shows you how to give your handmade jewellery, soft craft or home-ware products that professional edge to make the crucial difference between a one-time sale and customers who come back for more.

    Includes templates for boxes and labels.

  • How to Speak Fluent Sewing

    Are you baffled by sewing terminology, different tools and materials or patterns in general? Well-known apparel designer and sewing expert Christine Haynes answers all your questions in the authoritative guide to over 300 sewing terms.

    This easy-to-use sewing primer isn't sorted alphabetically but by categories that make sense. How can you tell the difference between a weave and a grain? What s a muslin and why should you use it? Christine s advice covers the "what" and the "why" of everything from buttonhole thread to flat felled seams. The fully illustrated guide explains each term with words and visuals for reader-friendly understanding.

  • How to Use, Adapt, and Design Knitting Patterns

    Here's an easy-to-follow self-teaching course that shows knitters how to get exactly the results they want from less-than-perfect commercial patterns.

    The authors begin with the basics, explaining the meanings of the symbols and abbreviations used in knitting patterns. Next they show readers how to take their own body measurements and how to identify their body "landmarks" – those especially important points that need to be measured in order to get good results when adapting and modifying patterns.

    A detailed section on the specifics of adapting patterns shows how to change necklines and sleeves, how to change a pullover sweater into a cardigan, how to transform a chunky wool pattern into a lightweight design by changing yarns, and much more. A separate chapter instructs ambitious knitters on designing their own patterns from scratch.

    The book concludes with seven ready-to-use knitting patterns that less-confident knitters can copy and adapt.

  • Ideas for Applique

    Appliqué projects, ideas, techniques, product info, step directions and photos from an award-winning Australian artist specialising in machine work using appliqué, embroidery and quilting (includes 15 of her quilts).

    Thorough, illustrated directions for:

    • Broderie Perse, 3-D & padded appliqué flora and fauna
    • Couching
    • Making silk paper
    • 12 embellishing methods
    • Machine embroidery

  • In Fashion
    If you've ever dreamed of working at Vogue, this book may help you! It's one of the most comprehensive guides available for the notoriously competitive industry. It exposes all of its seams, with plenty of details on what it's like to work at dozens of high-profile and cutting edge companies.

    Whether you are just getting started or thinking of a career switch, this title offers resources and guidance for landing your dream job. It features advice from leaders at Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, Conde Nast and other top-notch firms.
  • In Stitches

    Amy Butler brings her fresh, modern style to the timeless craft of sewing.

    In this lavishly illustrated collection of patterns, she presents 24 charming projects ranging from cushy floor cushions to smart aprons to stylish handbags. Stylish photographs inspire while how-to illustrations and straightforward text (minus the confusing sewing lingo) make it a cinch to achieve beautifully finished projects.

    In addition, Amy offers thoughtful tips on finding and treating new or vintage fabrics, an easy-to-navigate techniques section and a glossary and resource guide. This book makes it easy to create beautiful accessories for every room and every mood.

  • Indigo: Dye It, Make It

    Colour your world blue...Indigo is one of the colours of the rainbow, as easily recognised as it is fashionable. From its origins as a naturally produced dye, most common in India, to its ubiquitous appearance in blue jeans today, indigo has travelled far and wide.

    Nicola Gouldsmith shows you how to use indigo to dye fabric in different ways, including dip-dyeing, tie-dyeing, batik, shibori and arashi, as well as basic plain dyeing. She then shows you how to use the results of your dyeing to make beautiful items to wear and for the home, such as a tie-dyed t-shirt, a batik wall hanging and a dip-dyed shawl.

    With the help of the clear step-by-step instructions for each project, a full section in each chapter explaining the relevant method of dyeing, and a techniques section to explain any sewing or other skills needed, you will soon be able to create your own indigo world.

  • Inspired to Design

    Awaken your inner artist with this hands-on, exciting exercise guide that takes you through the seven-step process to design successful art quilts.

    Celebrated quilter Elizabeth Barton shows you how to master every step, from finding inspiration to creating a design and constructing the final quilt. Before you know it, you'll be designing quilts that are real works of art, even if you've never studied art before.

    Includes in-depth sections on composing a design, working with colour and value and much more – turns quilters at any level into better quilt designers.

  • Journal Bliss

    Express your thoughts & feelings like never before in your own art journal. Whether you're new to creative expression or an artist in a rut, Violette will show you how to:

    • Create juicy page backgrounds and whimsical borders to get those ideas flowing
    • Develop your own fanciful lettering
    • Love doodling, even if you think you can't draw
    • Make image transfers of photos or artwork and more

  • Journal Revolution

    Journal Revolution fearlessly drops right into the deepest parts of our mental noise and clutter, and shows readers the fun and liberation of journaling from their inner cities.

    Beginners and advanced visual journalers will learn how to cut through the daily clutter in their minds to access vivid emotions, genuinely express their wide range of moods and boldly record their deepest secrets. The authors' honest humour and enthusiastic encouragement lead readers to create vibrant, edgy, urban journaled art, with easy projects.

  • Joyous Blooms to Color

    Wander along a flowery, winding path with these beautifully rendered 15 postcards and 15 gift tags to colour and cut out! Joyous Blooms to Color is perfect for sending sweet, personalized notes or creating unique gift tags for any occasion-from birthdays, to showers, to "I miss you."

    This compact colouring book is full of detachable, gorgeous floral illustrations and is printed on heavy cardstock, optimal for mailing or displaying. From landscapes of weeping willows in the breeze to patterns of bees and blossoms, all are waiting for your creative touch. Each postcard has "To" and "From" lines on the back.

  • Just Bags, Just Socks, Just Gifts

    Just Socks: From slippers to dressy lace socks.

    Just Bags: Designs for purses, totes, and all sorts of carryalls – from glamorous and chic to practical and basic to knit and crochet.

    Just Gifts: For beginners and experts alike, an inspired collection of great gifts to knit or crochet that are as fun to make as they are to give away!

  • Knit a Monster Nursery

    From the creative mind of Rebecca Danger comes an adorable collection of 16 knitted toys, clothing articles, accessories and nursery decorations that you'll love to knit for Baby.

    • Stitch a whole roomful of practical items – including an irresistible monster mobile, baby blankets, blocks, bookends, rattles, hats and more
    • Find beginner-friendly patterns that make the most of your precious knitting time
    • Create useable items in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes for both boys and girls

  • Knit Back in Time

    Geraldine Warner shows you how simple it is to change lengths, take out waists, shorten sleeves and substitute for yarns that are no longer in production. She reveals two crucial secrets for knitting vintage-style projects: how to update a vintage pattern to suit modern sizes and yarns, and how to customise modern patterns to give them a vintage look.

    She also provides patterns for vintage-style elements, offering invaluable advice on mixing and matching sleeves, necklines and collars to create your own designs. You can choose to add a bell-shaped, three-quarter or ruffled sleeve to the same sweater body, depending on the look you want, or just give in and knit three different jumpers, all from the same basic pattern.

  • Knits of Tomorrow

    Knits of Tomorrow includes playful and fun projects that are primarily aimed at an audience with a nostalgic taste for sci-fi, video games and electronic gizmos past and present. It features:

    • Quick and simple-toys, accessories and home decor items such as rocket-ship desk caddies, circuit-board scarves and a robot pillow
    • Practical projects such as tablet covers, laptop bags and iPod cozies

  • Knitted Alphabet

    The Knitted Alphabet will show you how to knit every letter of the alphabet in 26 different styles, ranging from minimalist to ornate, classic to contemporary.

    Each letter is charted on knitter's graph paper so that the finished shape is accurately shown. Ten simple projects provide inspiration, while a range of knitting techniques are used, including Intarsia, Fair Isle, Swiss darning and textured stitches.

  • Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe

    With a fresh and unique quirkiness that channels the inner child, this handbook aspires to bring a little bit of fun to knitting by creating a fantastic collection of knitted dolls and charming, miniature wardrobes.

    Directions for easy-to-knit dolls and tips for giving them distinct features are included, plus themes such as To the Mountains, Coffee Break and Ship Ahoy! to help organise clothing patterns and ignite the imagination.

    From underwear to overcoats, the various garment patterns are appropriate for every ability level and offer a playful universe that any knitter will enjoy exploring.

  • Knitted Home

    Give your home a room-by-room makeover with this beautiful book of knitted projects for the home. Ten rooms are included, each with three unique items that have their own colour palette and theme, so 30 projects all in all.

    Using pure wools, alpaca wool, mohair, cashmere, silk, cotton and bamboo, these versatile knits range from cosy and comforting to bright and fresh but are always tactile and inviting. Snuggle up to soft and fleecy throws, brighten up your guest room with a new cushion cover or eat leisurely dinners with matching place mats, coasters and napkin rings.

    All basic techniques are clearly explained so this book will appeal to all ability levels and the photo gallery is for anyone interested in interior design.

  • Knitted Meerkats

    Meerkats are appealing little creatures and their growing popularity over the last few years has elevated them to something approaching cult status! Now these cutest of creatures have been immortalised in yarn by Susan Stratford, who has created 20 fun and novel characters for you to knit.

    All of the meerkats are based on the same easy-to-follow pattern, which is then transformed into a bikini-clad beach babe, a rock star (complete with guitar and microphone), a bridal party, a punk rocker (with attitude as well as piercings), a ballerina (who says meerkats can't be light on their feet?) and a gorgeous little boy meerkat dressed up as a dinosaur, to name just a few.

    These 20 cute characters are fun and easy projects suitable for both adults and children and a great source of ideas and inspiration.

  • Knitted Wraps & Cover-Ups

    If cool summer nights or too much air-conditioning give you cold shoulders, take the chill off with fashionable knit accents that will keep you just as warm as you want to be!

    Fresh new designs include long-sleeved boleros and short-sleeved shrugs (both perfect to wear with a sleeveless dress or top), a fitted poncho with matching cabled hat and gauntlets, a trendy cross-body wrap that doubles as an infinity scarf and an origami-style short jacket.

    The collection includes stylish crop tops, which can be worn alone or layered over a tank top or tee. Techniques include entrelac, cables, slipped-stitch colourwork, lace and more.