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  • BurdaStyle Modern Sewing: Dresses for Every Occasion

    Build your wardrobe with 25 projects from the archives of BurdaStyle magazine.

    All of the must-have essentials of a woman's dress wardrobe are covered in this collection: everything from elegant and sophisticated dresses to casual and comfortable shifts. The fashion styles are versatile and wearable, including flirty halter tops, easy-going pullover styles, retro-remakes and formfitting classics.

    The Burda patterns also include skirt and jacket separates for formal occasions that further expand the possibilities for the modern woman's wardrobe. Several of the projects include illustrated step-by-step tutorials. With a few exceptions, all of the projects are easy to intermediate, and sizes range from 2 to 14.

    Although this book is not meant to be a primer on sewing, it includes a Burda 101 section that covers everything the reader needs to know to follow the patterns.

  • City of Style

    In City of Style, Melissa Magsaysay, style editor for the Los Angeles Times, draws on decades of the best, most iconic examples of LA-style and explores the trends, tastes and fashion innovations of today's Angelenos.

    Features offered include:

    • A taste of the retail landscape

    • A guide to stores and shops

    • Helpful tips on how to buy and wear key pieces for each different style

    • Exclusive interviews with Los Angeles's most influential designers, retailers and trendsetters

  • Clay Creation Workshop

    Using super lightweight, air-dry clay (and focusing on a handful of simple shapes), you'll create an entire world of people, animals, scenes and more. From well-dressed dolls to mermaids and fairies, from cute kittens to prideful lions, from cupcakes to beads and bling, you'll create to your heart's content!

    • 20+ step-by-step clay projects for figures, such as mermaids, fairies and dolls, and dress them up with dozens of outfits, crazy and creative hairstyles and accessories
    • 20+ step-by-step clay projects for animals, ranging from the everyday cats and dogs to exotic penguins and giraffes
    • Uses inexpensive lightweight, air-dry clay that is easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of colours

  • Cocktail Dress
    This book contains an informative, fun introduction chronicling the history of the cocktail dress throughout fashion history, a wealth of images including fine art & photography, film stills, fashion editorial & runway photography, vintage ads, magazine covers, & illustrations by the world's foremost designers.
  • Colorful Crochet Lace

    Crochet yourself a wardrobe's worth of colourful lace designs. You’ll find everything from chic shrugs and scarves, to cozy cardigans and tunics, to stylish dresses, T-shirts and totes. The designs are worked in a variety of yarn weights and in a glorious range of colours from elegant jewel tones to earthy neutrals and include simple, all-over openwork patterns, as well as more intricate crochet lace patterns and motifs.

    With clear instructions, detailed stitch diagrams and gorgeous photography, Colorful Crochet Lace makes it easy and fun to create exquisite crochet fashions. Several of the projects are constructed using the Graduated Stitch Method, a technique the author developed that allows for shaping and customized fit without increases or decreases, and many of the patterns include instructions for modifying designs and creating variations.

  • Colorful Fabric Collage

    Colorful Fabric Collage walks you through the techniques that renowned quilter Sue Bleiweiss uses to create her colourful, vibrant art quilts. You will learn easy fusing techniques that serve as the basis for her design, along with ideas for keeping and using a sketchbook, hand-dyeing fabric and adding further embellishments.

    The techniques and 14 projects feature:

    • Steps to successfully design, fuse and quilt based on Sue's signature style
    • Inspiration to tap into your creativity to personalize each project with uniquely meaningful images
    • Ways to draw project patterns and sketch your own quilt designs from scratch
    • Easy-to-master techniques for sketching quilt designs, fusing layers of fabric into a collage and embellishing and finishing each piece in a clever way

  • Colour Knitting with Confidence

    Whether you are simply using a multi-coloured yarn, or creating a Fair Isle sweater with five different coloured yarns, knitting with colour may seem daunting or complicated, but it is really easier than it looks.

    The chapters in Colour Knitting with Confidence cover basic colourwork techniques including stripes, intarsia, stranded, entrelac and double knitting. With full colour step-by-step photographs, charts and diagrams, this is a guide for beginners and a reference for more advanced knitters, giving you confidence to knit colourfully.

    The book features 30 vibrant colourwork techniques and projects ranging from striped house socks, a double knit coaster and a slip-stitch purse to intarsia baby mitts, a woman's sweater and a stranded tablet cosy.

  • Colour Knitting with Confidence

    Color Knitting with Confidence provides down-to-earth instruction for basic colourwork techniques that will have readers joining, floating and weaving in no time! Features include:

    • The basics on tools, types of yarn, chart reading and colour theory
    • The various colourwork techniques including Intarsia, stripes, Fair Isle and double knitting
    • More than 30 projects that can be copied or enhanced
    • Quick tips and tricks that make working with colour a snap

    With step-by-step instructions, charts and diagrams, and more than 100 of full-colour photos that instruct and inspire, the book is a solid guide for both beginning and more advanced knitters who are seeking the confidence to knit colourfully.

  • Colour Scheme Bible

    This inspirational and practical handbook contains over 150 colour scheme ideas for interior designers and home decorators:

    • Discover how colour can be used to create ambience, or to give the illusion of space, depth, warmth and light
    • Divided into the major colour groups, each section explores a range of hues, from primary brights to the palest of pastels
    • Find out how to create distinctive schemes that are informed bu themes such as nature, art, travel, or even a favourite possession
    • Inspirational mood boards present a range of palettes to use with different materials for refreshingly original interior colour schemes

  • Complete Quilter

    Focusing on one skill at a time, The Complete Quilter teaches you everything you need to know about quilt-making. Discover how you can put quilt blocks together in a variety of layout designs to create wonderful modern projects using a range of delightful fabrics, patterns and colourways.

    This all-in-one volume covers fabric selection, cutting, pressing, joining blocks, basting, hand and machine quilting, binding and making labels. With designs ranging from traditional to contemporary, you can easily work your way through the book building your skills on basic patchwork and appliqué as well as improvisational piecing.

  • Continuous Crochet

    Continuous Crochet is a unique collection of crochet patterns using techniques that seamlessly create 3-dimensional designs with minimal finishing, featuring style-conscious and great wearable projects.

    With Kristin's guidance, you will learn:

    • To manipulate motifs into unique garments (sweaters, cardigans, shrugs and more) and accessories (hats, cowls and shawls) that are figure-flattering and fun to make!
    • Innovative methods of of garment shaping, such as strategically placing triangles between square motifs to shape everything from a raglan pullover to a gorgeous shawl without breaking the yarn, leaving fewer tails to weave in
    • To use traditional crochet techniques, such as Bruges lace, Tunisian lace and entrelac

  • Cool Astronomy

    Here are 50 fun, simple and entertaining ways to improve your understanding of astronomy for kids of all ages!

    Discover how telescopes are made, learn about invisible light and study the scale of the universe in a way you ll never forget. Learn amazing space-related tricks such as how to watch a solar eclipse safely and mapping stars from your own back garden, right down to expertly simplifying the supermassive numbers and distances involved.

  • Cozy Toes for Baby

    With crochet patterns that are as adorable as they are practical, you can provide fashion for wee ones while keeping tiny toes warm. Felted for shape and sturdiness – with leather soles for durability – these are finished shoes.

    • Select from seven patterns, each in five sizes, embellished with appealing motifs
    • Easy-to-make foam inserts ensure the perfect shoe shape and size during felting
    • Use readily available materials; you can even use suede elbow patches for soles

  • Craftydermy

    Taxidermy is back in fashion again. It seems that almost every bar, restaurant or new boutique you walk into these days sports the mounted head of some animal or other gazing down from on high. For those of us who are reluctant to decorate our walls with the heads of decapitated mammals, a happy alternative has finally presented itself.

    Now, using sewing, crochet, knitting and papier-mache – and, in some cases, just cutting and pasting – the spirit of taxidermy can be summoned with none of the morbid overtones. Combining the twin pleasures of craft and taxidermy, Craftydermy presents the reader with a cabinet of curiosities to amuse, delight and inspire.

    Projects include a knitted fur stole, papier-mache antlers, a crocheted moose head and a felt tiger rug.

  • Creative Image Transfer

    Join Lesley Riley and a cadre of talented designers, including several frequent contributors to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, to explore exciting new ideas to create with Transfer Artist Paper . With a sheet of TAP and a hot iron, you can transfer a permanent image onto almost any solid surface. And that’s where the fun starts!

    This project-packed book is full of inspiration.

    • Try your hand at 16 fun projects, ranging from jewellery to home accessories, mixed-media art and quilts
    • Use with encaustic; transfer images onto faux bone; and as before, transfer to fabric, paper, wood, metal and even glass
    • Use all your favourite tools and techniques: paints, pencils, stamps, inkjet printing, chalk pastels, spray inks and more

  • Creative Miniature Quilts

    Creative Miniature Quilts contains 10 quilts in varying sizes. Ways to achieve perfect sashing strips, narrow borders and neat bindings for miniatures are shown, making the art of miniature quilt making no longer frightening but fun.

    • Fabulous original designs to inspire
    • Foolproof technique to achieve miniature quilts
    • Designs for the beginner and the more advanced quilter
    • A system that ensures accuracy throughout the whole construction process, from the cutting stage through to sewing on the final binding strip

  • Crochet Amigurumi

    Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals and dolls. These 15 projects range in skill level from basic, such as the "Three Balls," to more complex ones like "A Happy Family."

    Supported with charts and diagrams, the instructions will have you on your way to create lots of lovely crafts.

  • Crochet Blocks in a Box

    These handy cards feature a great choice of 50 crochet block designs that are the perfect size to carry with you and can be laid side by side so you can see how they look when choosing to mix-and-match designs.

    Choose from lacy designs, motifs, medallions and rosettes, bobbles and ripples – all with clear photographs, complete pattern instructions and information on yarn needed. Icons indicate skill level, direction of work and pest applications.

    The accompanying book explains basic crochet techniques and provides a complete visual index of the blocks with 10 failsafe recipes putting them together to create the perfect afghan, blanket or crib cover.

  • Crochet Flowers

    This lovely book can be employed by crocheters as a foundation for countless projects.

    Each example flower is presented in a large, full-colour photograph and is accompanied by written and diagrammed instructions. All sample flowers are crocheted in bright colours of smooth cotton yarn to clearly show the stitch patterns, making it an ideal resource for any crafter looking for inspiration.

  • Crochet Wraps Every Which Way

    The very talented Tammy Hildebrand has given crocheters both a good foundation of 6 techniques as well as wearable and versatile wraps. There's something for everybody here!

    • Techniques: traditional crochet, motif crochet, Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, hairpin lace and double-ended crochet
    • Includes one easy, one intermediate and one advanced project for each technique
    • Accessories for every occasion: delicate shawlettes, comfy ponchos, intricate lace shawls and vibrant, modern wraps