Gardening Sale

  • Fix Your Garden

    This beautifully illustrated little book will help you make the most of your outdoor space, even if you've only got a tiny window box.

    Aimed at the first-time homeowner or renter with little or no gardening know-how, it contains a wealth of information on how to make your garden grow and your balcony bloom, from early analysis of the soil to find out which plants will do best, to fixing that weed-covered wilderness of a backyard you've inherited and starting to grow your own fruit and veg.

    With tips on garden design and how to conquer common pests and diseases, this is a crash course in getting your outdoor space sorted, and also contains information on houseplants so you can bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

  • Garden Tools

    An illustrated guide to choosing, using and maintaining garden tools for all gardening enthusiasts.

    • Identify the right tool for each job and how to use it for the best results
    • Guidelines for choosing quality tools from the vast range available
    • Tips on using and storing tools safely
    • A section on tools for older or special needs gardeners

  • Gardener's A-Z Guide to Flowers

    An essential reference tool for gardeners who grow from seed, suitable for new and experienced. This widely-acclaimed encyclopedia provides instant-access to:

    • Sowing, transplanting and care guidelines for 600 plants, from start to blossom
    • 576 annuals, perennials and bulbs in colour photo gallery with quick-reference info on each plant's characteristics and needs
    • At-a-glance planning chart for selecting 1200+ species by height, colour, bloom time, purposes / region suitability

  • Gardener's Companion to Weeds

    Learn how to identify and control more than 150 common weeds and invasive plants in Australia.

    • An A–Z weed identification guide which describes the habits, and control and disposal methods for aquatic, garden, lawn, pastureland and wasteland weeds and invasive plants
    • Discover the potential benefits and uses of many common weeds – as fertilisers and companion plants
    • Clear colour photos are used for easy identification
    • Index of common and botanical names

  • Gardening with Hebes
    These versatile evergreen shrubs are becoming increasingly popular because of the tremendous choice they offer in colour, shape, size and flower form, and the many new varieties. Specialists show how to use them in borders, rock gardens, raised beds, containers, for groundcover, as hedges, standard and topiary plants. Colour photos show some of the huge range available. Planting plans for effective combinations of hebes and other plants. The best 100 hebes: full-colour A-Z directory.
  • Gardening with Ornamental Grasses
    Create stunning effects, from clouds of delicate meadow grasses to striking bamboo plantings with a range of stunning projects that offer plans for the latest formal and naturalistic planting schemes. Part 1 helps you choose, position and care for these special grasses - they needn't just be a backdrop for flowering plants, they can also add movement and whispering sound. An A-Z provides up-to-date details on 100s of the world's species / varieties to suit all seasons and situations. Colour.
  • Gardens of Russell Page

    Perhaps the greatest garden designer of the twentieth century, Russell Page (1906–85) was trained as an artist, and brought an architectural sensibility and a keen eye for style to the many vast garden projects that he undertook.

    With the assistance and co-operation of Page's clients, Schinz and van Zuylen have researched and photographed all of his best work, both early and late, and some now no longer extant.

    Through his private files and unpublished writing, the man and his work are brought into sharp focus, and over 250 photographs capture the special beauty of his creations in England, America and throughout continental Europe.

  • Grounds for Improvement

    Learn how to turn your outdoor spaces into beautiful havens just like the DYIers on this popular show by screening a porch, removing a concrete walkway and patio, creating a stone slab stairway, building a cedar deck, and more.

    Just look at the colour plan, equip yourself with the tools and supplies listed, and follow the clear step-by-step colour photos and directions for satisfying results.

  • Grow

    Ben Raskin shares his expert knowledge in this funky guide for families who are new to edible gardening, looking at the whole life cycle of food, from seed sowing and saving to planning and planting, and-most exciting of all – harvesting the food that you've grown.

    From planting your very own pizza toppings to becoming runner bean rivals and learning that a strawberry is actually lots of little strawberries, teach your kids that growing fruit and vegetables is easy and fun, and eating food that you have produced together is even better. Complete with stickers, runner-bean measuring chart, a fruit pairs game and a rainbow taste wheel, Grow offers your family the inspiration to get out there and get planting.

  • Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies

    Make these remedies in less time than it takes to get to a chemist or health-food shop. Learn how to grow herbs, then make your own infusions, teas, salves, ointments, and rubs. Beautifully organised into three sections:

    • Ailments & which herbs will treat them
    • The herbs, each with a colour photo and highlighted boxes clearly describing the herb, which parts can be used and what for, how to cultivate it, an old family recipe, when and where not to use the herb
    • Detail advice on making remedies

  • Hamlyn All Colour Best Plants
    Tips and advice and an easy-to-use directory helps you choose suitable plants for your garden - whether you need of robust, safe plants for a children's play area or older cultivars for a wildlife haven. Each plant has a detailed description, colour photo, advice on planting, cultivation, propagation, hardiness, pests and diseases.
  • Hardy Palms & Palm-like Plants
    Palms provide strong, natural focal points in a garden and, as hardy evergreens, add year-round interest and a touch of the exotic. Graham explains how to make the most of the variations they offer in foliage colour, shape and texture to create successful borders and garden designs. Covering mixed plantings, hard landscaping, and the use of tubs, planters and other containers, he shows how to display palms and similar plants to dramatic effect. Comprehensive descriptions and cultivation details of over 100 of the most readily available species help you choose the plants you desire. Pests and diseases, planting, maintenance, and propagation are also covered.
  • Icons of Twentieth Century Landscape Design

    Here are 29 landscapes that pushed the boundaries and changed the way we look at designed outdoor spaces, from Frank Lloyd Wright's fusion of architecture and landscape to Martha Schwartz's incorporation of wit and irony in garden design.

    The text explains the radical ideas, new materials, and artistic intentions and achievements behind these sites; photos carefully chosen to reflect their character.

  • Illustrated Guide to NZ Hebes
    Popular in world gardens (coasts to alps), Hebes take many varied and striking forms. This comprehensive guide describes each species in detail, with distribution maps, colour photos and info on recognition, variation, flowering time, nomenclature, etymology, chromosome number. General chapters on classification, reproductive biology, evolution, morphology, biogeography, chemistry, conservation.
  • Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering

    Ed's Amazing Pots System - Portable, Organic, Trouble-Free, Secret Soil Formula - grows easy, plentiful, foolproof vegetables, from artichoke to strawberries.

    Over 40 years, he has chosen, planted, tested and tasted dozens of vegetables in every type of self-watering container (store-bought or homemade).

  • Indoor Plants: Practical Gardener

    A comprehensive, full-colour, photographic directory of all commonly available indoor plants, including flowering, foliage, cacti and edibles. Features:

    • Expert advice on choosing, buying, positioning, propagating and cultivating, and keeping plants alive and healthy year-round
    • Easy-to-use charts for quick plant care reference and variety comparison
    • A handy troubleshooting guide for identifying/eradicating pests and diseases

  • It's a Long Road to a Tomato

    Open a window into the world of Keith's Farm, with essays on his development as a farmer, the nuts and bolts of organic farming for an urban market, farm animals domestic and wild, and the political, social, and environmental issues relevant to agriculture today-and their impact on all of us.

    It is a personal and highly acclaimed book on the how's and whys of running a small organic farm in 21st century America. Including gorgeous woodcut illustrations by his wife Flavia Bacarella.

  • Landscaping with Perennials
    Although these are US guides there is very little that can't be applied here, and since they're filled with detailed info, charts and projects not available in similar Australian guides, their content makes them well worth the price. Easy-to-read text, tips, hints and all the materials and tools you'll need to do the projects. 300+ captioned colour photos (many stepped sequences).
  • Maples

    Prized for their wonderfully coloured leaves and graceful shapes, maples are easy and rewarding to cultivate, and many, (e.g. Japanese maples) are suitable for small gardens and containers.

    This is a practical gardener's guide to growing over 130 species and varieties, included maples from Japan and North America. It offers advice on general care, cultivation and propagation and suggestions for using maples for landscaping, in containers and as companion plants. Over 115 colour photos.

  • Modern Tropical Garden Design

    A recognised authority on tropical garden design and architecture Made Wijaya is the designer of over 600 tropical gardens including such notable gardens as Florida's Naples Botanical Garden and the Bali Hyatt.

    With a winning combination of inspiration and information he book offers an overview of the philosophies of tropical design as well as practical guidance in areas such as water features, paving, lighting, furniture and artwork.