Gardening Sale

  • All About Citrus & Subtropical Fruits

    Grow your own citrus and subtropical fruit with help from All About Citrus and Subtropical Fruits.

    From detailed descriptions of over 70 varieties of citrus and 275 varieties of subtropical fruits, you are bound to find the best type for your garden. Includes easy-to-follow care instructions that will ensure a bountiful harvest.

    Published in the US but applicable to subtropical regions of Australia.

  • Alpine Plants

    Co-published with the Alpine Garden Society, this much-awaited guide covers every aspect related to growing healthy alpine plants, supplemented with beautiful colour photos of species in situ, helpful tables and graphs:

    • Details on species in the wild and in cultivation
    • Comprehensive info on ecosystems, pest and disease control, climate, geology, soils, growth, chemical nutrition, reproduction and distribution
    • Impact of global climate change

  • Armchair Book of Gardens

    This collection of text and visuals looks at gardens from many angles, celebrating their sensual, practical, spiritual, aesthetic, social and even political dimensions.

    Writers from around the world call to mind the garden in its many incarnations, sometimes light-heartedly, sometimes wittily, sometimes expressing regret or sorrow. Like a garden itself, this title blooms with a variety of exciting offerings, providing flowery fantasies, patches of wildness, sensuous surprises and satisfaction for the soul.

  • Australian Coastal Gardens

    The coastal gardens of Australia are as varied as the geography of this vast continent itself.

    Join Myles Baldwin as he travels around the country, from the gentle landscape of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and the sheer cliffs of Sydney's Dover Heights to an old copper mining town in South Australia and beyond. On his journey he finds a diverse range of gardens, some created by professionals, others by enthusiastic amateurs, but all entirely appropriate to their location and often difficult conditions.

    Also included is an extensive plant guide, compiled by Myles based on his many years' experience of working on the coast and his conversations with horticulturists, which will guide you through the practicalities of gardening by the sea. Accompanied by Sue Stubbs' stunning photography, Australian Coastal Gardens is great reading for anyone who loves gardens and gardening.

  • Backyard Blueprints
    This book is unique in its mixture of down-to-earth design advice and inspiring creative ideas for gardens to suit different tastes, situations and lifestyles. David Stevens demystifies the stages of designing a garden, yet the result is a mixture of the most imaginative and beautiful plans, features and planting. Colour phot.
  • Bamboos & Grasses: RHS Simple Steps
    Simple advice on choosing the right plants, creating grass and bamboo features, and keeping them looking their best. Creative 'recipes' for planting small spaces, jungle effects, artistic pots, oriental styles, etc. Full information on selection and cultivation of the best hardy bamboos and grasses. Guidance on care, pruning, propagation and maintenance. Fully-illustrated with colour photos.
  • Bayou Bend Gardens

    Conceived in 1926, by legendary collector and adventurous gardener Irma Hogg, to surround Bayou Bend in Houston, this is one of the most beautiful US public gardens, using diverse native / imported plants in formal and informal gardens amongst woods and ravines.

    In-depth history, plans, sketches, archival / recent photos.

  • Beekeeping
    Whether your a beginning beekeeper or one with a season or two of experience, the Richard Bonney tells you how to keep bees, not just have them. This new book by the acclaimed author of Hive Management offers vital, up-to-date information about how to: * Acquire bees * Install a colony * Manage a hive * Take a crop of honey * Prevent and treat Varroa and tracheal mites * Learn about Africanised bees. The book clearly set out, enjoyable to read, and packed with helpful hints and diagrams.
  • Blueprints for Harmonious Gardens
    Create a tranquil haven by learning how to place benches, birdbaths, statuary and unusual plantings at focal points in a pleasing location, at the perfect height, and in an eye-catching way. From trompe l'oeil illusions to enfilade (view through a view), every idea is achievable and attractive. Colour plans/photos galore.
  • Camomile

    In Camomile, discover:

    • The best ways to grow camomile, popular varieties and their properties
    • How to make a range of therapeutic preparations – teas, tinctures, syrups, infused and massage oils
    • Remedies for colds, fevers, headaches, anxiety, cramps, burns, insect bites, etc
    • Recipes for hair, skin and body care, decorations and gifts
    • Colour photos and historical prints

  • Classic Garden Plans

    These 16 garden plans are inspired by the world's most famous and bewitching gardens:

    • Jekyll's Edwardian colour borders

    • Hidcote Manor's topiary room

    • Frank Lloyd Wright's abstract desert patterns and pure lines

    • Monet's water garden...

    Each design can be realised in the smallest of spaces, each is practical to maintain, each is a recipe that can be easily followed or adapted: clear planting plans, directions on building, laying out, planting and caring for the garden, a list of suitable plants. Colour photos.

  • Classic Gardens - The French Style
    This glorious book traces the evolution of the French formal style throughout Europe – Versailles (France), Peterhof (Russia), Quelez (Portugal), La Granja (Spain) – from the jardin clos of the Middle Ages to Renaissance gardens influenced by classical antiquity and, lastly, to gardens of breathtaking scale and engineering ingenuity at the 17th century's close. Through text, 190 wonderful photos (150 in colour) and detailed plans of 36 of Europe's most spectacular gardens, it reveals who commissioned these gardens, who designed them and who used them, providing an important historical context and luscious visual record of some of the world's most magical places.
  • Clematis & Climbers
    Simple advice on planting, creating impressive combinations and keeping climbers in top condition. Advice and 'recipes' for combining climbers to great effect for a vine entrance, rustic arch, quick cover-up, etc. Details on supports (trellis to tripod). A-Z of the best plants with photos and full cultivation advice. Guide to pruning, propagation, topiary, and seasonal care. Fully-illustrated. Colour illustrated.
  • Contemporary Color in the Landscape
    Contemporary Color in the Landscape explores the whole spectrum of colour: how we perceive and respond to colour, how to design with colour, how to manipulate contrast and create intensity with saturation, how to maximize impact by minimizing colour, how to find your own personal colour combinations, and how colour is viewed in nature.

    Supported by more than 300 stunning photographs, Contemporary Color in the Landscape integrates cutting-edge designers, their landscapes, colour theory, new design ideas, and gorgeous photography into one inspirational, instructional, and must-have guide for design professionals.

  • Delphiniums

    An authoritative colour guide to growing, raising and breeding themajestic flowers of the Ranunculaceae family (eg foxgloves).

    • Expert advice on species in the wild and in cultivation, including the many colours, species and hybrids now available
    • Complete coverage: classification, propagation, hybridising, pests and diseases, etc
    • Tips for creating year-round colour – gardens, containers, patios, cut flowers

  • Design Ideas for Your Garden

    Inspiration from the UK's finest gardens is paired with practical information on how to apply design elements and planting styles to suit any garden or space. From the grand lakes at Stowe and the sculpted yew hedges at Powys Castle through to the wildflowers at Thomas Hardy's cottage and the herb-filled kitchen garden at Avebury Manor, the gardens of the National Trust are a fantastic source of inspiration for gardeners of any level.

    This book shows how different elements in the National Trust's gardens can be applied to any garden, whether it is large space or just a window box. National Trust head gardeners provide unique insights and tips throughout, explaining how to apply their expertise to reinterpret a garden while still retaining one's own individual creative style.

    There are chapters covering how to introduce design elements of structure and texture, what to plant in each season to bring colour, various water elements, pots and containers, delicious edible planting, and wild gardens that will thrive throughout the year. This practical guide is a sumptuously illustrated, inspirational source of creative ideas that can be adopted and adapted to suit all gardens, no matter what their size, shape or budget.

  • Designing the New Landscape
    "The landscape book of the decade" - The Architects' Journal. Once the possession of the wealthy, landscape design has become available to all. Discover how landscape design evolved over the 20th century and what this points to in the future. 40 designs worldwide, and the designers, are viewed in six ways:
    * Perceptions of cultural context
    * Responses to urban scene
    * Structured landscape
    * Subjective vision
    * Relating to architecture
    * Reconditioning nature.

    291 photos, plans, 106 colour.
  • Down & Dirty
    43 Fun and funky first-time projects and activities to get you, your family and your neighbourhood gardening. Projects are arranged in 4 sections - Basics, Adventures, Accents, Plants - and a sidebar has quick-access page numbers for the recipes, container gardens, and kids and family projects in the 4 sections. Includes:
    * Cool tools
    * Visual guide to good and bad bugs
    * Community gardens
    * Dinosaur garden
    * Photographing gardens
    * Growing herbs, berries, etc.
  • Easy Gardening

    Jane Nicholas and The Duchess of Beaufort make beautiful planting easy by giving 'recipes' for a variety of garden situations. Each recipe (can be used in any sized plot) has a shopping list of what plants you need and how many of each to buy.

    A planting plan shows how to position them and you get all you need to know to look after them. Highly praised!