Cross Stitch

  • 20 to Stitch: Christmas Cross Stitch

    Create 20 unique and whimsical Christmas cross-stitch designs. Emulate Michael Powell's distinctive cross-stitch style to make Christmas cards or samplers as special gifts for friends and family.

    Designs range from festive candle arrangements to vintage winter street scenes, and each design is accompanied by an easy-to-follow stitching guide.

    Look inside the book.

  • Australian Cross Stitch
    100+ realistic, flora, fauna and landscape designs with colour charts / photos. Quick-to-stitch motifs, elaborate samplers, detailed designs (Wildflower Bouquet): lorikeets, lyrebird, wrens; wombats, sugar gliders, kangaroos, frilled lizard; waratahs, waterlily, wattle; tropical fish; sea dragons, dolphins; Great Barrier Reef, Ularu, Apostles; Oz map, birth notice / flowers, repeat / mini motifs. Beginner basics, stockists, conversions.
  • Criss-Crossing Paris

    Create an unforgettable travel memoir of Paris, with charming designs that feature familiar sights and unexpected moments. Each page is an invitation for the traveler or lover of Paris to share the author's journey, evoking memories of one of the worlds most romantic cities.

    Snapshots, short poetic descriptions and charming illustrations of the inspiration behind the designs are accompanied by photographs of the finished projects and counted charts. As well as pictures and pillows, projects include other items like a baguette tote, a metro sign ticket holder and a door knocker pincushion.

    Each design can be adapted to stitch onto a variety of items and advice is given on these variations. Intrepid cross stitchers can step off the grid and use the illustrations as a guide to stitch on to linen, while those who prefer to work counted designs on Aida cloth will find chart templates in the book.

    Look inside the book.

  • Cross Stitch

    This fabulously cool collection of cross-stitch brings together quirky modern styles and traditional techniques.

    Suitable for beginners and as a source of inspiration for experienced cross-stitchers, the projects are wide-ranging, from buttons and brooches, to watch straps and customized clothes. All are presented in step-by-step form, with clear photographs to follow.

    A useful techniques section explains all the necessary basic skills and materials required, and shows you how to create designs from scratch. There is also a selction of themed designs that can be used for the projects in the book or for anything else you'ld like to customize.

  • Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers

    To celebrate Jane Greenoff's 30th year of stitching, this new edition of her classic best-selling book includes three new sampler charts, an extended stitch library and a Madeira thread conversion chart.

    • Jane Greenoff uses the historical samplers as the inspiration for 13 unique designs so stitchers can start their own collection
    • Each project chapter is inspired by a popular sampler style, including alphabet samplers, map samplers, darning samplers, band samplers and house samplers
    • A beautiful sampler box with storage for sewing accessories is Jane's anniversary project

  • Cross Stitch for All Seasons

    This inspiring cross-stitch sourcebook presents a range of designs that will appeal whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, with charts to suit any mood.

    Offering both new and experienced crafters a stunning collection of patterns – ranging from smaller mofits to larger projects – there is something gorgeous to suit any crafter.

  • Cross Stitch Motif Series 3: Borders

    This source book contains dozens of exciting border designs to inspire both experienced and novice stitchers. It is brimming with ideas that include strong geometric patterns, pretty florals and fun, motif-based designs.

    There is a variety of sizes to adorn table cloths, towels, cushions, clothing, and any fabric or cross-stitch project with easy-to-follow colour charts and a colour pattern key for each page.

  • Cross Stitch Sampler Book

    Inspired by a wide variety of subjects – the natural world; the shapes, colors, and patterns of pottery designs of the 1950s and 1960s; sweets and cakes; baby toys and clothes; parties and special occasions; and crafts such as sewing, knitting, and patchwork – this collection of cross-stitch motifs has something for everyone.

    The designs can be stitched as one whole piece or used to embellish items such as tea towels, aprons, tablecloths, pillowcases, shopping bags, make-up bags, purses and clothing: any textile item you’d like to decorate. The book includes easy-to-follow cross-stitch charts.

  • Cross-Stitch Garden

    Inspired by her love of wildflowers, Kazuko Aoki has created a collection of more than 20 projects and over 70 individual cross-stitch motifs.

    Designs are included for all your floral favourites, such as viola, pansies, poppies and roses. These motifs are used to create traditional samplers, as well as bags, pincushions, pillows, coasters, aprons and tea towels.

    Instructions are presented in counted cross-stitch charts, plus step-by-step diagrams for constructing projects.

    Look inside the book.

  • Cross-Stitch to Calm

    It's been said cross-stitch is colour by numbers for grownups: this book features a collection of cross-stitch patterns that maximize the fun and minimize the stress, with few colour changes and simple, bold designs.

    With bold, simple projects based on easy-to-stitch shapes, Cross-Stitch to Calm will let crafters enjoy a soothing hobby while creating an attractive finished project.

  • Easy Cross Stitch Series 2: Baby

    Each title in the Easy Cross Stitch series provides a beautiful collection of designs to inspire and challenge beginning stitchers. These thematic resource books offer an easy-to-follow, full-colour chart and a colour key on every page.

    This guide book gives crafters a wonderful excuse to satisfy their cross-stitch passions with the arrival of a new baby. With patterns that include rockets, boats, dinosaurs, princesses and horse drawn carriages, this book is packed with bright ideas to help decorate the nursery for any boy or girl.

    The patterns, which are perfect for beginning and advanced stitchers, can be used to make fun greeting cards, to patch onto change bags, to add color to bed linens or clothing, or to simply create a beautiful sampler to commemorate the happy arrival.

  • Feminist Cross Stitch

    Make a statement – and smash the patriarchy, one stitch at a time – with these 40 feminist-themed cross-stitching patterns!

    Crafty activists will love this snarky book with its 40 irreverent, vintage-inspired cross-stitch patterns. Whether you want to proudly announce to the world that you're a nasty woman or remind others that a woman's place is in the revolution, you'll find edgy slogans, sharp one-liners and cheeky images that make fabulous wall art or wonderful handmade gifts.

    An illustrated basics section will get you started, with information on materials, tools, techniques and framing your finished pieces.

  • Magic of Christmas to Cross Stitch

    Let the magic of Christmas inspire your stitching with these 20 cross stitch patterns, blending the traditional style of France with a charming contemporary simplicity.

    Many of the designs include multiple scenes and motifs, offering you hundreds of components to use in a myriad of ways. The elements of a cross-stitched Christmas are all here: Father Christmas, toys, sparkling decorations and children enjoying the anticipation! Along with the patterns, enjoy instructions for projects to show off your stitchwork, like a Christmas stocking, a gorgeous Advent calendar, gift cards and a holiday ABC sampler.

  • Magical Cross Stitch Designs

    A fabulous collection of fantastic mystical themed cross stitch designs with 65 full colour charts featuring the ever popular wizards, fairies and dragons.

    The gorgeous project section shows you how to turn your cross stitch charts into magical gifts and keepsakes with over 40 simple project ideas including hanging charms, photo holders, cards and sachets.

    Stitching techniques are also featured in the book so you can learn all the stitches used in the magical charts.

  • Makoto's Cross-Stitch Super Collection

    Cross stitch phenom Makoto Oozu teaches you cross stitch basics and then introduces you to his world of stitched robots, insects, artillery and more.

    De-lame your tote bag, your special trucker cap and your undies by stitching them with dancing skeletons, Big Ben and old-school electronics. With over 100 images and 10 projects to choose from, you can make everyone's stuff awesome!

  • Mega Mini Cross Stitch

    Japanese cross stitch sensation Makoto Oozu offers 900 tiny motifs that can be stitched onto anything from badges and hankies to T-shirts and bags. You will find it impossible to choose a favourite!

    The book is arranged by themes inspired by all aspects of everyday life with step-by-step cross stitch instructions for beginners, as well as tips for stitching onto different fabrics. Be warned: this is an addictive hobby! Once you start, you will soon be stitching these super awesome motifs onto anything and everything.

  • Modern Cross Stitch

    Hannah Sturrock shares over 30 beautiful patterns with you. Hannah's designs are a little bit different from what is available elsewhere. She uses simple outlines with striking patterns and clean, fresh colours, and takes inspiration from new interior fashions, vintage textiles, nature, toys and more, always striving to be contemporary and stylish.

    Discover five chapters of fabulous ideas: For a Beautiful Baby; For Big Kids; For a Special Occasion; For a Nature Lover; and For the Home. Make an adorable barnyard scene picture for young ones, or a comic-book style cross-stitched mobile phone case. Add an extra handmade touch to presents with stitched gift tags, and create a Christmas toy sack that will be treasured throughout the years. Bring the beauty of nature into the home with the flower hessian tote and the stunning floral finch cushion.

    You can even take cross stitch to a new level, decorating walls with washi tape birds and stitching velvet ribbon onto woven chair seats. Make use of other innovative materials, too, including soluble canvas - which allows you to cross stitch on any fabric – and glow in the dark embroidery thread.

  • Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch

    If you think you know what cross stitch is, look again! Jamie Chalmers, aka Mr X Stitch, shows you how to cross stitch using simple step-by-step instructions and also takes you to the frontiers of cross stitch design.

    The book is aimed at stitchers of all abilities, from absolute beginners looking to learn a new craft to embroiderers and cross stitchers who want to do something different in cross stitching. Features include:

    • Basics of cross stitching, including information on materials, tools, techniques and colour blending
    • Different materials such as glow-in-the-dark threads and stitching on metal
    • More than 20 stunning cutting-edge projects to make
    • Guidance on how to create cross stitch designs of your own
    • Showcases the work of contemporary cross stitchers who are pushing the boundaries of their craft

    Look inside the book.