Cross Stitch

  • 1000 Cross Stitch Motifs

    This collection of 1000 cross stitch motifs, each accompanied by an easy-to-follow colour chart, presents cross stitchers with a fabulous resource for incorporation into cards, samplers, pictures, and larger work.

    Fully illustrated step-by-step instruction in basic techniques and materials will allow even the novice to start stitching right away. A unique spiral bound format lets the book lie completely flat for ease of use when following the charts.

  • 1000 Mini Cross Stitch Motifs

    This fantastic resource and reference book for cross stitchers contains 1000 mini motifs for all occasions.

    It offers a wonderful selection of charming mix-and-match motifs, borders and images covering a huge range of subjects, including flowers, animals, teatime treats, travel, little people, houses and much more, all grouped into popular themes including weddings, birthdays, Christmas and Easter. Mini motifs are quick and easy to stitch, so beginners have all they need within these pages to create a special gift for their friends and loved ones, and more experienced stitchers will find this treasure trove of ideas an invaluable source of inspiration.

    A helpful introduction provides useful advice on materials and techniques, and worked examples show how the motifs can be used on samplers, greetings cards and other items.

  • 20 to Make: Mini Cross Stitch

    Michael Powell provides 20 mini cross stitch designs, each accompanied by a full-colour chart, key and general instructions.

    The designs measure approximately 90 x 90 mm, though there are a variety of formats and that include tall, narrow designs as well as borders. All the designs can be worked on 14-count Aida or evenweave fabric.

    There's a broad range of subjects to choose from, including country cottages, flowers, hearts, and festive Christmas trees, so whatever the occasion. The general instructions and simple stitch diagrams will appeal to those new to cross stitch.

  • 20 to Stitch: Christmas Cross Stitch

    Create 20 unique and whimsical Christmas cross-stitch designs. Emulate Michael Powell's distinctive cross-stitch style to make Christmas cards or samplers as special gifts for friends and family.

    Designs range from festive candle arrangements to vintage winter street scenes, and each design is accompanied by an easy-to-follow stitching guide.

    Look inside the book.

  • Australian Cross Stitch
    100+ realistic, flora, fauna and landscape designs with colour charts / photos. Quick-to-stitch motifs, elaborate samplers, detailed designs (Wildflower Bouquet): lorikeets, lyrebird, wrens; wombats, sugar gliders, kangaroos, frilled lizard; waratahs, waterlily, wattle; tropical fish; sea dragons, dolphins; Great Barrier Reef, Ularu, Apostles; Oz map, birth notice / flowers, repeat / mini motifs. Beginner basics, stockists, conversions.
  • Criss-Crossing Paris

    Create an unforgettable travel memoir of Paris, with charming designs that feature familiar sights and unexpected moments. Each page is an invitation for the traveler or lover of Paris to share the author's journey, evoking memories of one of the worlds most romantic cities.

    Snapshots, short poetic descriptions and charming illustrations of the inspiration behind the designs are accompanied by photographs of the finished projects and counted charts. As well as pictures and pillows, projects include other items like a baguette tote, a metro sign ticket holder and a door knocker pincushion.

    Each design can be adapted to stitch onto a variety of items and advice is given on these variations. Intrepid cross stitchers can step off the grid and use the illustrations as a guide to stitch on to linen, while those who prefer to work counted designs on Aida cloth will find chart templates in the book.

    Look inside the book.

  • Cross Stitch

    This fabulously cool collection of cross-stitch brings together quirky modern styles and traditional techniques.

    Suitable for beginners and as a source of inspiration for experienced cross-stitchers, the projects are wide-ranging, from buttons and brooches, to watch straps and customized clothes. All are presented in step-by-step form, with clear photographs to follow.

    A useful techniques section explains all the necessary basic skills and materials required, and shows you how to create designs from scratch. There is also a selction of themed designs that can be used for the projects in the book or for anything else you'ld like to customize.

  • Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers

    To celebrate Jane Greenoff's 30th year of stitching, this new edition of her classic best-selling book includes three new sampler charts, an extended stitch library and a Madeira thread conversion chart.

    • Jane Greenoff uses the historical samplers as the inspiration for 13 unique designs so stitchers can start their own collection
    • Each project chapter is inspired by a popular sampler style, including alphabet samplers, map samplers, darning samplers, band samplers and house samplers
    • A beautiful sampler box with storage for sewing accessories is Jane's anniversary project

  • Cross Stitch Cute Animals

    Each of the 20 circular designs in this book is accompanied by a full-colour and symbol chart for 14-count Aida or 28-count evenweave linen. Each design measures approximately 203 x 203 mm and all can be displayed in a simple embroidery hoop.

    The designs include creatures from around the world: a cute kitten, the majestic tiger and an adorable Koala. Birds have not been forgotten, and include a magnificent peacock or the colourful hummingbird. All are set amongst delightful floral scenes that depict seasons of the year and will surely delight stitchers and animal and bird lovers alike.

  • Cross Stitch Cute Baby Models

    Each of the 20 circular designs in this book is represented by a full-colour and symbol chart for 14-count Aida or 28-count evenweave linen.

    Every design can be displayed in a simple embroidery hoop to create an adorable gift for a new baby or young child, or for new parents. Many of the designs can be personalized by adding initials or a name and dates from the alphabet and number charts provided, making individual mementos for special occasions.

  • Cross Stitch Flower Models

    This compact compendium of cross-stitch charts uses a limited and identical palette of threads for each project. There are 20 circular designs in the book, and each of the patterns is accompanied by a full-colour and symbol chart for 14-count Aida or 28-count evenweave linen.

    Each design concentrates on a flower or a floral group that captures the very essence of the shapes and colours of the plant. The designs include seasonal wreaths, vases and jugs brimming with colour, gardens with lovely cottages and birds, flowers in a landscape and single beautiful blooms.

  • Cross Stitch for All Seasons

    This inspiring cross-stitch sourcebook presents a range of designs that will appeal whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, with charts to suit any mood.

    Offering both new and experienced crafters a stunning collection of patterns – ranging from smaller mofits to larger projects – there is something gorgeous to suit any crafter.

  • Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Hearts, Birds, Flowers

    With inspiration drawn from the author's love of nature, this guidebook includes dozens of motifs of birds, flowers and simple heart designs.

    From a colourful peacock, red roses and sweet peas to bluebirds, owls and patchwork hearts, the featured patterns can be used for any number of home crafting projects, including greeting cards, framed pictures, pincushions, bookmarks or to decorate a cushion or a bag.

    The simple motifs can be created individually or combined for more elaborate patterns, making this book a perfect resource for beginning and veteran stitchers.

  • Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Nature

    From flowers to animals, the wealth of cross stitch designs in this book are inspired by nature.

    The floral patterns include both individual flowers and larger floral scenes, such as a charming country cottage in a garden setting, a summer house by the sea, a garden scene which incorporates a pretty garden shed and a decorative floral garland.

    Choose from small designs to make into greetings cards, coasters, purses, and embellishing clothes, along with larger designs which could be used to make framed pictures, cushions, tea towels and notebook covers. Included are easy-to-follow colour and symbol charts.

  • Cross Stitch Mini Motifs: Vintage

    The wide variety of vintage motifs found in this book can be used to decorate clothing, tea towels, cushions, aprons and little bags and purses with beautiful cross stitch.

    From vintage-style hats, clothes, and shoes, to retro-style film, cinema and theater motifs, the easy-to-follow patterns will please any crafter. For animal lovers there are cute little Scottie dogs and dachshunds, and those who love to stitch floral designs, there are floral garlands, beautiful old-fashioned roses, a Parisian style flower shop and a shabby-chic bicycle overflowing with flowers.

    The designs are beautifully patterned and shaded, and can be framed to make into sweet little pictures or can also be used to make greeting cards.

  • Cross Stitch Motif Series 1: Garden & Flowers

    Each title in the Cross Stitch Motif series contains dozens of themed borders, small and large images, and samplers to inspire an endless array of stitching projects. Easy-to-follow colour charts and a colour pattern key for each page make each book a useful addition to every design library.

    This inspiring cross-stitch sourcebook presents more than 200 beautiful floral designs. Offering both new and experienced crafters a stunning collection of patterns – from delicate borders to detailed flower studies, along with pretty alphabets – there is something gorgeous to suit any project.

  • Cross Stitch Motif Series 3: Borders

    This source book contains dozens of exciting border designs to inspire both experienced and novice stitchers. It is brimming with ideas that include strong geometric patterns, pretty florals and fun, motif-based designs.

    There is a variety of sizes to adorn table cloths, towels, cushions, clothing, and any fabric or cross-stitch project with easy-to-follow colour charts and a colour pattern key for each page.

  • Cross Stitch Sampler Book

    Inspired by a wide variety of subjects – the natural world; the shapes, colors, and patterns of pottery designs of the 1950s and 1960s; sweets and cakes; baby toys and clothes; parties and special occasions; and crafts such as sewing, knitting, and patchwork – this collection of cross-stitch motifs has something for everyone.

    The designs can be stitched as one whole piece or used to embellish items such as tea towels, aprons, tablecloths, pillowcases, shopping bags, make-up bags, purses and clothing: any textile item you’d like to decorate. The book includes easy-to-follow cross-stitch charts.

  • Cross Stitch Tea Time

    Twenty circular designs are included in this book, and each is accompanied by a full-colour and symbol chart for 14-count Aida or 28-count evenweave linen.

    Each design concentrates on tea time: gorgeous cakes, knickerbocker glories, tiered plates of iced fancies, vintage tea sets, a sweet gingerbread house, a scrumptious wedding cake and a lovely teddy bear's tea party to name but a few. Stitchers who like the sweet things in life will love to create these wonders – and not a calorie is to be seen!