Jackets & Coats

  • Frankie Shirt

    The Frankie Shirt is an A-line, six-button shirt with underarm dart, back inverted pleat, diagonal back seams with vent openings and stand up or turn down collar. It has three-quarter length sleeves with diagonal seams and asymmetric vents and offset bottom hems.

    Suggested Fabrics Lightweight to medium-weight, shirt-weight linen, cotton, silk.

    Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

  • Getting to the Point
    The unusual cut of the jacket falls into soft bias points in front and is squared-off in back. The set-in sleeves come in 3/4 or full length. The jacket is accented with a front band and cuffs that can be made of matching or contrasting fabrics.

    Hidden inside the jacket is a hanging pocket attached to the armhole and the two pockets inside the front band are perfect for a credit card, money or a lipstick. This comfortable jacket is perfect for a black tie event or everyday wear.

    Multi-sized: XS – XXL
  • Inset Jacket

    Loose-fitting jacket with inset yokes. Pleated fullness beneath the yokes. Drop shoulder, 3/4-length, 2-piece sleeves. Topstitch hems. The Inset Jacket is a creative opportunity waiting for you. Choose from a variety of fabrics or think about embellishments. This beautiful and sophisticated design offers a different personality in each of the fabrics it is made in. From soft and light in linen, to elegant in silk/rayon velvet to fun in a challis print.

    Suggested Fabrics: Lightweight linen, gauze, jersey knits, woven challis, lightweight/midweight silks, georgette, lightweight wools and rayon. Fabrics that pleat well and drape softly. Avoid matching prints and stripes. If using a sheer fabric eliminate all facings and bind edges.

  • Jakarta
    Kimono style jacket with a twist! It features an inset detail on right band and a notched and detailed left band.

    There is an optional tab detail at back neck. The jacket is below hip length with side slits, button sleeve detail and easy welt pockets. It can be worn open or with optional closures.

    Sizes included: XS – 5XL

  • Japanese Hapi & Haori
    For formal occasions or everyday layered dressing, either jacket offers a special touch to any wardrobe. Simple rectangular shapes are great for inventive colour and texture combinations. A pattern for the tabi, the traditional split-toe slipper socks, is included.

    Suggested fabrics: For the Hapi, choose light to medium-weight soft or crisp cottons or blends; silks with body such as noil or shantung; linen; wool. For the Haori, choose light to medium-weight soft fabrics with drape such as silk, rayon or blends. For the Tabi, choose medium-weight cotton or blends. Fabrics with nap, pile or one-way design are not suitable for either jacket.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 20 (Hapi & Haori); Men's 34 – 44 (Hapi)
  • Japanese Michiyuki
    This three-quarter length kimono-style jacket was worn for extra warmth and/or protection while out and about. Its low, square neckline was designed to attractively frame the overlapping neckbands of the kimono and under-kimono worn underneath. Wear it as a dressy overcoat, casual coat-dress, and artist's or work smock, perfect for studio or garden tasks. Lengthened and made out of water-repellent fabric, it also functions as a raincoat.

    The pattern features a double-breasted front opening, kimono style sleeves that are large enough to fit over a kimono underneath, narrow neck band with mitered corners, and a handy pocket hidden in the front seam. Covered buttons are decorative only; snap fasteners attach the overlapping centre front panels, so no buttonholes are needed.

    Suggested Fabrics: Drapey fabrics with body, such as rayon or silk crepe for the outer Michiyuki; lightweight silk or cotton for the lining. Note: The Michiyuki is typically made from unpatterned fabrics with a woven-in design or texture, such as brocade. This is so the garment does not clash with the more elaborate designs of the underlying kimono. However, some Michiyuki fabrics have all-over designs like small checks or narrow stripes. Satin gives a more formal, dressy look. Microfibers and treated fabrics are good for a raincoat.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – 2XL

  • Kinsale Cloak
    This billowing full-length cloak was a tradition in rural Ireland and can still be seen today in West County Cork and at historic re-enactments everywhere. The romantic garment fastens at the neck and features a detachable loosely-fitted hood. Pattern includes fascinating historical lore, notes for handweavers and instructions for finishing touches.

    Suggested fabrics: Handwoven wool, wool, velvet, corduroy, poplin, denim, chintz or weather-treated fabrics.

    One size: For men & women
  • Latte Jacket
    This creamy concoction is the perfect addition to your favorite outfit. The flattering winged collar frames the face and is perfect for adding your own ingredients to personalize. The jacket meets at center front, and features very slightly over the shoulder set-in sleeves and side seam vents.
  • Lugano Jacket
    This is a fingertip length, semi-fitted jacket. The insert on the front panel continues around the neck. Options include a tie front closure or a one-button closure and cuff with three buttons.

    Multi-sized: XXS - XXL
  • Marcia's Jacket

    From our artist heart to yours! Gibson pleating at the shoulder is where these darts hide giving both great fit and beautiful lines. Contrasting panels offer a great many options to the endless possibilities this jacket holds. No darting at the waist allows this jacket a free form to showcase great fabric. Easy single welt pocket method included.

    For you non-jacket lovers, this is a great beginning.

    Silhouettes are different from other patterns in a number of ways:

    • "W" sizing for proportional fit
    • Patterns that are based on your cup size! B, C and D cup sizing provided with separate front pattern pieces
    • Shortening and lengthening lines provided
    • No-gap armholes or necklines

    All measurements on the pattern are for finished garment size and are not body measurements. You will need to measure a garment you like to wear to choose the size you want.

  • Max's Jacket

    Uncomplicated, organized jacket pattern suitable for all sewing levels.

    Silhouettes are different from other patterns in a number of ways:

    • "W" sizing for proportional fit
    • Patterns that are based on your cup size! B, C and D cup sizing provided with separate front pattern pieces
    • Shortening and lengthening lines provided
    • No-gap armholes or necklines

    All measurements on the pattern are for finished garment size and are not body measurements. You will need to measure a garment you like to wear to choose the size you want.

  • Metropolitan Suit
    The 1914 Metropolitan Suit reflects the military styling of World War I uniforms, as well as the mid-1910s interest in comfortable and practical two-piece garments. The Jacket features a tall rollover collar with either a curved or pointed centre back, gently pointed centre back hem, softly flared silhouette and turn-back cuffs.

    The Skirt is slightly hobbled, with a raised waistline and a slit at centre back for ease of walking. The Overskirt attaches to the skirt at the top edge and drapes attractively at the back hem. The front folds of the Overskirt can be decoratively topstitched to the Skirt from the waist edge down to the hip area, if desired.

    Suggested fabrics: Lightweight wools and wool blends; wool crepe, basket-weave, worsted, gabardine; suit-weight and other medium-weight silks; medium-to-heavyweight rayons. The design of this suit is meant to be somewhat soft and fluid, but cottons and linens can be used if desired, for a more structured result.

    Multi-sized: Misses S – 3XL
  • Milano Jacket
    Fitted princess line jacket with 7 vertical seams. View A has a two part sleeve. View B has a bell sleeve with elastic. Bust ease is 7.5cm, hip is 10cm
  • Model T Duster
    When early 20th century women began motoring across America in the new automobiles, they needed something to protect their fancy finery from the dust and grime of the rough roadways. The sensible and fashionable solution was this loose-fitting, unlined, Princess-seamed duster, which is still stylishly sleek today.

    Suggested fabrics: Heavyweight cotton or blends, such as poplin, corduroy or denim; suit-weight linen; wool gabardine or blends; water-repellent fabrics.

    Multi-sized: Misses 8 – 16
  • Moto Me

    This motorcycle inspired jacket will have you revved up for adventure!. Semi-fitted princess seamed jacket with front bust darts. Asymmetrical front closure, in seam pockets, full wide collar, and two piece sleeve.

    Unlined with deep facings for comfort and no-show through. Use buttons, clasps or zipper for the closure!

    Sizes included: XS through 5XL

  • Onde Jacket
    The Onde Jacket is an unlined, below-hip jacket has curved front seams with in-seam reverse patch pockets, modified two-piece raglan sleeves, shaped collar, and four-button closure. Topstitched hems.
  • Pearl & Opal Jackets

    Pearl: Cardigan with front casing and drawstring to ruche, cascading side panels, back waist seam, long sleeves and narrow hems.

    Suggested Fabrics – Knit: jersey, ponte, novelty sweater knits. Woven: linen, rayon, wool, silk, and novelty weaves. Wrong side of fabric will show.

    Opal: Unlined, hip-length jacket with three buttons and shawl collar. Pleat opens to form front drape. Back princess seam, all-in-one back side panel and back sleeve.

    Suggested Fabrics – Linen, wool, rayon, silk and cotton wovens. Wrong side of fabric will show.

  • Piazza Jacket

    Description: Semi fitted, vest front jacket with one button closure.View B has four button closure. Jacket has 4" ease.

    Suggested Fabric: Rayon, wool, velvet, raw silk, microfiber, linen, double knits, fleece and boucle

    Notions: One pair shoulder pads measuring 6 x 3 1/2 x 5/8" (15 x 9 x 1.5 cm). One strip Velcro 5" (12 cm)

  • Plaza Jacket & Pants
    This very loose-fitting unlined jacket has dropped shoulders, one-piece sleeves and stitched hems. The pants are semi fitted with straight legs, a flat front waistband and back elastic. There is a tucked front detail and no side seams. will make up in many different fabrics with each one creating a new look.

    Multi-sized: 6 – 22
  • Poiret Cocoon Coat
    This fully-lined Cocoon Coat was designed around 1913 – 1919 by Paul Poiret, a renowned early 20th century designer. It features bat wing sleeves, one-piece front/back body, neckband and hobble skirt. The easy-sew Reticule (drawstring bag), typical of the same period, is fully lined and closes with decorative cording; it is embellished with a tassel that hangs from the bottom.

    Suggested fabrics: For Coat, medium- to heavyweight fabrics with drape, such as velvet, silk charmeuse, heavy rayon or jersey. For Reticule, same as for Coat, also satin and blends. For Linings, satin or blends with similar drape and weight to outer fabric.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – XL