Trees, Shrubs & Grasses

  • Bamboos & Grasses: RHS Simple Steps
    Simple advice on choosing the right plants, creating grass and bamboo features, and keeping them looking their best. Creative 'recipes' for planting small spaces, jungle effects, artistic pots, oriental styles, etc. Full information on selection and cultivation of the best hardy bamboos and grasses. Guidance on care, pruning, propagation and maintenance. Fully-illustrated with colour photos.
  • Beauty of Bonsai

    The purpose of this book is to explain basic principles that will enhance your appreciation of bonsai. You will learn the right way to view a bonsai, and understand its creator's intention.

    All aspects of bonsai appreciation are covered; including composite arrangements as well as important tips on how to create exquisite display that utilize perspective similar to that of a landscape painting.

    Also create a professional display with a lesson from Masahiko Kimura; his creative process is outlined in detail giving you insight into how bonsai is most effectively displayed.

  • Designing with Grasses
    Ornamental grasses provide glorious visual impact and a dynamic sense of movement. They are easy to care for, provide excellent wildlife habitats, and are sustainable. Neil Lucas captures all this in a practical, accessible, and beautifully illustrated book that appeals to gardeners who want a contemporary garden without too much effort.

    Designing with Grasses looks at how grasses perform in the wild to help readers choose the right plants for their garden. A section is dedicated to recreating the grasslands found in prairies, steppes, and meadows in a backyard setting.

    Additional design chapters challenge conventional divisions about planted and non-planted areas of the garden. Putting the right plant in the right place is crucial to the creation of sustainable plantings, and Lucas' picks for grasses for particular situations are especially helpful.

    Environment-friendly options for green roofs, erosion control and habitat restoration along with alternatives to lawn grasses are also included.
  • Eucalypts: A Celebration

    A superbly illustrated celebration of the beauty and diversity of Australia's most iconic and best-known trees.

    Eucalypts are a familiar part of our landscape and an integral part of the Australian identity. We have farmed them and used them to build houses, furniture, roads and bridges since the beginning of white settlement. We have been inspired by them, painted them, made films about them, written books about them and of course Aboriginal Australians have long made musical instruments from them. Though a small number are found as native plants in several other countries, Eucalypts are a very Australian tree.

    This book celebrates their diversity, their beauty and the role they play in our history, culture and economy. It looks at their evolution, biology, horticulture and ecology, together with their classification and the botanists involved. Through historic and contemporary images, it examines the many ways in which they have served Aboriginal, colonial and contemporary Australians in both practical and aesthetic ways.

    Eucalypts have quite literally been the building blocks of our nation and this beautiful book tells their complete story for the first time.

  • Hardy Palms & Palm-like Plants
    Palms provide strong, natural focal points in a garden and, as hardy evergreens, add year-round interest and a touch of the exotic. Graham explains how to make the most of the variations they offer in foliage colour, shape and texture to create successful borders and garden designs. Covering mixed plantings, hard landscaping, and the use of tubs, planters and other containers, he shows how to display palms and similar plants to dramatic effect. Comprehensive descriptions and cultivation details of over 100 of the most readily available species help you choose the plants you desire. Pests and diseases, planting, maintenance, and propagation are also covered.
  • Maples

    Prized for their wonderfully coloured leaves and graceful shapes, maples are easy and rewarding to cultivate, and many, (e.g. Japanese maples) are suitable for small gardens and containers.

    This is a practical gardener's guide to growing over 130 species and varieties, included maples from Japan and North America. It offers advice on general care, cultivation and propagation and suggestions for using maples for landscaping, in containers and as companion plants. Over 115 colour photos.

  • Miniature Bonsai

    Super-mini bonsai is the art of representing nature in a plant that can fit in the palm of your hand, or on the tip if your finger. From mixing the right growing medium to choosing the perfect pot to displaying your mini bonsai, this Japanese gardening book gives you basic techniques and valuable tips. You'll learn how to:

    • Choose plants that can thrive as mini bonsai
    • Work with seeds and cuttings
    • Cultivate and care for mini bonsai
    • Match the right plant to the right pot
    • Train your mini bonsai
    • And more!

    A happy pastime, a perfect gift, a beautiful addition to spaces small and large Miniature Bonsai will show you how to make it happen.

  • Planting & Maintaining a Tree Collection
    Explores the fascinating subject of collecting trees from a historical, practical, and philosophical standpoint, and in doing so illuminates the very special relationship that exists between humans and trees. What inspires so many of us to become tree collectors? How do we choose what to collect, and what makes us narrow it down to witch hazels or magnolias?

    The author also looks at the different motivations behind tree collections, ranging from aesthetic criteria to collections planted for education value or for scientific research. For those interested in planting a handful of trees, for armchair tree collectors, for those who collect trees on a large scale – in private and public gardens, cemeteries, urban landscapes, schools, and, of course, arboretums – this is a hugely inspiring, well-structured, comprehensive treatment of the subject that provokes thought and provides practical advice on everything from budgets and maintenance to plant selection, labeling, and public safety.

  • Starting Out with Palms

    Palms attract a dedicated following of enthusiasts. This is a great introduction to palms and their cultivation – especially palms suitable for home gardens and containers.

    Starting Out with Palms is full of invaluable information on:

    • How palms grow
    • Landscaping with palms
    • Easy palms to start with
    • How to grow and maintain palms
    • Palm species – fan-leaved, costapalmate-leaved, entire-leaved, feather-leaved with and without a crownshaft and fishtail

  • Stirling Macoboy's What Shrub is That?

    This new updated edition of What Shrub Is That? is the essential reference for shrub-loving gardeners everywhere.

    The book contains information and describes more than 1250 shrubs, illustrated in glowing colour. Not just an identification aid, it is a complete garden guide! Every illustration is accompanied by informative text that details how you can grow that particular shrub to perfection. The extensive features include:

    • Easy-to-follow symbols instantly point to the aspect and climate needed
    • Season of maximum display, mature height and spread and habit of growth may be seen at a glance
    • Water and soil needs, temperatures tolerated, pruning requirements, methods of home propagation and when to fertilize
    • Popular names by which the shrubs are known as well as the botanical families to which they belong
    • Extensive introduction discussing shrubs in garden design, ways of using various types of shrubs, how to choose and plant shrubs, how to improve your soil, when and how much to water, pruning principles and methods of propagation
    • Glossary of important botanical terms
    • Illustrated appendix which groups related shrubs together – a guide most gardeners will find useful, for where one member of a botanical family thrives, others often will too

  • Tales of the Rose Tree

    "A learned and lively paean to the rhododendron" – Daily Telegraph.

    From Aztec pleasure gardens to Chinese medicine cabinets, from sunbaked Kashmiri hillsides to New Zealand's Alpine Peaks - the rhododendron settled, adapted, thrived . . . superbly researched and narrated, this enchanting, often surprising, often funny social study follows the plant's progress globally and across the ages.

  • Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs
    Leading expert on woody plants Jim Gardiner has distilled several decades of knowledge and experience into The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs, an incomparable pictorial reference of hardy shrubs that excel in temperate-zone gardens.

    This highly illustrated guide (with 2000 high-quality images) features more than 1700 plants organized alphabetically by botanical name and readily accessed using the common name index.

    With wise selection and care, flowering shrubs can be the making of a garden irrespective of its size, location or the time of year.
  • Topiaries & Pomanders

    Nature's gifts of flowers, foliage and fruit celebrated in seasonal and festive displays. A wealth of step-by-step projects for colourful topiary and pomanders includes:

    • Hanging rose and cardamom pomanders
    • A bridesmaid's pomander bouquet
    • Tiny topiary cones of star anise and cinnamon
    • Gilded fig pyramid and large, long-lasting trees for dramatic visual impact
    • Rose and oregano
    • Poppy seedheads
    • Proteas
    • And more

  • Treasury of Trees

    This charming anthology brings together a wealth of poetry and prose from a broad range of writers: Roman natural historian Pliny, Chinese poet Po Chu-I, Sir Walter Scott, Seamus Heaney – illustrated with botanical prints from the RHS collection.

  • Trees for All Seasons

    Outstanding trees for colour, texture and year-round foliage – acacias, magnolias, hollies, oaks, hawthorns, myrtles, olives, bays and more. The first and only book dedicated to broadleaved evergreens gives you:

    • Selections for a wide range of climates including little-known gems
    • Detailed descriptions of each tree
    • 370+ colour photos
    • Diagrams comparing full tree height

  • Urban Arboreal

    Trees are an important part of the life of many cities. Whether in avenues or parks they provide shade, a green resting place for the eye, comfort for the mind, and as we increasingly know from research, help keep the atmosphere cool and fresh. Some cities are famous for a particular species, such as the orange trees of Seville, Londons plane trees or Washington DC's cherry blossoms, whereas others are renowned for trees in general, such as the remarkable diversity to be found in Delhi.

    Urban Arboreal looks at city trees and their stories in all their complexity how they have become synonymous with their cities is often an untold story. By knowing more about these trees we come to know more about the very spaces we inhabit, or wish we did!

    It celebrates their glories and the symbolic place they have in the lives of city dwellers, and at how they are increasingly seen as important allies in improving the quality and health of the urban environment. Above all, this is a clarion call for bringing more life into urban communities. Through 70 trees we travel the world and come to learn the hidden histories that are wrapped up in these botanical giants.