• Alchemy of Things

    The Alchemy of Things explores interior spaces at the edges of the decoratively possible.

    The book details a series of 18 fascinating homes that come from a truly creative place, transcending conventional notions of collection and display. This new beauty taps into a craving for a personal space with rich layers, a little bit of oddity and an irrepressible joie de vivre.

    A mix of artists, interior designers, architects, collectors, gallerists, stylists, furniture designers and vintage retailers open the doors to their own homes – many for the first time.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook

    Natural, popular and inexpensive, apple cider vinegar is the latest health trend. Learn more about its powers with this attractive and easy-to-use illustrated guide – complete with recipes!

    With the potential to cure an upset stomach, treat a sore throat, aid weight loss and more, apple cider vinegar is one of today's handiest all-natural remedies. This handbook shows you why this inexpensive liquid is a must-have in your home and how to use it to achieve optimum health.

  • Art of Good Housekeeping
    Packed with tried and tested answers to every common household query, from how often you should clean your duvet, to how to maintain the exterior of your home. Topics range from everyday chores, appliances, planning rooms, buying furniture, legal matters and mortgages to pipes and drains and gas and electricity. A wealth of expertise for you to reference as you need. It will have you running your home in the most efficient, safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way!
  • Artist's Home

    Artists’ Homes presents some 30 individual, eccentric houses and workspaces, from a music producer’s studio in Hackney to an eco-warrior’s treehouse on the Sussex Downs.

    The evocative photographs show how our live/work spaces, whether a tumbledown cottage, a country farmhouse or a reclaimed factory, are beautiful because of the lives we live in them. With work no longer separate from home life, we see how these artists function in the homes that inspire them, pursuing the life creative.

    Among the artists and craftspeople featured are Billy Childish, co-founder of the Stuckist art movement; Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, founding members of Crass and creative partners who set up their home and studio as an ‘anarchist-pacifist open house’ (Dial House, in Essex); music producer Liam Watson of the famed London studio Toe Rag; vintage motorcycle dealer Ian Hatton, of cult shop Verralls; vintner Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom Vineyard, one of the first wineries in the UK; and many more.

  • Baking Soda

    Baking soda is far more than a baking ingredient – it can be used in all manner of household tasks including cleaning, laundry, animal care and health and beauty.

    This is the essential guide to maximizing the potential of this cheap, environmentally-friendly and multi-purpose product. Tips range from removing baked-on food from pans to making your own facial scrub, from getting stubborn stains out of your clothes to shampooing your dog. Baking Soda also gets the kids involved, with some fun science experiments and sweet treats, as well as providing culinary tips and a few tasty recipes for breads, cakes and cookies.

  • Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

    Nestled deep in the South of the US is a tiny Academy that teaches classes in the most important subject in the world: the domestic arts. The Academy's unique curriculum includes everything from cocktail-party etiquette to business entertaining, dealing with household guests and cooking for the holidays.

    Here, after a little gentle instruction from Deans Pollak and Lee Manigault, interspersed with plenty of humour, students find they are living healthier, having stronger ties to friends and family, and using their houses to branch out in ways they never dreamed possible.

    Since not everyone can get to their sold-out classes in Charleston, the authors are now offering this book so happier living can be within everyone's grasp, not just the select few.

  • Creative Space
    Revealing the studios, apartments and houses of the artists, designers, stylists, curators, writers, filmmakers, photographers and innovators pushing the boundaries of contemporary culture. 30 homes of artists and designers including Julie Verhoeven and Maharishi founder of Hardy Biechmann in London, graffiti artist Fafi in Paris, Ryan McGinness and Wes Lang in New York and Yasumasa Yonehara in Tokyo. A fascinating insight into creative cities and interiors that are filled with post-modern pop collectables, vintage finds, toy collections, underground art, odd objects and handmade things.
  • Cut Your Energy Bills Now
    150 projects, tips and energy myths educate you about everything you can do to save money and make your whole home more comfortable and green into the bargain.

    Start lowering those energy bills right away by following the crystal clear directions, colour photos and simple drawings: install compact fluorescent lights; seal off your chimney, fix leaky taps, buy an efficient heating system.

  • Decorate This, Not That!

    Decorate This, Not That! decodes small-space decorating into easy to digest snack-size bites for every petite room in (or out of!) the house, including an outdoor pocket garden.

    Written in a peppy, clear, encouraging voice with dramatic “before” and “after” photos, and bolstered by sidebars of interactive time, money and space-saving tips, it is impossible for the decorator not to engage and succeed. One-of-a-kind DIY lighting, storage and décor projects are clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions and a materials list. Each project is assigned a ranking based on the amount of prep time and budget needed for completion.

  • Decorate Workshop

    Holly Becker gives interiors advice the personal touch, taking the friendly, approachable tone that has made her decor8 blog so popular. She guides readers through the decisions they need to make when embarking on any decorating project.

    Filled with inspirational photographs, moodboards and words of wisdom, the book is an invaluable guide to finding and filtering design information and to the wealth of shopping choices that can overwhelm a novice decorator.

    Cick here to visit our blog and see inside the book.

  • Decorating - Collins Need to Know
    All the advice and inspiration you need to create a stylish home.

    • Beginner's guide to tools and equipment
    • How to plan your colour scheme
    • Advice on wallpapering, painting, varnishing ... through to the finishing touches
    • Must-know boxes; checklists for estimating amounts, matching media to surface, etc.
  • Domestic Alchemist

    Kitchen pharmacy meets green cleaning and natural beauty in a classic compendium of Mother Nature's plant-powered methods for herbal happiness at home and in health. In The Domestic Alchemist, Pip Waller shares her expertise in this invaluable handbook to herbs.

    An introduction to the power of plants is followed by concise growing tips and profiles; guidelines on the set up of an alchemist's kitchen; and techniques on how to make tinctures to tonics. Add a comprehensive directory of eco-laundry and cleaning concoctions to first aid and balms from zesty stain removers to cold compresses and you're all set to create your very own domestic revolution.

  • Flowers Every Day

    In Flowers Every Day, Florence Kennedy shows how to create stylish flower arrangements at home.

    The projects are inspired by the comely joys of home, friendship and family gatherings, and are all constructed using seasonal flowers and foliage. Explained step-by-step, the easy-to-follow projects range from simple hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements, to floral chandeliers, wedding decorations and festive garlands and wreaths.

    All the core skills are covered, from sourcing your blooms, choosing your hues, working with wire and floral foam and conditioning both flowers and foliage. Florence's stylish collection of inspired projects and hard-earned know-how will help complete beginners, flower enthusiasts and florists looking for new ideas.

  • Gustav Klimt at Home

    Gustav Klimt at Home explores the influences of Vienna and other places on Klimt's life and work.

    Klimt was one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. He was both influenced by and shaped the city at the turn of the century. His trips to Ravenna, as well as annual summer holidays on the shores of Attersee were also a source of inspiration and influence on his creative output.

    Fully illustrated, the book features paintings, archive imagery and photographs of the surrounding city and landscape to provide an insight into how the people and places of his life relate to his work.

  • Happy

    Amanda Talbot demonstrates how architecture and interior design at their best can make us safer, healthier, more efficient, enlightened and productive – all contributing to a fundamental sense of wellbeing.

    In essence, Happy shows us ways in which design can help us live a happy life. This global survey reveals how designers are creating joyous living spaces that play to our emotions, speaking to our hearts as much as to our heads, through strategic planning and execution and by using carefully chosen colours, textures, quality of materials and finishes.

  • Happy Home Outside

    This is a fun-loving collection of outdoor decorating and styling solutions, from seating and other furniture to lighting ideas, creating banners and buntings, table settings and picnic areas, spaces for parties and gatherings.

    Taking in garden rooms, outdoor spaces such as cabins, canopies and dining areas as well as moveable spaces such as vintage vans and tents, the author brings her everyday magic and glorious sense of relaxed living with bright colour to every corner of the garden. Whether you own a city veranda, country field or a small courtyard there are outdoor decorating ideas here for everyone.

  • Home Outside
    An acclaimed landscape designer walks the reader through the process of turning any property into the home outside you've always dreamed of. Focusing on key concepts like Finding Your Comfort Zone and Placing the Pieces, Messervy presents breathtaking plans for remarkable front and back lawns, entertainment areas, and contemplative retreats, as well as innovative ways to create a better flow between the inside and outside of a house.
  • Imaginarium

    Imaginarium is a glorious large-format book of images that reflect the things that inspire and motivate interior stylist, historian and globetrotter Sibella Court.

    Immersing you in a world of travel, nature, interiors, art, oddities and curiosities, Imaginarium will open your eyes to the world around you and fuel your imagination for your own creativity, design and adventures.

    Themed by colour and featuring more than 300 beautifully shot and curated photographs, this book is the ultimate picture book for lovers of design and interior styling, and anyone looking for fresh ideas or inspiring daydreams.

  • Little Farmstead Living

    A home tells a story; it should be a celebration of the family that resides there. Through stories of transforming a fixer-upper into a charming farmhouse for her loved ones to enjoy, Julie Thomas reveals dozens of simple ways that anyone can bring warmth, joy, and meaning to their everyday homes.

    From farmhouse gatherings to seasonal decorating – plus a chapter on making Christmas magic – this beautiful and practical book is one to turn to again and again. Whether you're smack in the city, out in the country or living life in the suburbs, you can begin creating the home of your dreams . . . in the space you live in now.