• Hardanger Embroidery

    Hardanger embroidery is a Norwegian technique that uses simple stitches and pulled threads to create beautiful geometric designs. This book is a complete, easy-to-follow introduction to the craft.

    • Step-by-step instructions for stitching 43 different embroidery building blocks, from basic squares to more intricate motifs
    • Charts and instructions for 18 projects show just a few of the ways these building blocks can be put together to create beautiful designs for decorating pillows, bags, home décor and more

  • Heirlooms of Tomorrow in Wool Embroidery

    From tracing and transferring designs, to the needles required for stitching, to the threads that "draw" out your pattern, this richly illustrated guide contains hundreds of easy-to-follow hints and techniques.

    Detailed drawings cover every stitch in the book – bullion, buttonhole, chain, whipped chain, colonial knot, lazy daisy, ladder, pistil, and coral, feather, and fly stitches. There's even an entire section on embroidering flowers: wool roses, camellias, lemon gum blossoms, lavender, buttonhole, and flannel flowers, buds, and leaves.

    Try out your new skills on 13 wonderful wool projects, all elaborately explained and illustrated. A cozy, comfy baby's blanket shows Mrs. Mouse taking her little one out for a walk; daisies, forget-me-nots, and many other flowers bloom everywhere. Stitch bears onto coat hangers, and wildflowers onto a baby basket. A complete christening set is the ultimate heirloom: it includes an embroidered bow to go around a candle, towels, coat hanger and more!

  • Home Sweet Home: An Embroidered Workbox

    Filled with lovely accessories and covered in an exquisite garden of stitches, this workbox is sure to become not just a treasured heirloom, but a valuable accompaniment to every stitching project.

    Home Sweet Home features detailed instructions for the embroidery and construction for the workbox plus:

    • Over 100 step-by-step photographs
    • Instructions for the workbox plus nine accessories
    • Pattern sheet included

  • Hoop Art

    This book contains a stunning collection of contemporary embroidery motifs with bold colour palettes for you to stitch away at for hours on end. The 50 motifs include abstract and geometric patterns, botanical motifs, hand-lettered designs and much more, and will inspire you to get stitching in fresh and imaginative ways.

    Beginners will learn to master the 10 basic stitches and skills needed to create the motifs inside, all clearly explained in an attractive, approachable way; then, whether you're new to embroidery or the more experienced stitcher, your hand stitching skills can flourish by stitching the motifs onto 20 beautiful and practical projects inside, all featuring easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, lovely photography and helpful templates.

  • How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs

    How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs is a visual showcase of 100 different motifs, organized in sections by design category, including: floral/botanical, abstract, geometric and symbolic. Presented with easy-to-follow photography and stitch diagrams, this book will introduce new beaders to the world of bead embroidery, while also being a great reference for experts. Features include:

    • An introductory section on materials and techniques
    • Information about different stitches used in the motifs to secure beads to fabric
    • Material lists provide the type, colour and number of beads needed for each project
    • Step-by-step directions and diagrams

    Whether you're new to beading or a beading expert, this book is packed with inspiration and technical instruction for every bead enthusiast.

  • Imperial Blooms

    The inspiration for Sue Spargo's Imperial Blooms came from the Suzani textiles of central Asia that were traditionally worn by brides as part of their dowry. The quilt design features:

    • General guidelines and materials list
    • 9 blocks with detailed instructions, full-size templates and stitch guides
    • Border and finishing instructions

    The finished quilt measures 104 cm (41 inches) square.

    About the Author Sue Spargo is a renowned folk quilt designer, noted for her colourful wool appliqué that is transformed by her rich and creative embellishment.

  • In Full Bloom

    Enjoy a sense of being immersed in the joy that comes from a beautiful garden full of flowers and the movement and song of many birds in Sue Spargo's In Full Bloom. The quilt design features:

    • General guidelines and materials list
    • 11 blocks with detailed instructions, full-size templates and stitch guides
    • Border and finishing instructions

    The finished quilt measures 112 x 91 cm (44 x 36 inches).

    About the Author Sue Spargo is a renowned folk quilt designer, noted for her colourful wool appliqué that is transformed by her rich and creative embellishment.

  • Inspirations #100

    Inspirations magazine celebrates its 100th issue with fabulous new projects created by some of its readers’ all-time favourite designers, featuring some all-time favourite techniques. The feature projects include:

    • Mistletoe Bell by Julie Kniedl – an elegant three-dimensional mistletoe decoration for Christmas
    • Monet, Hugo et les Poissons d’Or by Jenny McWhinney- a new adventure for Monet Mouse in this charming stitched storybook
    • Redouté's Tulips by Trish Burr – magnificent thread-painted tulips based on a botanical watercolour
    • Life Cycle of the Swallowtail Butterfly by Jane Nicholas – a beautiful stumpwork study depicting the fascinating life cycle of a butterfly
    • Blue Ribbon by Carolyn Pearce – a gorgeous blanket adorned with enchanting blossoms and an elegant bow
    • Clive the Chameleon by Hazel Blomkamp – a fabulous chameleon with opulent beaded camouflage
    • White Rose by Jenny Adin-Christie – an exquisite rose button brooch using timeless whitework techniques
    • Pomegranate & Rose by Anna Scott – a superb silk and goldwork design of flowing stems laden with fruit and flowers

  • Japanese Paper Embroidery

    Embroidery on paper is a traditional and well-loved craft, here artfully translated into beautiful and understated Japanese designs.

    Each project is accompanied by a full-size template and notes on how to embroider the design, and there are clear and detailed instructions on the materials and tools you require; the essential technique of embroidering on paper; and eleven basic embroidery stitches that can be used individually or in combination to create all of the exquisite designs in the book.

    Choose from a range of ideas that includes drawing, writing and more creative projects, including paper clocks, notebooks, envelopes, decorations, book marks and cards for all occasions. Suitable for those new to paper embroidery as well as more experienced crafters, this book will excite and inspire anyone with a love of Japanese style and clean, simple design.

    Look inside the book.

  • Joyful Daily Stitching, Seam by Seam

    Choose from over 500 crazy-quilt seam treatments, each with a detailed photo and guide for the basic stitches included. Learn 61 basic embroidery stitches, including silk ribbon and beaded stitches, through step-by-step photos, plus get crazy-quilt block piecing instructions and helpful information on tools and supplies. Then put it all together in a gorgeous, intricate sampler.

    • This book will inspire you to stitch daily
    • Create a beautiful sampler, with a different treatment for each individual seam
    • Intricate and creative embroidery, silk ribbon and beaded stitches

  • Joyful Stitching

    Dive into Laura’s delightful world of embroidery and learn how to create small, free-form embroidery pieces that are alive with colour and texture.

    With instructions for 21 basic embroidery stitches and 6 projects, all in Laura’s signature colourful, whimsical style, you’ll transform a flat, plain surface into a joyful, design-packed art piece. Stitch on wool, felt or silk, and enjoy the simple pleasure of slow stitching.

    • Begin with simple shapes and fill them with improvisational stitchery
    • Change up the provided designs, swapping out colours and trying new stitch combinations, to create your own unique work
    • Includes a gallery of display ideas, as well as additional ideas for using free-form stitching

  • Judith Baker Montano's Essential Stitch Guide

    Globally recognised needlework expert Judith Baker Montano shares 180 stitches and 70 combinations in this improved and updated second edition featuring the best from Elegant Stitches and Floral Stitches.

    Featuring even more traditional embroidery stitches, silk ribbon stitches and crazy quilting combinations, this beautiful handbook has an updated section of free-form inspiration for improvisational work.

    With full-colour illustrations and advice for lefties, this essential reference goes far beyond the basics!

  • Just Stitch

    Stitch 12 exquisite embroidery projects with original fauna and flora designs in a variety of threads and colours to create a 3D effect.

    The book is filled with novel concepts in mixed-media embroidery and offers many interpretations and techniques, with striking examples of textured finishes. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful, commissioned photographs, it offers 12 colour themes to help embroiderers understand and play colour, along with inspiring projects to encourage them to produce their own creative work. Also included are an extensive stitch glossary and templates for the designs.

    Previously published as Embroidered Flora & Fauna.

  • Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion

    This book shows you how to do over 170 stitches comfortably and sensibly as a left-hander. With many helpful diagrams and photographs of carefully explained surface and counted thread stitches, this book will be your constant embroidery companion. There is no need to be frustrated as this stitch dictionary shows you the left way to do embroidery.

    You will discover how easy it is to learn and master stitches when the instructions are written specifically for you. Also great for right handed embroidery teachers who will be able to see how left-handed students are stitching!

  • Little Stitches

    Choose from more than 100 original embroidery designs, hand-drawn with a modern take on retro style. Each pattern is printed on handy transfer paper-tear out the page, trim out the design, iron it down, and stitch away!

    Learn 11 easy stitches plus techniques for adding texture, then embroider these charming images on keepsakes and gifts like a baby quilt, cushion covers, or cozies for jars and tissue boxes.

    Visit Can Do Blog to look inside the book.

  • Long and Short Stitch Embroidery

    Trish has selected beautiful flowers and interpreted them in her unique style to present a stunning collection of embroideries. Meticulous in detail, these flowers are brought to life by the use of carefully selected threads and an intuitive use of simple stitches.

    Clear, step-by-step directions, full-size templates, colour photos cover all there is to know about long and short stitch embroidery for all levels.

  • Lunch-Hour Wool Minis

    So small, so sweet, so simple to complete! About all that's needed is a needle, thread, wool and a little lunch-hour time to make 14 cute and creative projects.

    Seasonal and everyday designs include framed art, a pincushion and fun pieces to stitch and attach to ordinary items to make them extraordinary. Even beginners can easily appliqué these charming decor pieces – and complete each in a few lunch hours or less!