• Classic Hardanger

    An edited bindup of the two popular books from Gina Marion (Creative Hardanger, Decorative Designs in Hardanger) this one volume contains what you need (and need to know) to get started.

    • Tips on how to create your own designs
    • Stitches, techniques and colour photos of the 50+ superb projects: Christmas decorations, a beautiful shawl, pincushions, cushions, tray cloth, coasters, doilies, cards, samplers, Christening gown, wedding cushion, floral vest – many use coloured fabric / threads; some bead / metallic thread embellishments
    • User-friendly, illustrated instruction will suit any embroiderer interested in this style

  • Colour Confidence in Embroidery

    The author provides a greater awareness of how colour affects our embroidery and what brings it to life.

    Each aspect is clearly illustrated by example and includes tools for selecting colours, choosing shades that enhance, why some shades blend 'better' than others and the importance of contrast with light and shadow.

    There are projects to represent each colour group including stunning roses, camellias, fruit and bee-eater birds.

    The highlight includes chapters on colour combinations and complementary colours. These include more than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus colour schemes.

  • Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery

    Now in one volume – two popular books: Stumpwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects and Stumpwork Embroidery: Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects for Contemporary Raised Embroidery.

    The materials, equipment, techniques, stitches, directions and projects are in an easy-to-follow format, illustrated with diagrams, colour plates. Projects with templates for needlework kit, jewellery, pictures. . . A must-have for all embroiderers.

  • Complete Machine Embroidery Manual

    This book provides everything you need to know, from the types and formats of embroidery design available, how to get them off the internet and into your machine, how to stabilize fabric, which threads and needles to use to get the best results, and of course how to use these designs creatively for beautiful results.

    It will also help you make the most of the built-in embroidery stitches that most sewing machines offer, but which are mostly forgotten about! Also included is an invaluable quick reference section, with expert advice on troubleshooting some common problems, and a guide to what to look for if you are thinking of buying one of these fabulous machines.

    • Get the most from your machine using inbuilt stitches
    • Great for all machine models
    • Advice, techniques, ideas and tips to get the best embroidery from your sewing machine

    Look inside the book.

  • Creative Recycling in Embroidery

    Recycle everyday items to create artful hand and machine embroidered textile pieces - bags, bowls, vessels, hangings, etc. Packed with ideas for using diverse salvaged material: paper, fabric, fibres, plastic, wood, metal, dried flowers, broken jewellery, souvenirs . . .

    Simple instructions guide you through a variety of ideas, and each technique is illustrated with inspiring works from the world's leading contemporary embroiderers.

  • Creative Thread

    Jo Dixey has designed this book to inspire and challenge both those new to embroidery and those with some knowledge of stitch who want to take their ideas further.

    Each project introduces new embroidery stitches and techniques. As you work through the ideas, you expand your skills and gain confidence in using stitches and ideas in your own work.

    The projects range from small embroidered cards to more complex pictures to hang on your wall; simple appliqué for a scarf to an embroidered jacket all based on the theme of people. Templates of the images to stitch are provided for photocopying and there is a photo gallery of all the stitches covered in the book, along with step-by-step photographs of key techniques, such as transferring patterns onto fabric or using batting to create 3D effects.

    Previously published as Stitch People.

  • Crewel & Surface Embroidery

    In a fusion of crewel and surface embroidery, Trish has broken boundaries with her unique sense of colour and shading by interpreting a mix of thread painting and Australian wool embroidery.

    The 17 beginner, intermediate and advanced projects use a minimum of stitches to create exciting, easily achievable effects. Step-by-step colour photos, illustrations, directions, and row-by-row colour keys make stitching the different floral arrangements a joy.

  • Crewel Creatures

    Hazel Blomkamp introduces needleworkers to the beautiful, exotic creatures found in the African wild. Using the Jacobean embroidery style for which she is well known, and incorporating the subtle influence of the fractal designs found in zentangle art, Hazel also brings beads and other three-dimensional elements into her designs to capture the stunning and colourful art that is traditionally associated with Africa.

    Those new to Hazels work will find the essential crewel stitches, needle-lace and needle-weaving techniques needed in an easy-to-follow how-to section and stitch gallery inside the book, and all embroiderers will be impressed by the wealth of design ideas and inspiration she has to offer.

    With every project, step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photographs are included, along with a template of the design. All the projects are stitched and embellished on natural coloured linen, making them not only perfect for framing for display but also wonderfully economical for embroiderers to work on.

  • Crewel Embroidery

    Shelagh Amor has presented a comprehensive guide to crewel embroidery. She guides the embroiderer through colour choices and design to make an exciting piece of work.

    There is something here for all crewel embroiderers, from the beginner to the advanced. The aim of this book is to give confidence to the novice embroiderer and to provide a design source for the more experienced embroiderer.

    As with all embroidery techniques, the working of crewel embroidery is meant to be an enjoyable pursuit. It is adaptable to a wide range of purposes such as fashion items, soft furnishings and wall hangings. This book demonstrates how surface stitches are used in crewel work and explains some rules which will help the embroiderer to achieve the best results.

  • Crewel Embroidery

    In this beautiful book, Tatiana Popova shows the reader how to create stunning crewelwork embroideries inspired by traditional fairy tales, including The Wizard of Oz, Karolcia, the Wild Swans and Cinderella.

    This magical collection takes as its central theme a magnificent embroidery depicting the Tree of Happiness. Each part of the embroidery is then explored in detail through stitch diagrams, explanations of the threads used, and alternative ways of working. There are seven wonderful designs in total, each dedicated to one of Tatiana’s favourite fairy tales, and all illustrated with gorgeous photographs and informative diagrams.

    Over 90 stitches are described in the book, all worked using stranded cotton and cotton pearl thread rather than traditional crewel wool, which gives the embroideries a fresh, modern appeal. Whether you are new to embroidery or an experienced embroiderer looking for inspiration and expert guidance, Tatiana’s beautiful book is one you will turn to again and again.

    Look inside the book.

  • Crewel Intentions

    Keeping to a theme started in Crewel Twists, Hazel Blomkamp continues the concept of using non-traditional techniques and materials in crewel or Jacobean embroidery. It showcases four large projects, each with an accompanying small project similar in technique, and shows needle workers how to be creative with threads, alternative stitches and beads.

    Traditional techniques are explained but are extended with the use of bead embroidery, needle lace techniques and stitches not normally used in crewel work. Many new needle lace and bead embroidery techniques are incorporated, and the book also explores weaving techniques used to create textures like twill and lace weaves, as well as patterns similar to tartan and houndstooth check.

    Every project is clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and lots of photographs, and the completed embroideries are once again displayed in ways that are both decorative and functional in the home. Templates of the original designs complete this magnificent source for creative embroidery.

    Look inside the book.

  • Crewel Twists

    Whether you refer to it as crewel or Jacobean, this free form of surface embroidery has been around for centuries and is very popular among needle artists today. Because of the nature of the fanciful objects and the tradition of using a large variety of stitches in one project, it lends itself to endless creative expression.

    Renowned embroiderer Hazel Blomkamp uses a wide selection of materials to update techniques and inspire embroiderers to explore, while working loosely within the confines of crewel work styles. She shows needle artists how to be creative with fabric, threads, beads and alternative stitches, borrowing techniques from other forms of needlework, and still producing a product that is typical of the crewel or Jacobean style of embroidery.

    • A fresh take on Jacobean embroidery
    • Materials and techniques to inspire
    • 6 beautiful, decorative embroidery projects for your home

  • Crewelwork: Essential Stitch Guides

    In this invaluable stitch guide, Jacqui McDonald, graduate apprentice and tutor at the Royal School of Needlework shows you detailed instructions on how to work basic and more complex stitches.

    Features step-by-step photographic instructions on framing and transferring designs and an extensive stitch library that includes 37 filling, outline and surface stitches.

    Look inside the book.

  • Crimson Tweed

    Sue Spargo's Crimson Tweed is a lovely Chistmas-themed quilt that is built block by block. The quilt design features:

    • General guidelines and materials list
    • 8 blocks with detailed instructions, full-size templates and stitch guides
    • Border and finishing instructions
    • Plus four additional holiday projects: Pomegranate Table Rug, Holiday Birds, 16 Patch Frosty Flurries, Crimson Snow Crystal

    The finished quilt measures 130 x 99 cm (51 x 39 inches).

    About the Author Sue Spargo is a renowned folk quilt designer, noted for her colourful wool appliqué that is transformed by her rich and creative embellishment.

  • Cuppa

    Sue Spargo presents Cuppa, featuring wonderful stitcheries and techniques including wool appliqué, layering and embroidery. The quilt design features:

    • 9 blocks with full-size templates, detailed instructions and colour photos
    • Materials list
    • Border and finishing instructions
    • Finished size 38 inches (96 cm) square

    The book also includes a bonus pattern for the Cuppa Workbox – a zippered embroidered appliqué project bag you can use to hold threads, notions and the blocks you are currently working on.

    About the Author Sue Spargo is a renowned folk quilt designer, noted for her colourful wool appliqué that is transformed by her rich and creative embellishment.

  • Customize Your Clothes

    Customise Your Clothes is a fun book featuring 20 projects for personalising your clothes with hand embroidery. Using a range of techniques, materials and designs, it guides you through which tools to use, which stitches work best with certain designs, and also teaches you how to embellish with a range of materials to add a special personal statement to your items.

    Projects such as a plant T-shirt, a slogan tote bag and a monogrammed sweater make up this collection of ideas and inspiration for personalising your wardrobe. Designs range from embroidering your pet on your T-shirt to decorating your sweater with pom poms.

  • Diana Lampe's Embroidered Pansies

    Focusing on all the skills necessary for embroidery, this guide helps artists create more than 100 pansies and heartsease flowers.

    Matching the colours of nature with the palette of cotton, silk and woollen threads, the projects produce flowers that are true to nature in both form and colour. The required stitches are kept to a minimum, so even inexperienced crafters are able to reproduce pansies for brooches, cushions, carpets and pictures.

    The guide also features detailed material and technique sections, an extensive thread conversion chart and an illustrated stitch gallery.

  • Diary in Stitches

    Artist Minki Kim turns her own daily sketchbook challenge into 65 stitchable drawings to mix and match. Embroider and appliqué the whimsical, easy-going way with 6 useful projects to make and share, like a simple zipper pouch for the teacher, a cozy pillow for a handsome chair or a wall-hanging for your family room. Minki’s uplifting designs, plus an extra gallery of small project ideas from coasters to wall art will appeal to anyone who wants to add personality to their home and personal accessories.

    • Illustrate daily life in fabric and thread with sketches from the author's sketchbook
    • Stitch 65 creative motifs and 6 projects – a sewing machine cover, mini quilt, bookmarks, and more
    • Embroider and appliqué little gifts for the ones you love in Minki Kim's irresistible signature style

  • Doodle Stitching

    Add a creative look to garments, accessories and home accents with just a few simple stitches and some easy techniques.

    Begin by learning several styles for outlining, filling, decorating and appliqué. Find out about floss, fancy threads, fabrics and needles. Get the scoop on hoops and the lowdown on transferring your very own designs onto every type of fabric.

    • Fresh ideas
    • Witty patterns
    • Clever colour illustrations
    • 30 Fresh, stylish projects – Asian-inspired lampshades embellished with flying fish; Canvas sneakers decorated with pink and white swirls; A pretty pillow adorned with a sleeping bunny