• Beginner's Guide to Crewel Embroidery

    Embroider five beautiful Tudor floral designs using 12 basic stitches with comprehensive advice on design, materials, equipment and how to trace, frame up, prepare and knot your threads in preparation for starting.

    The first three projects are designed to progressively teach you the stitches and build up your skills. Captioned colour photos demonstrate all steps needed to complete each project.

    The two final projects combine all the stitches and step-by-step photos show you how to stretch your completed work. All designs have full-page colour photos and line drawings.

  • Beginner's Guide to Goldwork

    This popular and enduring book by Ruth Chamberlin was first published in 2006 and is still held in high regard today. It now returns as a Search Press Classic, with the addition of a foreword by the illustrious embroiderer and world-renowned blogger Mary Corbet .

    Those who love this traditional form of embroidery can now learn the essential techniques and create their own exquisite embroideries with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. Through careful and detailed instruction, Ruth Chamberlin aims to teach the reader how to create beautiful goldwork motifs, which together form an impressive sampler to show off their work.

    Covering a range of designs, stitches and techniques, with templates throughout and examples of the author's inspiring work, this book provides a firm basis on which the reader can build future projects and continue on their goldwork journey.

    Look inside the book.

  • Beginner's Guide to Mountmellick Embroidery

    Beginner's Guide to Mountmellick demonstrates 13 stitches, including couching, coral knot, Mountmellick stitch, Portugese knotted stem stitch, knitted fringes, etc. Patterns feature dog roses, corn, blackberries poppies, ivy, vines, corn, daisies and other motifs from the Irish countryside.

    Photos of materials, tools and methods walk you every step of the way. Includes brief history.

  • Big Embroidery

    Big Embroidery is all about stitching beautiful designs up fast using yarn instead of embroidery thread. Nancy Nicholson has created a collection of stunning designs based on traditional crewel work, and adapted them for a modern audience using everyday yarn.

    Crewel embroidery is traditionally done using 2ply wool and stitched onto linen. Nancy shows how to get beautiful results using different types of yarn and fabric, including upholstery fabrics, woollens and tweeds to create a collection of stunning quick-to-stitch projects.

    Choose from home decor items such as cushions, bags, wall hangings and table runners, as well as ideas for embellishing clothing. The book shows readers how to do all the key embroidery stitches with a stitch library featuring easy-to-follow diagrams of all the basic crewel embroidery stitches in detail.

  • Bird Dance

    The inspiration for Sue Spargo's Bird Dance came from tiles found on a Sicilian farmhouse floor and the quilt is a tribute to the glories and history of that beautiful Mediterranean island. The quilt design features:

    • General guidelines and materials list
    • 30 blocks with detailed instructions, full-size templates and stitch guides
    • Border and finishing instructions

    The finished quilt measures 110 x 95 cm (43½ x 37½ inches).

    About the Author Sue Spargo is a renowned folk quilt designer, noted for her colourful wool appliqué that is transformed by her rich and creative embellishment.

  • Blackwork Embroidery

    Blackwork is a traditional type of counted-stitch embroidery. Monochromatic, with superb shadow effects, it has been revisited here in a magnificently graphic, contemporary style highlighted with occasional splashes of colour.

    The 13 patterns designed by Bernadette Baldelli modernize the technique by adding a touch of red to the traditional black and white, and by including both geometric and more figurative styles. You’ll discover a lush, graphic world with embroidery that is simple to do and gives stunning results.

    You can make a basket, a pouch, wall hangings, place mats, an embroidered shirt, throw blanket and more. Simple diagrams make them easy to do, and there is a wealth of tempting patterns to choose from. Bernadette’s creations are known for their excellent finishing touches and these are no exception.

    Look inside the book.

  • Blackwork: Essential Stitch Guides

    In this guide to blackwork, graduate apprentice and tutor at the Royal School of Needlework, Becky Hogg, shows how to develop many different patterns from the basic blackwork stitches, using detailed instructions and beautiful examples of traditional and contemporary embroideries.

    The extensive stitch library features over 37 patterns including methods for shading, breaking up patterns and combining techniques.

    Look inside the book.

  • Blended Embroidery

    Preserve family memories with new quilts that lovingly tie together the past with the present. Learn how to comb through bits of history and reimagine them into wall art, sewing notions and more! Gorgeous embroidery adds richness to these vintage hybrids.

    Full instructions for five projects, 15 stitch techniques and a gallery full of ideas will help you think outside the box and create a cherished new piece for your home.

    • Raid the attic! Create five projects inspired by your treasured finds to preserve the past and make heirlooms of the future
    • Sew quilts, wall art and gifts from vintage memorabilia, fabric and embroidery
    • Enhance your handwork with 15 stitch patterns and exciting embellishments

  • Blissful Beginnings

    Blissful Beginnings features seven blankets and three bonus gift projects by world renowned embroiderers including Susan O'Connor, Carolyn Pearce and Anna Scott.

    The ten projects are suitable for babies and toddlers or can even be adapted for adults. They are presented with beautiful photography, clear and concise instructions for the embroidery and construction, and detailed diagrams. Also included are clever tips for getting the best results from your embroidery and a fully illustrated stitch glossary.

    Suitable for experienced and novice stitchers alike.

  • Boho Embroidery

    Boho Embroidery includes instructions for 10 different embroidery stitches and discusses how to use colour and neutral shades effectively. The author then gives tips about where to find inspiration, and teaches how to create hoops for effective embroidery. It will visually inspire creativity with the goal of creating your own textile art that can be displayed in a hoop, or that can be applied "outside the hoop" and onto other objects.

    There are 10 different projects ranging from linens to hair clips to buttons – all projects show practical ways to embellish with embroidery and appliqué. The book wraps up with the author's suggestions on how to explore your own creativity with pattern suggestions for making your own hoops or accessories.

  • Boho Embroidery: The Pattern Collection

    Boho Embroidery: The Pattern Collection presents Nichole Vogelsinger's signature fabric-collage-meets-embroidery style with designs, stitches and techniques.

    You will also learn how to expand your stitching palette by combining unique threads and an array of stitches with interesting fabrics and embellishments. Use sequins and beads to add texture, glimmer and glitz.

    In addition to the 30-original ready-to-stitch modern motifs, the author provides step-by-step instructions for 20 embroidery stitches. And, if you're ready to step out on your own, the book also provides design prompts that will help you experiment and create your own unique embroidered fabric-collage art.

  • Boutis: The Nobility of White

    Boutis, also known as Provençal quilting, is a specific sewing technique dating back to the 17th-19th centuries, developed mainly in and around Marseilles. Used initially to embellish corsets, baby apparel and bedspreads, Boutis work developed into more elaborate and ornate attire, such as wedding dresses and swaddling clothes, as well as trousseaux and other luxury goods. Patterns are revealed via narrow tunnels that are stuffed with yarn, creating raised areas giving off both shadow and light.

    In this book, Kumiko Nakayama has carefully hand-drawn all of her diagrams and patterns so as to ensure the finesse that this long-lost art represents. The 21 projects of varying difficulties are explained in detail and accompanied with elegant photos – a wedding skirt, lamp shade, purses, baby bib and bonnet, silk cuffs and collar, tablecloth – there is a project for everyone!

    For those who are curious about learning this gorgeous art, a project specifically geared to beginners is thoughtfully outlined to ensure success. Also included are three diagrams to make tunnels of different widths, depending upon the project you choose to make.

    From Quiltmania with text in English and French. Includes full size pattern pull-outs.

  • Canvaswork: Essential Stitch Guides

    Rachel Doyle presents an expert guide to canvaswork, and includes complete information on the major stitches while offering stunning new design ideas. Here you will find:

    • Diagonal stitches, horizontal and vertical stitches, raised, textured and filling stitches
    • Decorative effects are explored
    • A fantastic source book and an invaluable reference for canvaswork stitches

    Look inside the book.

  • Cat Lady Embroidery

    Fat, striped, Cheshire or grumpy, this books offers more than 300 embroidery stitch patters for cat lovers.

    Each set of patterns offers a range of ideas in different styles, shapes and genres from simple to more complex. The original designs and clear instructions make this a purrfect book for embroidery beginners or those looking for fun and simple patterns.

  • Celtic Needlepoint

    Features 18 original designs by this popular designer and includes ideas for cushions, belts and chair seats-all inspired by the artistry of the Celts. With easy-to-follow charts and instructions throughout.

    Designs include:

    • Geometric Key Patterns; Cushion, Glasses Case, Workbox Cover and Footstool Cover
    • Spiral Patterns; Cushion, Chessboard, Sewing Case, Pincushion
    • Knotwork Patterns; Hexagonal Cushion, Belt, Carpet Seat Cushion
    • Bird and Tree Patterns; Eagle Tile Cushion, Interlaced Heron Bookmark, Tree of Life Panel, Circular Bird Stool Cover
    • Animal Patterns; Beast-head Belt, Lion and Lamb Rug, Lion Tile Cushion
    • Plus: Needlepoint techniques

  • Chick Play Sampler Series

    The Sampler Series is a wool appliqué, layering and embroidery series designed for the creative mind. This pattern includes instructions for assembly, finishing and suggested stitches for three appliqués to get the creative juices flowing. Includes a high quality tracing template.

    The author's Creative Stitching 2nd Edition is recommended for detailed stitchery instructions.

  • Chinese Embroidery

    Embroidery in China is a true art form, one that has been practiced for over 2000 years. In Chinese Embroidery, you'll discover everything from the history of the art to the different schools during different ages and their styles to knowledge about selection, collection and preservation of embroidered articles.

    The book contains over 200 full-colour photos of works and step-by-step guides – all of which help to explain and analyse over 20 kinds of needlework and teach comprehensive application of these basic skills. Learn about the pattern-oriented art and traditional culture of China at the same time as you master the embroidery craftsmanship unique to China.

  • Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery

    Gail Pan's whimsical, cheerful embroidery style is incredibly easy to re-create, whether you're an experienced stitcher or have never picked up a needle. Think you're too busy to make gifts for the holidays? Finishing is easy with projects that are so portable and quick you can stitch while travelling, socializing, or even as you wait for an appointment.

    • Gail explains it all: which needles to use, how to choose thread, how to mark the designs on fabric, how to make each stitch and more
    • Featuring festive designs to bedeck gift tags, bags, wall hangings, Christmas stockings, table runners, sewing accessories and much more
    • Enjoy a satisfying and relaxing way to decorate your home for the holidays – or create one-of-a-kind gifts from the heart