• Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork

    The new edition of this best-selling book, first published in 2004, is a must have for all lovers of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. It is suitable for first-time embroiderers as well as those who wish to brush up on certain techniques.

    In addition to modified text to suit techniques and materials available on the market today, the names and colours of the threads and ribbons used in the design have been updated. Also included are lots of new photographs and a completely new layout.

    The book remains unique in its combination of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. The twelve panels are each individually explained with step-by-step photographs and instructions, including a comprehensive guide to all the needles, thread and ribbons required. There are over 30 models to learn from, making this the ideal book for anyone wishing to learn how to make many different flowers, leaves and little creatures in a gorgeous flower sampler.

    A comprehensive stitch glossary with illustrations of more than 40 stitches is an excellent reference that can be used for much more than just the book sampler. The interesting techniques in this book can also be used for crazy patchwork, quilts, fibre arts, card making, making box lids and enhancing knitted and felted backgrounds or clothing and accessories.

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  • Ribbonwork Embroidery

    Ribbon embroidery is a simple, beautiful and versatile technique that dates back to the seventeenth century. This book brings it up to date with fresh instruction on floral classics, as well as stunning contemporary designs.

    With over 400 colour step-by-step photographs to guide your through each stitch, Ribbonwork Embroidery demonstrates the speed and simplicity of ribbonwork, and explains how it can be combined with other techniques to add detail and depth to a piece of embroidery.

    • Step-by-step photographs guide the reader through each stitch
    • Detailed instructions explain how ribbonwork can be combined with a range of other techniques
    • Help and advice is provided throughout on working with silk ribbons
    • Projects demonstrate how to use the stitches in designs
    • Ideas for creating using pieces and advice on displaying embroidery

  • Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion

    Learn and master over 170 embroidery stitches including variations. With clear step-by-step instructions, accompanied by diagrams showing you what to do. Examples of each stitch will inspire you to use the stitches creatively and experimentally in your embroidery.

    You will discover how easy it is to learn and master new stitches, how to work surface stitches, needlepoints and counted thread stitches and how they should look so you can make yours look the same.

    See also The Left Handed Embroider's Companion.

  • Robin Vizzone's Peculiar Primitives: A Collection of Eclectic Pr

    Embrace the beauty of hand stitching with whimsical, age-worn designs. From wall quilts to table toppers and primitive dolls to pincushions, you'll sew 12 handcrafted projects with eccentric flair and distinct character – ideal for both beginners and more experienced sewists. Your stitches are meant to tell a story, so put perfection to the side as you create memories with felted wool, distressed cottons and embroidery thread.

    • Sew 12 eclectic designs using felted wool appliqué and hand embroidery
    • Embrace perfectly imperfect construction that truly embodies the primitive look
    • Savour slow sewing while making handmade gifts for those you love

  • RSN: Applique

    From the Royal School of Needlework (RSN), this contemporary guide to the art of appliqué is written by Kate Cross, one of their trained experts and teachers. It is designed to showcase the traditional techniques, technical excellence and contemporary flair of the RSN, and provide practical guidance and inspiration.

    As well as featuring a rich selection of inspiring appliqué pieces, this is primarily a practical, instructional guide that offers a complete grounding in all essential appliqué techniques including:

    • A comprehensive stitch guide and leads the reader through each technique using clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow expert guidance
    • Details on how to knot thread and start stitching correctly, how to create a design, transfer it onto fabric, frame up a slate frame, build up, cut away, apply a variety of edges and apply fabric, as well as basic ribbonwork, goldwork, shadow work and silk shading
    • Two beautiful projects that put these techniques into practice

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  • RSN: Raised Embroidery

    This practical, contemporary guide to the exciting and varied world of raised embroidery is written by Kelley Aldridge, an expert teacher with the Royal School of Needlework.

    The book features an introduction to the RSN and its prestigious heritage. It reveals the history and context of raised embroidery and showcases galleries of inspiring raised embroidery work. This is primarily a practical, instructional guide that offers a complete grounding in the techniques you need for raised embroidery: it contains a comprehensive stitch guide and leads the reader through each technique using clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow expert guidance.

    The book contains three beautiful projects that put these techniques into practice and showcase additional advanced techniques.

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  • Sardinian Knotted Embroidery

    Sardinian Knotted Embroidery features the beautiful knotted embroidery of Teulada, Sardinia.

    This terrific manual takes you through the history and particulars and guides you every step of the way through the projects which range from beginner to expert skill levels. Features include:

    • Tips and tricks that let you know what to look out for and helping you through common mistakes
    • Finishing instructions for all the projects both small and large including advice on materials, care, stretching and washing
    • Stitch diagrams are clear and concise with separate step-by-step instructions for left-handed stitchers

  • Scandinavian Needlecraft

    Fans of the clean, elegant lines of traditional Scandinavian style are sure to be inspired by the 35 sewing projects in this book, which fuse classic Scandi motifs including hearts, flowers and birds with contemporary techniques and materials.

    The projects work with a wide variety of fabrics and as you progress through them you will learn a wide range of sewing techniques, including appliqué, cut work, patchwork, decorative machine stitching, shadow work and ribbon work. Simplicity is always at the heart of the designs, and the clear instructions and step-by-step art-works mean anyone can have a go. You will be surprised how quickly beautiful pieces can be made.

  • Schwalm Embroidery

    This delicate 18th century German whitework embroidery incorporates surface stitches, pulled fabric, drawn thread, needlelace and needleweaving, and was traditionally embroidered on blouses, shirts, stockings, bed linen and towels.

    • Based on the "tree of life", classic design elements include hearts, tulips, the sun, pine cones, fruit, flowers, leaves, tendrils and the dove

    • Step drawings and directions teach the techniques in designs for all skill levels, with templates – heirloom cloth, scissors tag, towel, sampler, tea cosy, pincushion, needlecase, napkin, table centre, etc

    • Colour photos show clearly the intricate beauty of each work

    • Bonus designs included

  • Sew Cute Embroidery Kit

    This collection of sweet, colourful embroidery projects puts a fresh spin on the trend of folk-art crafts.

    The kit comes with iron-on transfers for every project, making complex line work accessible to all without the need for freehand drawing talent. Both beginners and long-time crafters will appreciate the patterns and the materials. With ten skeins of embroidery floss, a natural-bamboo hoop, and a packet of needles, you will be able to embroider any number of items.

    The book showcases examples for several applications, including tea towels, T-shirts, tablecloths and tote bags.

  • Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork

    In 1598, Lady Anne Clifford wrote a letter to her father that featured a beautifully painted border. Inspired by that Shakespearian-era design, Jane Nicholas has created her own embroidery, stitched on ivory silk satin in stumpwork. It showcases 14 assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, from the Apothecary rose, borage, heartsease and periwinkle to redcurrants, barberries, plums and strawberries.

    The book is lavishly illustrated in colour, with detailed step-by-step instructions making it a prized addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in textured and dimensional embroidery.

  • Silk Ribbon Embroidery

    Designed for the beginning to intermediate embroiderer, this workshop-in-a-book presents the basic concepts of this gentle art, and puts them to immediate use in creating a lidded box, striking evening bag, garden-themed journal cover and more. Learn to select fabrics and transfer patterns, and the best ways to use common stitches.

    Save hours of frustration with the help of a complete section on project problem-solving. Increasing or decreasing scale is covered, as is color and perspective, and there are great tips for deciding when to use a jump stitch or a camouflage stitch, and ideas for embellishing other crafts with silk ribbon.

    Additional information is provided for selecting background treatments and fabrics that can add interest to any project.

  • Silk Shading: Essential Stitch Guides

    With clear instructions and beautiful examples of historical and contemporary pieces, Sarah shows how to create stunning embroideries using traditional techniques. Stitches include:

    • Stab Stitch
    • Split Stitch
    • Long and Short Stitch
    • Running Stitch
    • Stem Stitch
    • Eyelet Stitch
    • Adding Beads & Sequins
    • Padding
    • French Knots
    • Bullion Knots

    Chapters cover the history of silk shading, materials, design and using colour, framing up, taking your work further, further ideas for your own designs, finishing your work and troubleshooting. And there are five projects to practise your skills:

    • Blue Curves
    • Marbles
    • Poppy
    • Houses
    • Autumn Leaves

    Look inside the book.

  • Simply Redwork

    With stunning, inspirational images of each project, author Helen Stubbings provides 19 projects you can create and share. Projects include a change purse, a penny square quilt, home and seasonal decor.

    Clear instructions and stitch guides will give you the basics you need to easily create redwork patterns that are simple, charming and fun.

  • Small Wonders

    Peek inside the teeny-tiny world of Italian quiltmaker Serena Boffa Soda, a place where petite pleasures abound! Study these sweet quilts with their fast-to-fuse appliqués and you'll discover delightful details upon a closer look:

    • Thumbnail-high houses complete with doors and windows
    • Itty-bitty pumpkins ready to harvest
    • Mini sheep grazing in a mini meadow
    • Laundry hung on a pint-size clothesline
    • Birds the size of sunflower seeds taking flight

    Only basic sewing and embroidery skills are needed, and these pages are packed with how-to for every step. As you stitch, you'll learn what Serena knows to be true: it's the little things that make all the difference.

  • Smoyg: Pattern Darning from Norway

    Here is a how-to guide full of colourful images and enticing projects to help you discover the beauty of Norwegian pattern darning. Pattern darning is a simple counted embroidery technique using basic running stitch, and beginners through to experienced stitchers will find much to delight in this book.

    Smøyg is used on folk dress, which Norwegians wear for special occasions, and until now there has been no book published specifically on smøyg. This is a book that many have been waiting for!

  • Stitch & Sew

    Revive your love for hand stitching with 31 fresh embroidery designs.

    Showcase your needlework on 5 pretty, practical projects; a drawstring bag, clutch, flex case, change purse and zipper pouch. Learn beginner to advanced embroidery one stitch at a time, testing your thread choices in a lively sampler notebook on textured fabrics like chambray, yarn-dyed linen, and canvas. Each project is shown with 6 unique motifs and colour stories to inspire your own artistry.

  • Stitch Bible

    This is a comprehensive guide to embroidery, with over 200 stitches and a range of fresh and modern projects. You can learn the basic stitches and master 8 different embroidery styles, including blackwork, crewelwork, hardanger, pulled thread, goldwork and freestyle.

    Every stitch has clear step-by-step instructions and is accompanied by coloured diagrams. You can create 19 beautiful items for yourself and your home, from bags and accessories to gifts and home décor.

  • Stitch, Fabric & Thread

    This creative book encourages people to experiment with stitch, fabric and thread to create their own unique textiles. It is a treasure trove of over 40 inspiring practical exercises, a rich and creative exploration of fabric and stitch, and a fascinating all-round read.

    The exercises draw inspiration from around the world: create corded works of art inspired by Milton Glaser's iconic Bob Dylan album cover; create bold embroidered African masks; layer up and cut away to create Mola appliqué; use bleach and fabric paint to create Aboriginal dreamtime lizards; create knotted works of art inspired by ancient Mayan counting systems; embroider varsity cross-stitch letters or try out decorative Japanese book binding. Alternatively, try a host of other techniques such as quilting, printing, dyeing, couching tumbled crockery, creating pleats and puckers and needlelace.

    Packed with stitch galleries and bursting with slow sewing ideas, the book also contains 'behind the stitches' features: illuminating insights into sewing movements such as Boro textiles, Gee's Bend quilting and Dorset buttons.

    Look inside the book.