Historical & Ethnic

  • Moroccan Djellaba

    This loose-fitted, hooded caftan is worn every day in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Traditionally, they are worn ankle-length and over shirts with or without trousers (for men) and over a caftan for women.  The Djellaba protects the wearer from the desert sun as well as the cold nights. 

    This pattern features square sleeves, pockets, and four versions.  Our Djellaba comes in two lengths: ankle-length (traditional) or upper calf-length, and can be made with a zip front or as a pullover.  Add trim for a truly unique garment.  It is perfect as a beach cover up, robe, jacket, or simple dress! 

    Suggested fabrics: Woven fabrics such as cotton, cotton blends (muslin, broadcloth, chambray); lightweight denim; rayons; linen; light to medium weight wools and wool blends; silk and silk blends.  

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – 3XL

  • Nepali Blouse

    In Nepal, this wrap-and-tie blouse is traditionally made of velvet and worn under a wrap-style chupa or jumper (like the Tibetan Chupa) or over a wrapped and pleated skirt formed from a sari or length of fabric.

    The semi-fitted blouse features a wide band collar, tapered sleeves, and deep underarm gussets for ease of movement. Pattern includes directions for wrapping and pleating a companion skirt.

    Suggested fabrics: Lightweight fabrics with drape such as rayon, velvet, or silk; medium-weight cotton; lightweight wool. Traditional colours are shades of red, pink or purple.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – XL

  • Old Mexico Dress

    This 16th-century Spanish colonial style is quick and easy to make, with just four pattern pieces. Make it as a below-knee dress or a mid-thigh blouse, then fancy it up with the embroidery stitches on your sewing machine, or with other fun and colourful decoration.

    Suggested fabrics: Woven cottons and cotton blends, such as muslin, shirting, batiste and voile (for breezy, airy summer looks), damask, chambray, lightweight denim; rayons; lightweight linen and linen blends; silks and silk blends

    Sizes: Extra Small to 2X Large

  • Paris Promenade Dress
    This easy-to-sew, easy-to-wear afternoon dress from about 1920 flatters any figure. Pullover dress is attached to bib-shaped overdress, then shaped to the body at the waist by a self-fabric sash or purchased decorative cord. Vintage-style drawstring handbag completes the look. Pattern includes instructions for making decorative tassels to attach at ends of dress sleeves and bottom of handbag.

    Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight fabrics with drape, such as silk, silk velvet, rayon, featherweight cotton or jersey. For a more defined look, choose fabrics with more body, such as crisp cotton, lightweight linen and silk taffeta.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – XL

  • Poet's Shirt

    This romantic shirt dates from the 1820s, when such poets as Byron, Shelley and Keats wore their collars open in defiance of conventional fashion. The easy-sew garment is equally poetic for men or women and can be made with plain or ruffled collar and cuffs. Pattern includes historical lore and instructions for authentic detailing.

    This is a favourite for men's Medieval / Renaissance costume and contemporary wedding shirt.

    Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight, soft or crisp shirting or blouse-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk or blends, in challis, crepe, batiste, broadcloth, homespun or satin.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 16; Men's 34 – 44

  • Poiret Cocoon Coat
    This fully-lined Cocoon Coat was designed around 1913 – 1919 by Paul Poiret, a renowned early 20th century designer. It features bat wing sleeves, one-piece front/back body, neckband and hobble skirt. The easy-sew Reticule (drawstring bag), typical of the same period, is fully lined and closes with decorative cording; it is embellished with a tassel that hangs from the bottom.

    Suggested fabrics: For Coat, medium- to heavyweight fabrics with drape, such as velvet, silk charmeuse, heavy rayon or jersey. For Reticule, same as for Coat, also satin and blends. For Linings, satin or blends with similar drape and weight to outer fabric.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – XL
  • Prairie Dress
    Worn by the stalwart women who conquered the 19th century American prairie, this flowing dress was traditionally worn with a practical apron. With or without the apron, mid-calf or ankle length, the dress is feminine and comfortable. Instructions for vintage embroidered finishing touches are included.

    Suggested fabrics: For the Dress, choose soft fabrics such as calico, gingham, muslin, lightweight cotton, rayon or wool challis. For the Apron, choose light or medium-weight cotton such as gingham, broadcloth or muslin.

    Multi-sized: Misses Small, Medium, Large
  • Princess Slip
    This sleek garment freed early 20th century women from traditional undergarments, which were both elaborate and constricting. Classic princess lines give this slip a smooth shape and flattering fit, whether worn underneath other garments or as a lightweight summer dress. A natural companion for Edwardian Bridal Gown.

    Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight cotton and blends such as batiste, lawn, challis, eyelet or broadcloth; rayon challis; handkerchief linen; silk broadcloth. Original garments were made of fine cotton broadcloth.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 16
  • Sarouelles
    Three comfortable and timeless pants designs from Turkey, Africa and India, with elastic or drawstring waist and ankle variations. Full and flowing easy-sew styles are perfect for casual wear, yoga, belly dancing or costuming. Historical lore and traditional embroidery designs included.

    Suggested fabrics: The Turkish pants look best in lightweight sumptuous fabrics with drape, such as rayon challis, chiffon or gauze. For African and Indian pants, choose medium-weight fabrics such as cotton, silk, rayon, wool or blends.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 18; Men's 32 – 44
  • Schoolmistresses Shirtwaist & Skirt
    Based on the vintage uniform of the 19th century schoolmarm, this two-piece outfit features a classic "shirtwaist" or blouse with beautifully different scalloped front opening and flattering princess lines. Wear it with the sweeping seven-gore skirt with optional bias trim.

    Suggested fabrics: Light to medium-weight soft or crisp fabrics such as cotton broadcloth, poplin or denim; silk; linen; or blends. The Skirt can also be made from light to medium-weight wool, corduroy or velveteen.

    Multi-sized: Misses 8 – 14
  • Scottish Kilts
    The romance of the Scottish Highlands is alive and well in this authentic kilt, kilt skirt, and Prince Charlie jacket and vest. To complete the ensemble, knit the lacy vest for women and the argyle socks for men. Pattern includes complete instructions for measuring, pleating, and constructing the Kilt and Kilt Skirt; pattern pieces for cutting out and instructions for sewing the Jacket and Vest.

    Suggested fabrics: For the Kilt, choose medium-weight worsted twill tartan wool. For the Jacket and Vest, choose suit-quality medium-weight wool or blend. Jacket lapels should be heavyweight silk (peau de soie or similar quality).

    Multi-sized: Kilt, all sizes. Jacket and vest, Men's 36 – 48. Knitted vest, Misses S, M, L
  • Shirts of Russia & Ukraine
    These popular shirts reflect a merging of European and Central Asian traditions, and can easily be lengthened for versatile dress or robe styles. Three neck opening variations, including centre front and side front. Make the basic design quickly and then embellish it with authentic embroidery motifs. Historical lore and embroidery instructions included.

    Suggested fabrics: Light or medium-weight soft fabrics such as cotton, broadcloth, linen, chambray, muslin, rayon challis, lightweight wool or silk.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 20; Men's 32 – 48
  • Siberian Parka
    A generously-sized pullover parka based on a smock worn by men in Western Siberia. Traditionally made of tanned leather, this easy-sew garment is equally wonderful in cozy fleece, sweatshirt material or any warm outerwear fabric.

    Suggested fabrics: Medium to heavyweight outerwear fabrics such as wool, sweatshirt jersey or fleece.

    Multi-sized: Men & women XS – XL
  • South Asian Tops & Wraps
    An exotic mini-wardrobe with Burmese jacket, Thai wrap blouse, and Indian choli to wear with a sari. Pattern also gives instructions for making three types of knotted frog closures and wearing the traditional sarong skirts and sari. Lengthen the tops for different looks or to showcase luscious fabrics.

    Suggested fabrics: For the Burmese Jacket and Thai Blouse, choose medium-weight cotton, silk or lightweight wool. For the Choli, choose light to medium-weight cotton or silk. For the sari and sarong wraps, choose lightweight silks, synthetics or cottons. Sarong can also be made from wool jersey, challis or crepe. Fabrics with nap or one-way prints are not suitable for jacket or blouse.

    Multi-sized: Misses S – 3XL
  • Syrian Dress
    For crossing the deserts of Africa or the urban landscape, this flowing dress drapes gracefully from a triangular shoulder yoke that is a perfect canvas for needlework or fabric artistry. Pattern includes instructions for optional embroidery stitches and design motifs.

    Suggested fabrics: Crisp or soft fabrics such as lightweight denim, broadcloth, cotton, linen, lightweight wool. Traditional colours are black, blue, white or red.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 16
  • Tango Dress
    The tango craze swept the country in the 1920s, and the exotic dance required fashions that dipped and swayed with the music. This dramatic fashion has an optional shaped back hemline and draped scarf for sensuous movement. The dress can also be made more conservatively, and worn with a cardigan sweater (knitting instructions included).

    Suggested fabrics: Lightweight fabrics with drape, such as silk or polyester satin, charmeuse, crepe, challis, lightweight linen or cotton.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 16
  • Tibetan Chupa & Skirt
    This wrapped jumper has a centuries-long history in Tibet. The Chupa features an asymmetrical wrap front, wide neckband and simple faced armholes. Both the Chupa and Chupa-inspired skirt have unique side extensions that wrap around the back to tie in front.

    The resulting silhouette is slim, yet the extensions enable enough leg room to make walking easier than most wrap skirts.

    Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight cottons and blends such as denim, corduroy, velveteen and poplin; medium-weight linen; medium-weight wool such as flannel, gabardine and tweeds; medium-weight silk such as noil or tussah.

    Multi-sized: Misses XS – XL
  • Tibetan Panel Coat
    A festive full-length vest or sleeveless coat still worn by Tibetans today on special occasions. Its simple rectangular components make it perfect for pieced or handwoven fabrics, or exciting combinations of colour and texture. Pattern includes instructions for traditional stamped design and bound edge, as well as notes for handweavers.

    Suggested fabrics: Choose assorted combinations of prints and solids in similar weights. Light to medium-weight cotton, blends, corduroy, wool; decorative fabrics such as brocade, velvet, embroidered heirlooms; handwoven wool.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 18
  • Traveling Suit
    This sophisticated World War I era outfit was made in New York and was probably a copy of a trendy Paris fashion. The military-styled Jacket features Princess seams, shaped waistline and below-hip peplum. The high stand collar has an optional contrast overcollar; decorative insets adorn the cuffs. The Jumper has a plunging V-neck in front and back, shoulder pleats, waist-shaping tucks and decorative buckle at centre front.

    Suggested fabrics: Suiting weight linen, gabardine or silk; lightweight wool and blends; heavyweight cotton twill. Optional overcollar of light- to medium-weight silk, cotton or linen.

    Multi-sized: Misses 6 – 20
  • Tribal Style Belly Dancer
    This pattern is the perfect starting point for creating your own stunning style, whether you are a dancer, historic reenactor or lover of exotic fashion.

    Layer the Coin Bra on top of the Choli, the Tassel Belt and Hip Shawl on top of the Ten-Yard Skirt and Pantaloons. Your personalized selection of fabrics, fringes, tassels, adornment, jewelry and make-up will turn this tribal collection into a wondrous extravaganza of colour and movement.

    Pattern includes graded pieces for choli, cutting diagrams for other garments, and complete instructions for all garment assembly, fringe- and tassel-making and embellishment.

    Suggested fabrics: Vary; see instruction booklet inside pattern for details.

    Multi-sized: Choli 10 – 28 in B, C and D cups; other garments gathered or tied to fit