Planning & Design

  • All New Square Foot Gardening

    Since Square Foot Gardening was first introduced in 1981, the revolutionary new way to garden developed by Mel Bartholomew has helped millions of home gardeners grow more fresh produce in less space and with less work. Now, based largely on the input and experience of these millions, the system has been even further refined and improved to fully meet today's changing resources, needs and challenges.

    With over 150 new photos and illustrations, this new edition makes it easier than ever to achieve nearly-foolproof results in virtually any situation. Perfect for the experienced or beginners, the original method created by the author has not changed in any significant way. It remains: build a box; fill it with Mel's Mix; add a grid. But along with the classic steps, you will find some interesting and compelling new information, such as:

    • Adding trellises and archways
    • Substituting with new materials
    • Adding automatic watering systems
    • Thinking Outside the Box with creative configurations and shapes
    • Square Foot Gardening in dense urban areas with little or no yard
    • Square Foot Gardening with kids
    • Crop protection

    Don't wait another season to try Mel's brilliant approach to gardening! We're sure it will work for you and you wont look back.

  • Avant Gardeners

    The 50 most exciting and innovative contemporary garden-and-landscape design practices in the world – 474 colour photos, plans and profiles each designer's work:

    • Conceptualist landscape pioneer Martha Schwartz's ground-breaking designs
    • Claude Cormier's visionary show gardens
    • Ken Smith's audacious public spaces
    • Shunmyo Masuno's serenely intimate designs

    Topical essays explore the underlying principles of these highly individualistic approaches (Lipstick Forest, Garter Snake Walkway). With 100+ projects, this encyclopaeda of the most advanced contemporary thinking in garden design, offers inspiration to practitioners and enthusiasts.

  • Backyard Blueprints
    This book is unique in its mixture of down-to-earth design advice and inspiring creative ideas for gardens to suit different tastes, situations and lifestyles. David Stevens demystifies the stages of designing a garden, yet the result is a mixture of the most imaginative and beautiful plans, features and planting. Colour phot.
  • Beds & Borders

    A collection of the most popular design ideas, planting solutions and quick front and backyard fixes that the editors of Fine Gardening magazine have to offer. The book offers easy planting solutions for creating gardens that add colour and texture, help zone a property and offer maximum impact for minimum investment of time and money.

    Whether the goal is as ambitious as a front yard makeover or as simple as a little spruce-up around the mailbox, Beds and Borders is packed with eye-catching garden designs, advice on choosing the best plants and strategies for keeping plants healthy and lush all season long.

  • Blueprints for Harmonious Gardens
    Create a tranquil haven by learning how to place benches, birdbaths, statuary and unusual plantings at focal points in a pleasing location, at the perfect height, and in an eye-catching way. From trompe l'oeil illusions to enfilade (view through a view), every idea is achievable and attractive. Colour plans/photos galore.
  • Classic Garden Plans

    These 16 garden plans are inspired by the world's most famous and bewitching gardens:

    • Jekyll's Edwardian colour borders

    • Hidcote Manor's topiary room

    • Frank Lloyd Wright's abstract desert patterns and pure lines

    • Monet's water garden...

    Each design can be realised in the smallest of spaces, each is practical to maintain, each is a recipe that can be easily followed or adapted: clear planting plans, directions on building, laying out, planting and caring for the garden, a list of suitable plants. Colour photos.

  • Contemporary Color in the Landscape
    Contemporary Color in the Landscape explores the whole spectrum of colour: how we perceive and respond to colour, how to design with colour, how to manipulate contrast and create intensity with saturation, how to maximize impact by minimizing colour, how to find your own personal colour combinations, and how colour is viewed in nature.

    Supported by more than 300 stunning photographs, Contemporary Color in the Landscape integrates cutting-edge designers, their landscapes, colour theory, new design ideas, and gorgeous photography into one inspirational, instructional, and must-have guide for design professionals.

  • Creating a Low-Allergen Garden
    Complete guide to causes, symptoms and preventative measures for all allergy sufferers. How to design, plant and maintain a low-allergen garden as beautiful as any conventional planting. Whatever your plot size or setting, one of the world's leading specialists on low-allergen gardens demonstrates countless ways of bringing colour, texture and form to the garden, excluding every plant known to cause an allergic reaction. A-Z directory of plants to avoid and plants to substitute.
  • Decorative Terrariums

    Terrariums date back to 19th century London, and were originally used to protect plants or small animals. Their delicate charm has stood the test of time, and terrariums are now used as home decor, handmade gifts, ecosystem education and more.

    Decorative Terrariums is a step-by-step guide to creating your own terrarium. By using greenery such as succulents, air plants, moss, orchids and more, you'll learn how to make 47 different beautiful terrarium landscapes. Complete with a plant encyclopedia and basic tips, this book is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to create their own miniature world.

  • Design Ideas for Your Garden

    Inspiration from the UK's finest gardens is paired with practical information on how to apply design elements and planting styles to suit any garden or space. From the grand lakes at Stowe and the sculpted yew hedges at Powys Castle through to the wildflowers at Thomas Hardy's cottage and the herb-filled kitchen garden at Avebury Manor, the gardens of the National Trust are a fantastic source of inspiration for gardeners of any level.

    This book shows how different elements in the National Trust's gardens can be applied to any garden, whether it is large space or just a window box. National Trust head gardeners provide unique insights and tips throughout, explaining how to apply their expertise to reinterpret a garden while still retaining one's own individual creative style.

    There are chapters covering how to introduce design elements of structure and texture, what to plant in each season to bring colour, various water elements, pots and containers, delicious edible planting, and wild gardens that will thrive throughout the year. This practical guide is a sumptuously illustrated, inspirational source of creative ideas that can be adopted and adapted to suit all gardens, no matter what their size, shape or budget.

  • Designing the New Landscape
    "The landscape book of the decade" - The Architects' Journal. Once the possession of the wealthy, landscape design has become available to all. Discover how landscape design evolved over the 20th century and what this points to in the future. 40 designs worldwide, and the designers, are viewed in six ways:
    * Perceptions of cultural context
    * Responses to urban scene
    * Structured landscape
    * Subjective vision
    * Relating to architecture
    * Reconditioning nature.

    291 photos, plans, 106 colour.
  • Easy Gardening

    Jane Nicholas and The Duchess of Beaufort make beautiful planting easy by giving 'recipes' for a variety of garden situations. Each recipe (can be used in any sized plot) has a shopping list of what plants you need and how many of each to buy.

    A planting plan shows how to position them and you get all you need to know to look after them. Highly praised!

  • Garden Designers at Home
    We may be familiar with the gardens designers have created for their clients, but what happens in their own backyards? This fascinating book takes a look at the gardens of some of the world's most influential designers, investigating how they differ from their commissioned work, the design process and how they reflect their owner's design philosophy. Including: James Alexander-Sinclair *Isabel & Julian Bannerman *Sue Berger *Mien Ruys *Joe Swift * Christine Orel *Ulf Nordfjell *Arrabella Lennox-Boyd and more.
  • Garden Details
    Breaks down the elements of garden design and shows how each can be used to create garden spaces. This work includes ideas for a multitude of garden elements - in a variety of garden types ranging from water gardens through to drought-tolerant dry gardens. It features photographs form locations as diverse as Australia, England, Europe and the US. Beautifully illustrated in colour throughout.
  • Garden DIY Boundaries

    This title provides a thorough grounding in basic garden landscaping skills and offers a host of projects to show how to put them into practice.

    Ideal for experienced and novice DIY enthusiasts alike, it covers a wide range of different garden boundaries: walls, fences, trellis, screens, claddings, living boundaries and entrances. The book features:

    • 20 Contemporary projects
    • Step-by-step text
    • Caters for all Budgets


    • Walls & Edgings; Soil-filled Stone, Block & Render …
    • Fences; Post & Rail, Picket …
    • Trellis, Screens and Claddings; Glass, Split Bamboo …
    • Living Boundaries; Willow Wall, Window in Hedge
    • Entrances; Timber Door, Rustic Gate … more

  • Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop

    Organised by fun themes – including gardens around the world, holidays and fantasy gardens – this is a fun-filled guide to creating one-of-a-kind gardens and the accessories that make them shine.

    Thirty-seven projects are included with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions. For a Japanese garden, you will learn how to create a miniature sand garden. For a Halloween garden, you'll learn how to make a flying ghost and zombie. And for a space garden, you'll learn how to make a tiny space ship and alien.

    Packed with full colour photographs and easy to follow instructions, this book is for anyone enchanted by the whimsy of creating a tiny world.

  • Grounds for Improvement

    Learn how to turn your outdoor spaces into beautiful havens just like the DYIers on this popular show by screening a porch, removing a concrete walkway and patio, creating a stone slab stairway, building a cedar deck, and more.

    Just look at the colour plan, equip yourself with the tools and supplies listed, and follow the clear step-by-step colour photos and directions for satisfying results.

  • Icons of Twentieth Century Landscape Design

    Here are 29 landscapes that pushed the boundaries and changed the way we look at designed outdoor spaces, from Frank Lloyd Wright's fusion of architecture and landscape to Martha Schwartz's incorporation of wit and irony in garden design.

    The text explains the radical ideas, new materials, and artistic intentions and achievements behind these sites; photos carefully chosen to reflect their character.