Tools & Equipment

  • DVD Hybrid Roubo Workbench

    Learn what it takes to build the iconic bench everyone wants to own. As you build this bench, you'll also build your joinery skills since it involves making stopped tenons and wedged-through tenons. Plus you'll also learn how to build a dovetailed tenon that incorporates a hardwood wedge; this is especially important if you plan to disassemble your bench in the future.

    Enjoy learning how the author prepares recycled planks to make the joinery work with the checks, cracks and worm holes that give these timbers their unique character.

    You can go on to construct your own bench dogs, vise handles and a sliding deadman that's great for supporting long stock that will serve you well for years to come.

    Duration: 50 minutes

  • DVD Mastering Your Bandsaw

    Mark Duginske has helped thousands of bandsaw owners tweak their wayward machines into precision tune. He will show you how to do that and more, including some really extraordinary handsaw tricks and techniques. Among the topics Duginske covers are:

    • Cutting cones
    • Making bandsawn boxes out of 5 cm thick stock
    • Resawing veneer
    • Making perfect dovetails
    • Cutting tenons
    • Resawing boards from firewood

    Duration: 57 minutes

  • Fundamentals of Sharpening

    Sharpening woodworking tools is a task many put off until it is necessary. Learn how to embrace the fun and essence of sharpening tools, and why regular attention to sharpening can increase efficiency and improve quality.

    This book contains techniques for keeping hand tools like saws, chisels, gouges and planes razor sharp. It also shows how to extend the life of power tools with well-maintained blades and bits.

  • Guide to Work-Holding on the Lathe
    With so many options for mounting wood on the lathe, if are you seeking information on where the differences lie, here are the answers. Presented in full detail with illustrated descriptions of the many different types of available chucks, including jam fit chucks, glue chucks, screw chucks, and more. There’s also an explanation of why the method of holding the work is so important and a brief history of the lathe. Eccentric turning methods and other forms of chucking are referenced.
  • Hand Tool Fundamentals

    Now you can learn the hand tool skills used by the best woodworkers to achieve handcrafted excellence in all your woodworking projects.

    Hand Tool Fundamentals introduces you to all the key tools and techniques you need to learn for sterling work, then shows you how to incorporate them into the modern woodworking shop. You'll learn:

    • What to look for when buying new precision hand tools
    • How to tune your tools so they perform well
    • The time-tested hand tools everyone should own
    • How to make a smoothing plane, infill jointer plane and dovetailing tools
    • 10 hand-tool projects you can build to improve your skills
    • More than 75 hand-tool tips and techniques

  • How to Choose & Use Bench Planes & Scrapers

    A simple, straightforward shop manual for woodworkers of all skill levels, this reference dispenses with the lore and legend of planes and offers techniques for adding these tools into woodworking regimens.

    The step-by-step photography and instructions for using bench planes and scrapers comprehensively covers the usage and care of these two types of hand tools. Each chapter represents the practical, relevant facts about different types of planes and scrapers, showing woodworkers how to use these tools to create deep, rich surfaces.

  • Mini Lathe Tools & Projects
    Presents a series of projects which are intended to extend the versatility of this little machine. In some cases, additional machining capacity will be required, which some readers may find at their local model engineering club.

    The book covers the Mark 2 Mini-Lathe, and specific tools such as the radius turning attachment, the tailstock and the dividing head, and includes techniques such as taper turning and knurling.

    Whilst specifically written for the Mini-Lathe, some of the projects can equally be applied to other small model engineering.
  • Shaper Handbook

    This handbook explains hundreds of shaper techniques and illustrates each with drawings and photos. Advice is offered about what to look for when buying a shaper, and maintenance, troubleshooting, and tune-up are also covered.

    Step-by-step information includes mastering a host of basic operations (installing a cutter, changing cutters, shaping end grain) and advanced operations, (freehand shaping, shaping with jigs & fixtures). + More!

  • Sharpening with Waterstones

    Teaches you a series of steps for putting the perfect edge on planes, chisels, knives, and carving tools. This book shows you exactly how to hold the tools, where and how to stand, and how to move.

    In addition information for: what bevel angles are best and how to achieve them, how to test for sharpness, which grinder to use and how to equip it, how to build a special bench for sharpening, which waterstones to buy and how to sharpen and polish the edge. With sharp tools, immediately become a better woodworker.

  • Story of Tools

    This book explores our relationship with the most fundamental of objects telling the story of its 25 featured tools through the eyes of those whose craft and livelihood depend on them. Axes, drills, chisels, shaping tools and more are examined by masters of handmade trades from blacksmiths and spoon makers to sculptors and silversmiths.

    A range of 'Collection' features also showcase the beauty of tools en masse, as Hole & Corner explore the toolboxes of craftsman including gardeners, upholsterers and architects.Celebrating craft, culture and skill, The Story of Tools celebrates the time and dedication it takes to master them. This is the perfect read for anyone with a penchant for tools, crafts and beautiful design.

  • Success with Tablesaws

    Everything you need to know to get the best from this versatile & indispensable tool. Learn how to:

    • Choose the right machine & accessories for your needs
    • Set it up/maintain it for lasting accuracy & reliability
    • Select the best blade for each job
    • Master table sawing techniques (ripping, cross-cutting)
    • Work safely
    • Make & use jigs & fences for safety & accuracy
    • Control dust
    • And more!

  • Table Saw Book

    This comprehensive reference covers:

    • How to choose a table saw to fit your needs
    • In-depth visual instruction in all the basic operations, including setting up a saw, aligning the rip fence, selecting the right blade for the job, ripping, cross-cutting, handling large or thick stock & sheet goods
    • Joinery & special techniques, such as cutting dadoes, grooves & tenons

  • The Missing Shop Manual: Circular Saws & Jigsaws

    This manual explains both how to set up circular and jig saws and how to safely and effectively use them.

    With information such as how to choose a saw, the easiest way to sharpen blades, and tips for reducing wood splintering, also includes safety warnings and instructions for cutting wood with circular and jigsaws.

  • The Missing Shop Manual: Jointer

    Find out how to best utilize this essential workshop tool, and how to get the most for your money by getting the most from your equipment. Filled with clear diagrams and instructions, this pocket-sized durable manual is ideal for quick reference in the workshop.

    Contains safety facts, explanations about basic project set-up and tips for maximizing tool performance.

  • Tool-Making Projects for Joinery & Woodworking

    This practical handbook presents detailed instructions for making 20 essential hand tools for joinery and general woodworking using common workshop tools and techniques.

    Includes instructions for measuring and marking, cutting, holding and striking tools – everything needed to cut the frame and box joints that are at the heart of all furniture and interior woodworking.

    A fine finished project can begin here, with fine handmade hand tools. Written with all skill levels in mind.

  • Unplugged Workshop

    Woodworker Tom Fidgen presents hand-tool woodworking projects for the home and workshop. The projects have a distinctive retro look, recycling designs from our not-so-distant past.

    He has reconceived the classic library card catalogue (converted to use for kitchen storage); a clever medicine chest does double duty as a four-bottle wine tote; and his gentleman's valet is an elegant clothing stand with a profile that harks back in time.

    In the opening chapters, Fidgen discusses the benefits of working in an unplugged woodshop, considers the sources of design inspiration, offers advice on the critical importance of sharpening and even explains how to make hand tools using only hand tools.

  • Woodshop Dust Control

    Acclaimed by Woodshop News magazine, this is the complete guide to all methods of protecting your lungs from harmful wood dust.

    This fully revised/updated new edition provides the latest details on dust control & collection products. It shows you how to develop an effective dust control strategy for your shop, including designing & installing a custom dust-collection system. Fullyillustrated throughout.