• Tulips

    From delicate, naturally occurring species to the flamboyantly ruffled parrot species, there's sure to be a tulip you find irresistible in this gorgeous A–Z guide to 70 tulips from a private collection in Holland. It features stunning colour photos for each flower.

    The description includes growing tips and flowering period, flowering height, when introduced and breeder accompanies it, or whatever details are known. A chapter on basics shows how easy tulips are to grow. The introduction covers the history of tulips to the present. Notes on trials and awards.

  • Urban Botanics

    Driven by the beautiful artwork, this collection of stunning illustrations is accompanied by thoughtful information. Each plant is rendered in considered detail, facing a paragraph on its origins, care tips and any information about fellow species.

    The joy of these plants is that they are easy to maintain, and everyone has access to them – you no longer need to have a back garden to turn your hand to this green-fingered past time. Succulents, cacti, flowering and foliage plants are growing everywhere; in our homes, work places, bars and shops. Their ubiquity is adding interest, tranquillity and colour in every corner of our lives.

    Across 70 different plants, originating from every corner of the world, this collection will tempt even the most timid of gardeners. For those with a full-time job along with everything else, Urban Botanics is made to fit alongside our modern-day schedules. Even if the closest you ever get to one of these plants is turning these pages, you will find much to admire and inspire in the striking illustrations. A must for lovers of art and verdant foliage alike.

  • Vintage Roses

    The focus of this book is on the classic, ageless and enduring flowers, which we have dubbed Vintage roses.

    At the heart of the book are over 60 specially selected specimens – including those that have the best visual appearance, the most fragrant perfume, are easy to grow and produce beautiful flowers for cutting. The book covers not just original varieties such as Rosa Mundi (with its beautifully variegated stripes of deep pink and white), but also the wonderful new varieties that have been developed over the last 20 years.

    The no-fuss notes on pruning and care and the straightforward advice that accompanies each variety completely dispel the myth that roses are difficult or time-consuming to grow – proving that you can just as easily grow roses in a pot on your front steps as you can in a large country garden.

    Covering the best rambling, climbing and shrub roses, from bourbon to tea and floribunda to polyantha, you'll be sure to find your new favourite variety. Plus, tips and tricks on arranging your cut roses makes it even easier to enjoy these fabulous flowers at home. With contemporary commentary on each bloom, easy-to-follow advice and glorious photography, this book will appeal to everyone who appreciates the classic beauty of the vintage rose.

  • Why Grow That
    It's a tired turn of phrase, but the grass is always greener on the other side. And for gardeners, it's not just the grass – it's the flowers, the shrubs, and the trees.

    No longer! Why Grow That When You Can Grow This? offers hundreds of all-star alternatives that replace, and often outshine, popular problem plants.

    Garden designer Andrew Keys makes it easier than ever to skip over the fussy plant prima donnas and move toward the equally gorgeous understudies. Each profile shows the problem plant and offers three alternatives that include three or more of the original plant's characteristics – hardiness, shape, colour, texture, light and size.

    With this fun and accessible guide, you can discover the secret to choosing the plants destined to be the new stars of your garden.