• Naming the Rose
    The rose brings beauty and joy to those who grow and admire them. Often a rose will bear a person's name, for the breeding of roses is an art and, like all artists, the raisers of roses enjoy dedicating their creations to people they love or admire. But who was Madame Hardy? Bettina? Lorraine Lee or Henri Martin? Vita Sackville-West asked this question many years ago and rose-lovers are still asking. Here, at last, in an elegant, timeless and beautifully illustrated edition, is the answer. Anyone who loves these delightful flowers will find this collection of stories as beautiful as the bloom itself.

  • New Encyclopedia of Hostas
    The lush, sculptural hosta is loved by gardeners for its ability to both combine well with other plants and project a strong presence when planted alone. The New Encyclopedia of Hostas, the second edition of Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack's classic work, provides growth and cultivation information for seven hundred cultivated hostas.

    Detailed, easy-to-read descriptions include growing tips, recommendations for landscape use, and suggestions for companion plants. Clear cultivation advice is provided, including recommendations for hostas that succeed in challenging environments such as warmer regions. Captivating photographs show hostas up close and in a wide range of different garden situations.

    Gardeners will appreciate the depth and scope of this essential reference and use it time and again to help with plant selection and identification, and to inspire new plantings.

  • Ornamental Grasses
    Eschewing previous conventions such as vast lawns, clipped shrubs, and dreary beds of annuals, the New American garden embodies the simple beauty and grandeur of the prairie, defining itself with large sweeps of herbaceous perennials and grasses. The feeling of sheer beauty and calmness that pervades Oehme's gardens is a reminder of our connection to nature. Over 200 gorgeous photographs depict dreamlike gardens, people and much more.
  • Palms: Apple Identifier
    At-a-glance guide gives maximum amount of information in clearest possible way on over 100 indoor and outdoor palms. Introduction contains general hints and advice on plant care, which is amplified in Identifier section. Arranged alphabetically, each entry contains the palm photo, genus and common names, habitat distinguishing characteristics, cultivation habits and easy care guide. Symbols give size, leaf shape and trunk.
  • Passion Flowers
    A comprehensive guide to the cultivation and botany of the spectacular and varied genus Passiflora. Colour photos & botanical drawings of 120+ species. Vanderplank is a world authority on the genus and keeper of the National Collection in the UK. Chapters:
    * Introduction
    * Classification & structure
    * Propagation
    * Species, hybrids & varieties
    * Hybridisation
    * Passion flower butterflies
    * Pests & diseases
    * Legend of the passion flower
    * Plant & seed identifiers
    * Glossary
    * Index.
  • Passion for Plants
    Carolyn Fry goes behind the scenes at the Royal Horticultural Society to look at the huge variety of work being undertaken from experimenting with more environmentally friendly practices to monitoring the impact of climate change on the pests and diseases attacking our plants.

    The book introduces the reader to an exotic and colourful world full of passionate people and wonderful plants. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, it paints a vivid portrait of the Society – the home of gardening excellence and obsession.
  • Peonies

    First outlining the history of the peony, Peonies is then split into chapters – Pure, Dramatic, Romantic and Fragrant – and includes over 50 beautiful varieties as well as detailing when they bloom, their size and, of course, what they'll look like.

    From Shawnee Chief to Sarah Bernhardt, you'll discover an eclectic selection of specimens from those that have the best visual appearance to those with the most fragrant perfume. The final section, Growing and Care, outlines those varieties which are easiest to grow and which produce the best flowers for cutting.

    With contemporary commentary on each bloom, easy-to-follow advice and glorious photography, this book will appeal to everyone who appreciates the beauty of the majestic peony.

  • Perfect Plants
    Gives you all the 'ins and outs' of a genus so you have the confidence to experiment with a plant you may not have thought about growing before. "This sharing of hard-won knowledge . . . is a rare and valuable thing." Expert information on plants' origins, colour, form, habit:
    * Early bloomers
    * Sun seekers
    * Dazzling perennials
    * Strong Performers
    * Suppliers / Collections.
  • Plantopia

    In addition to growing tips for over 20 varietals, Camille Soulayrol takes the houseplant to the next level by offering a broad program of gorgeous DIY projects. She shares step-by-step inspiration for creating terrariums and aquatic plant habitats, decorative tips for showcasing plants at home with wreathes or geometric frames that allow vines to thrive, and nature-inspired table setting ideas incorporating leaves and dried herbs.

    Tips on how to frame blossoms and leaves and how to create herbal dyes for textiles round out a rich palette of home decorating projects. Learn to leverage the benefits of specific plants through recipes for natural cosmetics, essential oils and herbal infusions sourced from your houseplant haven.

    Urban dwellers have finally caught on to the beauty, joy and mindful benefits of bringing nature into the home, and this innovative book is essential reading to succeed in reinvigorating your interior using the diverse bounties of nature. Never has the art of creating an idyllic interior garden been covered in such a broad, accessible and eye-catching volume, with its pastel colour palette, innovative tutorials and exquisite photography and illustrations.

  • Pocket Guide to Bulbs
    This is an accessible and comprehensive reference to more than 700 bulb species, cultivars, and hybrids. Illustrated with 300 photographs, it includes basic information on cultivation, maintenance, and pests and diseases as well as lists of bulbs for specific landscape uses. Every garden can be enhanced by the beauty of bulbs throughout the year, and this guide will help gardeners narrow down their choices and select the best varieties for their own garden.
  • Pocket Guide to Palms

    A guide to successfully growing 200 easily obtainable palms.

    • A–Z of 200 species and hybrids for temperate to tropical regions with 323 colour photos
    • Details of mature tree size, cold hardiness and light, soil and water needs accompany ideas for using palms indoors and out
    • Each plant description is followed by cultivation notes and includes hardiness zone numbers
    • Ideal for taking to a nursery or garden centre

  • Practical Latin for Gardeners

    Practical Latin for Gardeners is a timely and useful guide to plant names. It contains 1,500 of the most useful and widespread Latin names, organised into thematic chapters including Colour, Plant Form and Habitat.

    Each chapter is divided into smaller groups, such as large plants and small plants, allowing gardeners to make new connections and discoveries in a way standard alphabetical lists simply don't permit. 'Behind the Name' boxes further increase the book's practical value, and botanical watercolours ensure that it is beautiful as well as functional.

  • Pretty Tough Plants

    There’s a growing demand for dependably hardy plants that require less maintenance and less water, but look no less beautiful in the garden. Plant Select — the leading US purveyor of plants designed to thrive in difficult climates — meets this need by promoting plants that allow gardeners everywhere to have stunning, environmentally-friendly gardens that use fewer resources.

    Pretty Tough Plants highlights 135 of Plant Select's top plant picks. Each profile features a colour photograph and specific details about the plant’s size, best features and bloom season, along with cultural needs, landscape features and design ideas. The plant list includes perennials and annuals, groundcovers, grasses, shrubs and trees. A chart at the end of the book makes it easy to choose the right plants for specific conditions and needs.

  • Quick & Easy Indoor Topiary
    Everything you need to know to make your own striking topiaries and sculptural displays using living and dried plants. Visual guidance on planting, training, clipping, and topiary care. 25 seasonal projects:
    * Rosemary cube
    * Triangular winter-flowering jasmine
    * Christmas ball/trees
    * Moss female 'dressed' in creeping fig holding aloft a variegated fig bal
    * Spiraling Gloriosa.
    * Plant directory.
  • Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World

    An expert guide to the rich histories, significance and uses of over 80 key plants, revealing our relationship with them, both utilitarian and aesthetic, and their multiple benefits and cultural associations.

    Organized thematically, eight sections cover all aspects of our interaction with plants starting with those crops that were fundamental to the development of cultures and civilizations, and those that enliven our diet beyond the basics, such as saffron and chilli peppers. Other sections look at plants that have helped to create our material world, as well as those that are used medicinally or are revered and adored for symbolic reasons, including the tulip, the rose and the lotus.

    For anyone interested in the natural world and the extraordinary diversity of flora around us, this elegantly illustrated book, published in association with the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, will be an inspiration and a delight.

  • Roses in Modern Gardens
    How many of today's most innovative garden designers use the rose when they are designing or restyling a garden in Britain, US, Europe, NZ, etc.

    Court, a leading garden designer, explains all the best planting and design techniques for using roses on their own or in unusual or harmonious plant combinations, for difficult areas, small spaces, naturalistic plantings, contemporary formality, etc. Comprehensive directory of roses for modern gardens. Leading breeders / suppliers lists. Colour photos.
  • Searching for Order
    This hugely acclaimed volume takes us on an exhilarating journey through botanical history, travelling from Athens (300 BC) through Constantinople, Venice, Padua and Pisa to now. ". . . a compelling insight into a world full of intrigue and intensely competitive egos" - RHS. Previously published in hardback as Naming of Names
  • Starting Out with Vines and Climbers
    This introductory guide encourages the use of climbing plants in your garden.

    Both native and exotic species are well covered, which includes the majority of commonly grown climbers to be seen in Australian gardens.

    Also included are some rarities and novelty species.

    In all, some 220 species and numerous hybrids or cultivars are discussed in full-colour.

    Tips on pruning, training and tying your climbers are also provided, along with a glossary that explains unfamiliar terms.
  • Success with Mediterranean Gardens

    Advice and plans for 15 Mediterranean gardens that are suitable for temperate areas and practical for busy people. They require minimal work and watering yet provide year-round interest.

    Packed with inspirational planting schemes and garden designs, this beautifully illustrated book is suitable for all abilities. Features include:

    • Design ideas for terraces, courtyards, pergolas, rockeries, water features and containers
    • Techniques for style on a budget
    • A–Z illustrated plantfinder
    • Full-colour illustrations