Lace Making & Tatting

  • 20 to Make: Tatted Snowflakes

    These lacy snowflakes are perfect for beginners and offer an infinite variety of designs that are fun to make.

    These 20 fresh designs have a modern feel, with projects in clean pastel colours. Each design has easy to follow instructions accompanied by a diagram. Use your tatted snowflakes as Christmas tree decorations, coasters or to embellish bigger projects such as wall decorations.

    • Fantastic variety of snowflakes to make
    • Easy-to-follow patterns and diagrams
    • Can be used to embellish clothes, cushions, scarves, handbags and more!

  • 24 Snowflakes in Tatting

    24 snowflakes, one for each day in December until Christmas. The snowflake for the 24th is decorated with glass beads to create the real Christmas spirit.

    The tatted snowflakes are straightforward to make: a detailed, illustrated primer teaches everything you need to know to create them; then each snowflake has a sharp black and white photo, clear diagram & concise directions. Great postal gift!

  • Art of Tatting Jewelry

    Tatting is an accessible and thriving craft that is perfect for creating beautiful necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Esteemed tatter Lyn Morton showcases her stunning designs in The Art of Tatting Jewelry.

    Containing a diverse range of exquisite jewellery projects to create and inspire, each beautiful piece is carefully photographed and accompanied by easy-to-follow tatting diagrams.

  • Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace

    Explore the world of Bobbin Lace with this clearly illustrated step-by-step guide to all the stitches and techniques needed.

    • An extensive techniques section makes lacemaking clear, simple and enjoyable
    • 5 full step-by-step projects with pricking patterns
    • Provides full instructions for a selection of colourful Torchon lace projects using a variety of yarns: a bag, a purse, a scarf and a cushion
    • Gives advice on adding decorative features, beads and tassels
    • Includes prickings and easy-to-follow photographs showing how to use them
    • Suitable for both beginners and more experienced lacemakers

  • Bibilla Knotted Lace Flowers

    With Bibilla Knotted Lace Flowers, today's crafters can enjoy a beautiful form of lace making that originated in antiquity.

    Elena Dickson has modified and modernized the traditional technique, resulting in a series of stunningly realistic-looking and contemporary projects. She includes patterns for several blossoms commonly found in Australian gardens, all with detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions that ensure success for any lace maker.

  • Bobbin Lace for the Dining Table

    This book contains patterns and full instructions for 12 bobbin lace borders in Torchon. The laces are mounted on linen fabric for doilies and table runners. The laces are divided into three groups with four borders in each group:

    • Mussel borders
    • Heart borders
    • Fan borders

    The laces can be used for many different things such as doilies, table runners, handkerchiefs and borders on christening gowns and wedding dresses. Everyone with knowledge of bobbin lace making can work these borders-have a go, and enjoy yourself.

  • Borris Lace Collection
    The tiny Irish village of Borris is famous for the marvellous lace, and a rare private collection containing some of the finest examples is the inspiration for this beautiful book. It's a catalogue of the collection, a guide to using the Borris style in 16 projects, and a rich tribute to the social, cultural and historical significance of lacework to the specific region and to Ireland at large.

    The Borris Lace Collection will serve as an inspiration to lace-makers and as a permanent record of unique patterns and techniques that otherwise might be lost forever.
  • Introducing Traditional Bedfordshire Lace in 20 Lessons

    A graded course for newcomers to Bedfordshire Lacemaking – especially the exquisite traditional floral lace ranging from a simple picot ground with a bud centre to detailed realism such as a blackberry branch with leaves, flower and dimensional berries.

    Familiarity with bobbin lacemaking basics is assumed, however it's easy to use the new and compact patterns, clear diagrams and directions, prickings and high quality black and white photos. A two-page colour layout shows ideas for using and mounting finished lace and the effectiveness of coloured threads.

  • Mastering Tatting

    Mastering Tatting shows how a simple piece of tatting can be developed into something striking and complex. The book features:

    • Easy-to-follow diagrams and descriptions to enable beginners to tat with confidence
    • 15 stunning designs progressing from easy to more complex
    • Variations to experiment and explore further
    • Tips on perfecting techniques

    Look inside to view pages from the book.

  • Modern Bobbin Lace
    18 modern 'freeform' projects in coloured bobbin lace sometimes embellished with beads & silver thread. Some include leaves & budded stems or chain & zig zag accents; some are inspired by Japanese ribbon designs. Some techniques are taken from Milanese & Duchesse lace. The bobbin lace is easy to make with colour photos, working diagrams & prickings (all full size) & directions.

  • More Fun with Split Ring Tatting

    Karen Bovard has created a totally new look and approach to tatting using Split Ring Tatting technique.

    The designs are modern and focus on several themes: Use of multiple colours in one piece, Celtic inspired designs and Lace-Tessellation inspired designs (free math lesson included). An introductory chapter is devoted to understanding how to read/use the Visual Patterns as well as tips for achieving Split Ring Tatting success.

    The book features full-colour photographs of finished pieces, working-path diagrams, additional design and color ideas, and over 45 visual (diagrammatic, colour-coded) patterns that give even the novice tatter explicit information to execute these unique designs.

  • Needle Lace Flowers

    A complete guide to creating exquisite floral motifs and borders, using just a needle and thread, and traditional Turkish Oya techniques.

    Features include:

    • Clear, step-by-step instructions for 16 needle lace flowers
    • Beautiful projects to make with each of the flower designs
    • Photographs, easy-to-follow charts and artwork illustrations

  • Netted Lace

    Once used primarily for fishing, netting now works beautifully as a base for filet lace. While many lacemakers use commercially available varieties, Margaret Morgan wanted unique sizes and colours, so she began to make her own.

    Here she explains the equipment she uses and the traditional techniques that she's gathered from old source material, and provides 40 patterns with instructions for creating different shapes and edgings. Use the lace for scarves, shawls, place mats, doilies and even miniature items for a doll's house.

  • New Tatting

    New Tatting is a fantastic book for getting started in the craft and to discover tatting's traditional beauty with a more modern inflection.

    You will explore modern colour and a fresh approach to tatting with incredible step by-step photos and beautiful projects. This book appeals to people who have never tatted before as well as tatters looking for something new and inspirational.

    Anyone interested in making lace will find that New Tatting offers everything needed to get started.

  • Tatted Bookmarks
    12 delicate & diverse cross-shapes for bookmarks, but they would also be great for cards & jewellery. 1- 2 shuttle motifs: * Looped heart-shaped scrollwork * Basic crossed rectangles in simple picot *Highly ornate shapes with centre designs * 6 flowers (3 rows of petals), each bloom worked separately. Illustrated primer covers the basics. B&w photo, clear diagram & directions for all crosses.
  • Tatted Butterflies
    20 delicate butterflies use many different tatting techniques. They range from small & novice-level (starting at 4.5 x 7cm) to an exquisitely intricate (24 x 28cm) design needing some experience. Use them to decorate clothes, boxes, handkerchiefs, pillows, doilies, cards, let them settle on branches, a curtain. Each has a b&w photo, actual-size pricking diagram, directions. No Primer.
  • Tatted Doilies
    For those who love handwork there is nothing more satisfying than making a beautiful doily, and these small doilies need only a little time. A finished doily can be sewn on to a silk or velvet cushion, framed and hung on the wall, or used as an insertion in a pillow slip, curtain or tablecloth. It can be worked in very thin yarn and placed on a fabric covered box, or joined with others to make a tablecloth. The possibilities are endless!
  • Tatted Easter Eggs
    24 exquisite tatted Easter eggs: some are simple, some are in 2 colours, others have different flowers or a butterfly inside, one has a bow on top, some are exquisitely intricate & would be ideal for pendants, others for frames for tiny photos, if worked in metallic thread. Primer clearly teaches all you need to know to get started. Each egg has full size pricking diagram, b&w photo & directions.
  • Tatted Handkerchiefs
    12 exquisite tatted edgings for straight- and scalloped-edged handkerchiefs, from a simple single row design to wide 4-row motifs, and even a corner inset of 4 flowers. Tatters will need some experience because no basic instruction for beginners has been provided. Each project has a full-page black and white photo, actual-size pricking diagram and clear directions. Captioned diagrams: hem/blanket stitches.
  • Tatted Lace Accessories

    Donatella Ciotti teaches you how to make tatted lace, also known as frivolité – a durable yet delicate form of lace constructed using a series of knots and loops.

    Although it has been a traditional craft for centuries, her step-by-step instructions focus on more modern needle techniques, making the craft accessible to a contemporary audience. There are ideas for special occasions, such as weddings or christenings as well as table decorations, purses, mobile phone holders and much more.

    • 14 tatting techniques with step-by-step illustrations teach you everything you need to know
    • 22 beautiful designs to make
    • Perfect for those new to tatting or for the more experienced tatter looking for inspirational ideas from a renowned crafter

    Look inside the book.